Rafting in Antalya

Rafting in Antalya that will take your breath away throughout the entire white river rafting in Turkey. Plunge into the world of wild scenic nature with thresholds of obstacles of different levels. Team spirit and excitement will give you courage and passion.

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Rafting in Antalya price 2024

Adult 15£
Kids (7-12 )
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Rafting in Antalya more information

Rafting in Antalya - Water tourism is the privilege of mostly experienced professionals, until the appearance of a new type of vessel - raft, on which rafting takes place on mountain rivers of any difficulty level. That is why there are so many tourists who choose rafting in Antalya. There are many tourists on our site who left reviews and attached videos and photos to it. You can check them out. If you drive in a search engine rafting from Antalya with children reviews, then you will be surprised, but many really take children with them. Of course, this is up to you.

Where is the Antalya rafting tour?

The Kepruchay River in Turkey flows from the mountains of the Eastern Taurus into the sea and is located in the gorge of the Keprulu canyon. And at one time it is part of the national park, around which there are forests of pine and eucalyptus. This canyon is not only a national park, but also a rafting center on the entire Antalya coast.

Antalya water rafting program:

Rafting in Antalya starts in May. This is the most comfortable weather for the excursion. You can, of course, go rafting in earlier months, but then you must use a wetsuit so as not to get sick. The excursion is available to all regions of Antalya. Rafting in Antalya will take a whole day.

Rafting Antalya price

The price of the excursion rafting Antalya is very democratic and is formed in such a way that the cost will not hit your wallet. For those who are accustomed to having an active holiday, we also recommend visiting the combo tour for rafting and buggy safari Two in one.

How many people are on Antalya rafting boats ?

The standard raft is an inflatable boat with a capacity of 8 to 12 people with a reliable hull made of the most modern rubber materials. Fans of extreme situations will be able to get an adrenaline rush and plunge into the world of pristine nature, traveling along clean mountain rivers on rafts or canoes.

In order to test your strength, you do not need to have experience, because before the rafting, an experienced instructor will tell you the details of the upcoming route and all the nuances concerning it. He will also talk about safety measures, proper use of equipment, rowing rules and behavior on the water. You will have to overcome obstacles in the form of rapids of various categories of complexity, and a professional photographer will capture you in the process of an exciting and at the same time noble struggle against the elements.

How should I dress for rafting?

We recommend that you dress in a way that is comfortable for you.For example, T-shirts and shorts will do, and specialized rafting shoes can be purchased in advance, or you can use regular sneakers that fit snugly around your foot. Don't forget hats, sunscreen, drinking water, swimwear, towels, change of clothes, and extra money.

Why booking white river rafting in Antalya with Minister Tours

Our organization works to delight you. We are working to ensure that your vacation is not limited only to the beach and the hotel, but to be as diverse as possible. The huge range of tours that we can offer you is built in such a way that you spend less time and money, and see more!

For comfort and safety (so as not to be deceived by scammers), we do not take prepayment, and we book the tour online at any time! All new routes and trails appear every year, because our top priority is taking care of each client.

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Rafting in Antalya share


15£ person
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Free Double Boats

Rafting in Antalya programm

Note: Only with us, you can get a 2 person boat for extra free in rafting, for this , tell the manager about the reservation time.

  • Departure of tourists from hotels in the region
  • The road to the starting point of the rafting (about 2 hours)
  • Arrival at base and division by teams
  • Detailed instructions on safety rules from a guide
  • Issuance of protective equipment and departure to the starting point of the route
  • The first part of the Keprulu canyon
  • rafting Stop for photos and rest, bungee jumping
  • Pause for swimming in a mountain river
  • Second part of the route
  • Stop for lunch at a local restaurant on the banks of the Kepruchay
  • River The third part of the alloy Returning to the base, changing clothes, viewing photos and videos (optional)
  • Back to the hotels

Rafting in Antalya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 - 18:00
Includes transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, entrance to the rafting, rental of protective equipment (helmets), lunch of national dishes, escort of instructor guides, rental of a double raft (if you wish, REPORT this to the manager in advance).
Excludes Drinks (optional), professional photography and video
Don't Forgets Comfortable rubber shoes that are tightly fixed on the leg, dry changeable clothes, a spare T-shirt for a life jacket, towels, swimwear, sunscreen. If you are taking electronic devices with you, be sure to include waterproof covers.

A journey that takes your breath away

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