Antalya Hamam

Antalya Hamam is a visit to a Turkish bath with step-by-step procedures, the main task of which is to improve your health and beauty. Hamam in Antalya is an eastern bath, consisting of various procedures that are of great benefit to your health and beauty. Among all varieties of baths, the Turkish bath rightfully takes a leading position. You will find the best spa and massage center — hammam in Antalya performed by professional masseurs, and most importantly — all the tools used to care on a natural basis.

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Antalya Hamam more information

Antalya Hamam - stone and the coldest, it has 50 degrees at 100% humidity, which is the main distinguishing feature from doubles. This type of bath is great for people of any age and those who can not tolerate high temperatures.

In the center of the hall is the main part of Hamama - a large stone for the belly. Make a therapeutic massage on a hot stone, the visitor is filled with heat from the inside, sweating and at the same time from the body removed accumulated toxins and toxins. At an affordable price, you will get the full range of services from the steam room to the tea party in a relaxing environment.

Dress in Hamam respectively: sandals and a towel around the thighs, and traditionally in a red cage. You need to behave correctly, performing all the procedures in a random order, and not vice versa! The most pleasant part of the ritual is foam massage. In a large clothed bag of whipped soap, it is made of olive oil and eucalyptus and then rubs you.

After relaxing procedures in the hammam in Antalya, you can safely go on more mobile excursions, such as Jeep safari in Antalya

Antalya massage

Wash there from special bowls, the name of which - chicken. We also offer to try an exotic Antalya massage, Thai massage, the cost of which will surprise you, and the result - will please. This type of massage in recent years is very popular among tourists.

Hamam in Antalya likes everyone without exception, as evidenced by the reviews of our tourists. The design uses: marble, smalt and mosaic, every detail is though - it makes it more attractive and refined. The development of the Turkish bath takes into account all the nuances: ventilation, waterproofing, as well as steam supply.

The secret of beauty of oriental beauties was the female hammam, and all because the wet steam softens the keratinized layer of the epidermis and as a result dead skin particles are easily removed with just friction, after such cleaning the skin begins to breathe better. Women of the East - Turkish bath was an integral part of their lives, they're put on the best outfits, and they spent the whole day there, enjoying communication and fragrant drinks with sweets. You can find a video as a confirmation of what you said on YouTube.

Best hammam in Antalya

Hamam in Antalya is better to visit immediately after arrival in Turkey, so you will give the body a reboot and it will adjust to rest, and the tan will fall evenly. How much does a massage cost in Antalya, as well as the prices for additional services you can find out on our website. It is very important to visit a best hammam in Antalya, because then you will get a real pleasure and as if reborn, you will be full of energy, energy for the whole holiday!

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16£ person
Antalya Hamam gif

Heal your Soul and Body

Antalya Hamam price 2024

Adult 16£
Kids (7-12 ) 10£
Infants (0 -6) Free

Antalya Hamam programm

  • Transfer from hotels to Antalya hamam
  • Making ready the body in dry sauna
  • Healing lungs and skin in steam room
  • Peeling massage and foam massage (20 minutes)
  • Relaxing oil massage (20 minutes)
  • Face mask
  • Treating guests with Turkish tea
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Antalya Hamam details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 17:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, procedures in the hammam according to the program
Excludes Extras in the grooming for facials (optional)
Don't Forgets Visit this arrival tour in the coming days of rest to prepare the body for a perfectly smooth tan, bring swimsuits, do not take towels and slippers, they will be given to you in Hammam.

Turkish hamam has a rejuvenation effect

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