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Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya

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Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya Explanations

Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful and unusual places in the eastern country, which is popular with visitors to Turkey due to the interesting landscape, underground cities, houses, and churches carved into the rocks. There are many places to look at, so these sightseeing destinations are popular. Often tourists are interested in how much to go from Antalya to Cappadocia. The one-way road takes about 7 hours, so you have to be patient.

According to the legends of Cappadocia, the fourth part of the famous Star Wars&rdquo appeared due to the fact that the creators of this masterpiece inspired local landscapes.

Adventures begin in The Land of Beautiful Horses. At the Open Skies Museum of Goreme and in a village with the same name, travelers will visit the monasteries located in the rocks and will be able to see the one-of-a-kind frescoes. Climbing the walls of the fortress city of Ukhchisar, you will be able to admire the surroundings, and in Pashabag look at the rocks-mushrooms. In addition, you can stay in the small town of Avainos, where everyone has the opportunity to feel like a potter or weaver.

There is also a visit to the underground city. After that, there will be a small stop in Selim, where the mandatory program - a visit to a rock monastery, a descent into the valley of Ihlar. Guests of the country will be able to take beautiful photos for memory in the Blue Valley and Goreme.

The Cappadocia Balloon Festival in 2021 will be an interesting event worth visiting, and flying is an indescribable pleasure. Our guides organize the flight and help you choose the most convenient option. If you do not have a big vacation and see all these unearthly beauties is very desirable, we recommend you to choose Trip to Cappadocia from Antalya for two days.

In addition, Cappadocia is worth for different reasons to visit, inclusive of:

  • Chavushin is a rocky city;
  • Show of cappadocia night, lasting 2.5 hours, during which you can watch the dances of different nations and try local drinks;
  • Valley of Love;
  • Valley pashabag or monks, where in addition to the rock monastery there are pillars in the form of mushrooms - a natural attraction;
  • Goreme Museum in the open air - the rocks in which there are large caves. There are monasteries, chapels, churches.

Popular in Cappadocia Apple Church. There are two legends about the origin of the name. The first is that the building is located among the apple trees, and the second one depicts archangel Michael in his hand, holding a red ball resembling an apple.

Benefits of booking a tour Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya 3 days in our agency:

To go on a tour to Cappadocia from the capital of Turkey will be able to all who want to diversify their vacation and enjoy the beautiful nature and attractions. We offer a comfortable shuttle on the bus equipped with air conditioning and a low price for the service. You can book a seat by phone or website. There is no need to pay in advance - payment in full is made on the day of the trip. If you have any questions, contact the operator and provide the necessary information.

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120 person

Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya Programm


First day

  • On a comfortable transfer, tourists are picked up from hotels by region

  • First stop for breakfast

  • Visit to the Mevlana Museum, the most visited museum in Turkey, which houses the remains of the great philosopher and his father, as well as objects from that period, musical instruments, clothing, books and much more.

  • Stop in the city of Konya for lunch.

  • An underground city with the shocking size of Saratla, a huge territory that could shelter thousands of people, 250 underground shelters.

  • Arrival in the land of fairies and horses - this is a unique place where the breathtaking views are taken, a huge number of balloons take off here at the same time and it is stunningly beautiful. 

  • Sema is a Ritual Dance of Dervishes, one of the brightest shows in Turkey, the meaning and essence of this ritual is the unity of all religions, the knowledge of God through love. You can visit at will for an additional fee

  • Overnight at the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Second day

  • Hot air balloon flight. Optional, but incredible, we definitely recommend. In the morning, before sunrise, the gathering of tourists, several thousand balloons take off at the same time, the beauty of the landscape is mesmerizing. Emotions from the flight will be remembered for a lifetime.

  • Breakfast at the hotel with aromatic coffee.

  • A visit to the Rock City of Chavushin, in a volcanic rock, thousands of years ago, a multi-level system of living quarters was created. Here you can find rooms, churches, rock paintings.

  • A visit to the Church of St. John, where only walls and columns remained, here is the tomb of St. John, pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come here. This is a place of power.

  • Arrival in the Valley of Love, 4.5 km of rocks and greenery, walking along the valley. It offers stunning views.

  • Arrival at the Goreme Museum, where there are many open-air monasteries, Byzantine-style buildings with columns and arches

  • A visit to the Church of St. Basil the Great, here you will see niches with empty tombs, the walls depict St. Theodore, St. George and of course St. Basil the Great, who was a bishop in the VI century.

  • Stop at the Apple Church, the smallest church, there are two options for decoding the name: because before the entrance to the church an apple tree once grew, or because Archangel Michael is holding a red apple on the fresco.

  • Visit to the Church of St. Barbara with a story that will amaze you. Saint Barbara's father imprisoned her in order to protect her from the influence of Christianity, but Barbara still found a way to practice Christianity and then her father personally tortured her and eventually executed her.

  • Stop at the Low-ceilinged Serpentine Church, at one of the frescoes St. George and St. Theodore fight a dragon that looks like a snake.

  • Church with Buckle (Tokaly Kilise) - the largest of the rock-cut churches. On the walls there are frescoes with scenes from the Bible, the church itself consists of 4 parts, each part is decorated differently.

  • The chapel of St. Catherine was built about 1400 years ago and in its entire long history has never been captured, destroyed or simply damaged.

  • Excursion around the city of Avanos, this place is famous for clay pots, here they are at every step, here you will see the perfectly preserved Old City from the times of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Lunch where you can taste traditional Turkish food.

  • The Red River (Kızılırmak) is the longest river in Turkey 1355 km

  • Shop for onyx products, a natural stone of incredible beauty and a variety of patterns that nature creates. The stone itself symbolizes energy, helps to develop the quality of a leader.

  • Valley of the Monks (Pashabag). There are amazing landscapes here, many stone pillars of volcanic nature, these pillars look like mushrooms. Since ancient times, grapes have been grown in the valley and made one of the best wines in Turkey, this wonderful production exists to this day.

  • Valley Derwent (pink valley or fantasy valley). Here is an incredible landscape, rocks that resemble animals, people and whatever your imagination draws. It's especially beautiful at sunset.

  • Visit to a leather store where you can buy a variety of products.

  • Dinner and rest at the hotel.

  • Turkish Night Show, if you are not very tired of excursions and still have strength, be sure to visit the evening show. Dances, songs, skits and contests (optional for an additional fee).

The third day

  • Hot air balloon flight. If you didn't make up your mind for the first time, then this is your second chance! Tourists from all over the world come here for the balloons, so don't miss this opportunity.

  • Breakfast in the hotel

  • Visit to a pottery workshop. Master class and start creating a masterpiece, both adults and children will like it. Here you will learn how to sculpt with clay and buy souvenirs.

  • The Valley of Pigeons is 4 km long, the rocks are made through tunnels and nests, all this was done by pigeons. They were attracted here by local residents for soil fertility. Pigeons are highly valued here, even the authorities protect them.

  • Uchisar Fortress is a 60-meter rock, located 1400 m above sea level. She had a defensive role.

  • Departure to Antalya

  • Stop at Caravan Sarai - this place served as a refuge for itinerants. Here tourists will learn history and many interesting legends.

  • Lunch and time to rest.

  • Transfer will take you back to your hotel

Tour daysTuesday Friday

Tour hours 06:00 — 19:00

Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, entrance tickets according to the program, Russian-speaking guide-historian, dinner, breakfast

Excludes drinks, lunches, personal expenses, balloon parade, hot air balloon flight, Goreme museum

Don't Forgets comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, warm clothes, sunblock / sunscreen, water

Tour to Cappadocia from Antalya price for excursion

Adult 120€
Children (3-8) 60€
Infants (0-2) 0€
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