Antalya Diving

Antalya Diving is a sea mini-cruise, during which there is a unique opportunity to see the underwater world with its inhabitants, coral reefs, to get communication skills underwater. If you are interested in mysterious depths, mysteries, life hidden under the abyss, unknown elements, then scuba diving in Antalya, in Turkey, the price remains not high — this is exactly what you need. Dive sites allow you to dive with scuba diving not only professionals but also beginners who want to see something unusual for themselves. While at sea, you will be able to see whole flocks of amazingly beautiful fish, stingrays, if you are lucky, turtles, and many interesting things.

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Antalya Diving more information

Antalya Diving - Our travel agency provides the opportunity to go on various excursions, but if you chose to dive in Antalya, watched reviews, videos taken during the walk, prices, be prepared for the fact that you will need to undergo a little training. Also, we warn that some tourists for medical reasons will not be able to afford this type of holiday, so make sure that you are absolutely healthy. Scuba diving is allowed to fly tourists aged 12 and over. If you do not have enough extreme on this excursion, you can gladly go on a Jeep safari in Antalya, where you will walk in large, open jeeps in difficult places.

Antalya diving sites

Immediately after arriving at the seaport, you as part of the group will go to the ship and go on a pre-designed route directly to the Antalya dive site. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to admire the most picturesque corners of the Mediterranean coast. The excursion program will allow you to enjoy this pastime and beginner divers and professionals.

Snorkelling in Antalya

Already onboard the ship all participants will undergo a brief, but detailed briefing on safety and rules of conduct at depth. Participants will then be divided into small groups. All divers will be picked up and given equipment. Each set consists of snorkelling masks, tubes, scuba diving, wet suit, cylinder with compressed air, compensator of buoyancy, last. The whole process is accompanied by two instructor-divers. They monitor the condition of a person in new conditions, depth, and duration of stay in the water, suit, and equipment.

Scuba diving Antalya

Scuba diving in Antalya as part of this excursion involves two dives of 15-20 minutes each with a short break to rest. Diving spots have been chosen so that you can see the most interesting pictures for yourself. You may well be able to meet a huge sea turtle, beautiful perch, octopus, or stingray. Positive emotions, bright impressions and a great mood will be provided to you.

During the respite you will be able to taste delicious dishes cooked on the ship according to special recipes, sunbathe on comfortable sunbeds, swim in the gentle waters. After that, you will go to the next location.

It should be noted that all water procedures, including diving, will bring you a lot of pleasure, as this region is very warm and clean water. Nearby will always be an instructor who will help you to adapt and get maximum pleasure from such a pleasant pastime.

Scuba diving Antalya price

If you decide to try your hand at a new activity, you are interested in a mysterious and extraordinarily beautiful underwater world, we are ready to give you the opportunity to get to know it. You can specify how much it price to scuba dive in Antalya, where the best and other points, how to book a tour, you can ask the manager of the company in phone mode. You can make a reservation online. There is no need to make a prepayment. You will find an amazing sea adventure, which will be the highlight of the holiday and will be remembered for a long time.

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23£ person
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Unforgettable Experience

Antalya Diving price 2024

Passenger 15£
Adult 23£

Antalya Diving programm

  • Transfer dear customers from their Hotels to Antalya diving .
  • Arrival at the Kemer marine.
  • Boarding on a yacht and sailing in the Mediterranean sea.
  • Arriving to Kiris Bay(Kemer Aquarium)
  • Complete instructions and training will be in English.
  • The duration of the first dive is 20 minutes and at least one instructor dives with each person.
  • Taking a break to have lunch served by us which contains many delicious dishes.
  • Departure to Cave Bay in Kiris, there will be diving again and the second dive is also 20 minutes long with the escort of the instructor.
  • Return to the port and transfer the guests to the Hotels.

Antalya Diving details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includes Meals, transfer, diving equipment, insurance, service of an English instructor.
Excludes Drinks and video shooting.
Don't Forgets Money, swimming trunks/swimsuit, towel, tanning protections, sunglasses, for professionals - international certificate.

Time for dive in different places of the Mediterranean Sea.

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