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Antalya to Cappadocia excursion is an opportunity to admire the sights of Turkey, a unique chance to fly in a hot air balloon and be a guest in rock houses.

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Antalya to Cappadocia excursion is one of the most beautiful and unusual places in the eastern country, which is popular with travelers' lunar landscape, cities located underground, houses, and churches carved into the rocks. There is something to see, so tours in this direction are very popular.

Antalya Cappadocia distance

Many tourists are interested in how much to go from Antalya to Cappadocia. The one-way road distance 538 km.

The whole area is part of the UNESCO heritage. This is not surprising since the landscape of the area was created by Mother Nature 60 million years ago. Natural processes contributed to the formation of pillars in the form of mushrooms, pyramids, undulating canyons. There are legends of Cappadocia, according to which, the fourth part of the world-famous Star Wars appeared due to the fact that the creators of the film epic inspired local landscapes.

Land of Beautiful Horses

Adventures will begin in the Land of Beautiful Horses. At the Open-Sky Goreme Museum in the village of the same name, you will find a visit to the monasteries in the rocks and unique frescoes. The walls of the fortress city of Uchisar offer a beautiful view of the surrounding area, and the Pashabag Valley is famous for its mushroom cliffs. The stop is also provided in the town of Avanos, where everyone will be able to practice weaving and pottery.

Cappadocia underground city

The underground city will also be visited as part of the event. During the tour, there will be an acquaintance with the history of the eight-story building, its builders, and layout. The next stop will take place in Selim, where travelers will be able to visit the rock monastery and admire the beautiful scenery. The program includes a descent into the Ihlar Valley along the river, a walk through the canyon, and lunch in the restaurant. At the final stage, you will be able to admire the views from the Pigeon Valley and Gerem, from where you get beautiful photos for memory.

Cappadocia Balloons Festival

The Festival of Balloons in Cappadocia, as in previous years, is a beautiful sight, which is certainly worth a visit, and best of all - to fly. However, the cost of the tour flight is not included, so it will have to pay separately. The price of such pleasure - 100-150 euros per person.

So if your vacation has free time, we recommend choosing trip to Cappadocia from Antalya three-days.

Cappadocia has a lot to see, as there are quite a lot of beautiful places and historical monuments. Among them:

  • Chavushin is a rocky city where you can see abandoned houses. They were inhabited even in the last century, but they were forced to leave because of the threat of collapse;
  • Cappadocia night show - the performance lasts 2.5 hours, during which the viewer will be shown dances of different nationalities, as well as treated to local drinks;
  • Valley of Love is a famous place with cone-shaped pillars resembling phallic symbols;
  • Valley pashabag or monks - in addition to the rock monastery here is a natural attraction - stone pillars resembling mushrooms. Translated as governor's vineyards due to the tradition of growing grapes, which is observed to this day. The second name comes from the monastery;
  • Uchhisar “Three Fortress” - a rock 60 m high is at the level of 1400 m above the sea and is well visible from anywhere in the city. There is no data on who built the Uchhisar fortress, but there is evidence that it was built in the Bronze Age;
  • valley of pigeons is known for many rock pigeons. Previously, pigeon droppings were used as fertilizer, so in this area, there were quite a lot of birds.

Goreme Museum

The Goreme Museum, located in the open air, deserves special attention. It is a group of rocks in which hollowed out large caves. All the attractions of the museum are located in them: chapels, churches, and monasteries. At the moment, 6 churches and many ruins from the former monastery have been preserved. When Goreme was born, there were more than four hundred of them.

The most visited church here is the Church of St. Barbarians. There are frescoes with faces, ancient images of saints, ochre, painted walls. Better to get into the spirit and history of the shrine will help the story of the guide.

Cappadocia Apple Church

Popular in Cappadocia Apple Church. She was so nicknamed because of the fresco of Archangel Michael, holding a red ball resembling a ripe apple. However, there is another version of the origin of the name - the building is located among the apple trees. The cave of the monastery resembles a cross, you can get into it only if you climb through a narrow corridor because the main entrance is destroyed. Inside are vaulted with 4 columns, decorated with frescoes with the faces of saints.

Benefits of booking a Excursion to Cappadocia from Antalya in our agency:

To go on Excursion to Cappadocia from Antalya will be able to all who want to diversify their vacation and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and attractions with centuries-old history.

We offer a comfortable shuttle on the bus equipped with air conditioning and a low price for the service. You can book your place by phone or online. You don't need to pay for anything in advance - you pay in full on the day of the trip. If you have questions, contact the operator and provide the necessary information.

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Antalya to Cappadocia share


40£ person
Antalya to Cappadocia gif

Cozy cave-style hotel!

Antalya to Cappadocia price 2024

Adult 40£
Kids (4-8 ) 25£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Antalya to Cappadocia programm

ATTENTION! Only Our company offers 2 breakfast, 1 dinner, 1 night 4-star Hotel and entrance ticket to Saratly underground city wich is included in the Price.

First day:

  • Transfer from the hotels to Cappadocia from Antalya;
  • Stop for breakfast at the Taurus Mountains;
  • Visiting the Panorama of Khasan volcano;
  • Head to the underground city of Saratly;
  • Lunch break at a lovely restaurant in Cappadocia
  • Going to the Derwent Valley (Valley of Fantasy);
  • Visiting the Valley of the Monks;
  • Then to the rock city Chavushin + visit the Church of St. John the Baptist;
  • Stop in the Valley of Love;
  • Stop Panorama of Ortahisar fortress;
  • Visiting Uchguzel (Three Beauties);
  • Check in the 4-star Hotel
  • Delicious Dinner at the hotel (buffet); drinks - a separate fee;
  • Optional Serving food in the restaurant, folklore of Anatolia "Night in Cappadocia Program show

Second Day:

  • Hot air balloon flight or visiting Balloon parade Optional.
  • Local Breakfast in the hotel;
  • Check out from the hotel;
  • Head to the stone center of Anatolia;
  • Visiting Goreme National Park;
  • Stop in the Valley of Pigeons;
  • Going to Uchisar;
  • Stop for visiting silk leather / Turkish sweets;
  • Transfer from the territory of Cappadocia;
  • Head to Caravanserai Oresin Khan;
  • Stop for lunch in Konya (national cuisine menu);
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Antalya to Cappadocia details

Tour daysMonday,Thursday,Saturday
Tour hours 05:00 — 20:00
Includes Transfer, insurance, English guide services, breakfast on the first day, dinner on the first day, breakfast (with tea) on the second day
Excludes Drinks, Goreme museum, lunches on the first and second days, Turkish night, balloon festival trip, balloon flight, a ticket to the underground city of Saratly
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes, warm clothes, water on the road, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen/tan

Cappadocia Balloons Festival

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