Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya this is a mystical and mysterious historical tour, within which every tourist will also enjoy the real wildlife of high mountains and clean beaches.

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Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya more information

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya this is an incredibly exciting tour along an exciting and mystical route at the most inexpensive cost. A refreshing trip in open jeeps through the most picturesque places of the region with the opportunity to fully plunge into history will give a special highlight to the trip. Experienced guides will quickly teach everyone how to use cars and give the best tour possible at a bargain price.

Chimera Yanartas

Each tourist will visit a unique local attraction – Yanartas, which is famous all over the world. This is an unusually beautiful mountain peak right next to a small authentic village called Cirali. Its highlight lies in the fact that natural gas often ignites on its slopes, giving the mountain a completely mystical and mysterious mood.

Mount Chimera: fire

Climbing high up the stairs, where the view from the mountain is more than 900 meters high, the group will see the same "Burning Stone" in all its glory. It is here that there are huge deposits of natural gas that literally explode on contact with oxygen. That is why this area is covered with blazing bonfires, and this can be seen especially well at night.

Chimera Cirali

Chimera Cirali this is the second name of Mount Chimera. As we have already noted, it is also called the "Burning Stone". This is because, according to local legend, a hero named Bellerophon killed the terrible, deadly fiery monster Chimera and imprisoned her in stone. After visiting this trip, all lovers of ancient history are advised to book Demre tour from Antalya

Chimera Olympos by jeep - excursion

Having booked a unique tour of Mount Chimera Yanartas in jeeps from Antalya, tourists in fast and maneuverable vehicles will visit two locations – fiery mountains and Olympos beach. It is here that you can meet the rarest large turtles and fully enjoy the smell of fresh pine needles.

Olympos by jeep from Antalya

The wild beach of Olympos consists of pebble stone and stretches for 4 kilometers. It is surrounded by centuries-old pine trees, creating an atmosphere of solitude and mysterious tranquility. This is perhaps the cleanest beach in all of Turkey.

Mount Olympos

Visit to Mount Olympos as part of the trip Mount Chimera Yanartas by jeep from Antalya – it is also a must on the tour. The mountain is part of the vast massif of the Western Taurus. Near it there are the ruins of the ancient city of the same name, which was built in the 3rd century, a visit to which seems to take you back to the old days.

Mount Chimera: how to get there yourself

There are only two ways to get to this wonderful attraction inexpensively and relatively quickly. You can walk the village of Cirali in 40 minutes following convenient signs. Or you can go by car from any Turkish village along the D-400 highway straight to the sign that says "Chimera Yanartas"

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30£ person
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Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya price 2024

Adult 30£
Kids (4-10 ) 15£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya programm

  • Transfer the guests from their Hotels by modern and air-conditioned buses to Chimera Yanartas from Antalya.
  • Access to the assembly point and boarding the jeeps.
  • The first point is the famous ancient port city and the beach - Olympos;
  • Here guests get 1:30 minutes of free time, where they can swim on Olympos Beach or walk along the ancient mountain.
  • Entrance tickets of the ancient city are additional payment.
  • The second point is Chimera (Burning Stone), to get here we climb 700 meters through the steps.
  • An hour of free time in Chimera (Yanartash).
  • Departure to the famous Ulupinar River and eat a luxurious and delicious dinner in one of the most famous restaurants in that area, which serves dishes such as (trout, grilled chicken, salads, snacks...and many delicious dishes).
  • Back to the Hotels.

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 16:00-22:00
Includes Meals, transfer, insurance, Tour guide services in English.
Excludes The Ticket to the ancient city of olympus, drinks.
Don't Forgets Water, swimwear , towel , a hat and sunglass.

Antalya Night Jeep Safari

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