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Istanbul from Antalya

Istanbul from Antalya — an opportunity to visit the center of Turkey, change the resort environment to an acquaintance with the metropolis, explore its sights, walk through the famous Bosphorus Strait, visit the capital of the Ottoman Empire, as well as visit the capital of the Ottoman Empire, as well as More

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Istanbul from Antalya Explanations

Istanbul from Antalya, the distance between which is 690 kilometers, has a relatively low cost (prices have hardly changed). Independently going on a journey, you can buy a ticket for a bus, train, ferry, plane, how much to fly, you can learn from the airport staff - on average, the flight takes one hour. A one-day tour, as well as a two-day tour, reviews of which are often found on various resources, involves air travel. You have to see a lot of interesting things, hear wonderful stories and legends, well and spend the whole day in one of the most beautiful cities of this beautiful color, and rich country.

Detailed program about Istanbul from Antalya:

Cognitive and fascinating excursion from Antalya to Istanbul (how much it costs, you can check with the manager of our travel agency) begins in the early morning and ends in the late evening. The day promises to be full, so it is not recommended to take very young children with them. To begin with, upon arrival in the Turkish capital, you will visit the Topkapi Palace (travelers can use the guidebook on their own, the location is shown on the map), the photos of which are posted on the site. The Sultan's Palace with adjoining buildings occupies a huge area — 80,000 square meters, and its history goes back to 1465. Its construction was carried out for decades. You will find with fascinating walk between the harem, a library, a portrait of Hurrem, statues of concubines and other exhibits. The design of the premises, the mosaic on the walls, the luxury that surrounded the rulers for many centuries will not go unnoticed.

After such a rich program we recommend visiting a relaxing tour. This could be Hamam in Antalya.

The excursion from Antalya to Istanbul includes a trip to st. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople (early Christian architecture). The temple of Aya Sofia (work mode, description, photo inside can anyone want to know in advance) — this is one of the main attractions, attracting millions of tourists, the cost of the ticket is included in our tour. The palace hides interesting facts, it will see paintings of mosaics on the walls, frescoes and stunningly beautiful design (if you want to come yourself, take for a fee at the entrance of the audio guide). The first place where the guide takes you are the weeping column of Aya-Sofia (basilica). A special hole was made in it. Putting a finger in it, the visitor can make a wish and, they say, that it will come true.

The program includes stunning mosques: Sultan Suleiman and Sultanahmet or the Blue Mosque, inside which the interior is striking in its sophistication. Another place to see is the Basilica tank or the ancient Constantinople reservoir. Walking through Istanbul will allow you to see the amazing German fountain in Sultanahmet Square, the Roman racecourse (where the main square is located, you will understand immediately) and other stunningly beautiful structures.

The Egyptian Bazaar, a market that sells a huge amount of spices, sweets, spices, medicinal herbs and other products, will leave a bright impression. It is the largest market in Turkey, the history of which begins long before our days. Beforehand, you can find out reviews about it, how to get there, see photos and time of work (mode), what to buy on the Internet on the official resource or tourist sites.

In the end, you will find a big Excursion on the Bosphorus on a yacht, boat, or boat. You will visit the pier of Eminenu, see the Bosphorus Strait, and beautiful views.

The benefits of booking Istanbul from Antalya in our agency:

If you are interested in a tour from Antalya to Istanbul, we recommend taking advantage of our offer. The trip is affordable. It is possible to book a tour without prepayment. The manager of the company will answer all the questions in the phone.

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Istanbul from Antalya Programm

  • Gathering holidaymakers from hotels

  • Arrival at Theanlian airport and boarding a plane

  • Air flight, meeting with a guide in Istanbul

  • Topkapa Palace is the most visited museum, the former residence of the sultans

  • St. Sophia's Cathedral — for a millennium was the largest Christian temple

  • Blue Mosque — introduction to a unique historical and architectural monument

  • Lunch of national dishes in a local Turkish restaurant

  • A trip to the leather goods store, the opportunity to buy souvenirs for yourself and loved ones

  • A tour of the Egyptian market

  • Yacht tour of the Bosphorus on a comfortable yacht

  • Dinner and departure to the airport

  • Return flight and travel to hotels

Tour daysCheck with the manager

Tour hours 04:30 - 24:00

Includes travel in both directions and two-way air flight, insurance, guide-historian, English-speaking, two meals a day, tickets to enter the main attractions, sea cruise on a yacht

Excludes soft drinks, personal expenses (purchases), entrance to Garem in topcapa palace

Don't Forgets money, drinking water on the road, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen/tan, passport

Istanbul from Antalya price for excursion

Adult 145
Children (7-12) 145
Infants (0-6) Free
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