A rich tour, where you can see the natural beauty, and visit the largest market in the region

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek is an amazing journey on a comfortable vessel, during which you will see many beautiful places and be able to swim in the river delta in mixed fresh and salty waters.

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Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek Explanations

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek is an interesting, entertaining trip, which will be appreciated by all nature lovers (reviews of it can be found very often on the Internet). Today it is one of the most popular excursions of those organized by our agency. As part of the Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek, you will see a lot of interesting things, ranging from features of Turkish natural resources, landscape, vegetation, and ending with architectural and historical monuments.

With getting Manavgat River Boat Tour from Belek you will take a ride on a comfortable vessel on a mountain (one of the largest) rivers. In some places, its depth is 130 m, although there are quite small areas on which you can swim. The water temperature is standard for such sources - it does not exceed the limit of 12 degrees. It will bring pleasure to both children and adults.

Detailed information about the Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek:

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek starts in the morning. First sightseers on a comfortable bus will be taken together with a English-speaking guide to the city of Manavgat, the sights of which you will love, especially the Muslim mosque (how to get here on your own, you can see the map). It is a very beautiful structure with four minarets.

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek includes the National Park of the same name, a walk on which will bring you maximum pleasure. Overflows of bird trills, lush vegetation, the well-groomed territory will allow you to relax and relax.

Another amazing sight awaits you as part of the tour Manavgat River Boat Tour from Belek organized by us - a waterfall with the same name as the river, the city. It is in a picturesque place. Its width is 40 m, and the height of 2 m under the sun's rays water in it shimmers and acquires different shades - it seems that it is turquoise, and after a second can become blue-green or green. In fact, it is transparent and crystal clear. It was opened to visitors not so long ago, in the 80s of the last century. Nearby are souvenir shops, small shops, restaurants and cafes. Locals also come here, as they are attracted by the coolness, beauty of nature and allotted places for picnics. If you love natural beauty. We offer to get acquainted with the equally beautiful place - the Green Canyon tour from Belek.

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek stop, during which everyone can swim in the cool, refreshing water. Feelings from such water procedures are indescribable, and the mood increases at times. Sightseers have the opportunity to see a real trout farm, as well as learn how to breed this fish in Turkey. The spectacle and the story are quite interesting and informative. You can hardly see anything like this anywhere else.

After passing part of the way all present on the ship waiting for a delicious lunch of fresh products. Choose from meat or fish, pasta, salad of fresh vegetables. All the dishes are insanely tasty and hearty. The yacht tour of the Manavgat River continues and further you will find the delta - a place where the river flows into the sea. Here, during the stop, everyone present on the ship will have a unique opportunity to swim simultaneously in salty and fresh, warm and cold water. It's an unforgettable experience. The rush of vivacity is provided to you.

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek will bring a huge amount of joy, positive, positive emotions and will remain in memory for a long time. You will definitely want to repeat this little journey again.

Reasons why to book Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek with us:

Not all holidaymakers are inclined to visit ancient ruins, study historical landmarks and architectural monuments. Many are more attracted to the natural environment, birdsong, splashing of water hitting the side of the ship. It is for such tourists that we have prepared this stunning yacht tour of the Manavgat River. The cost of the tour is low, and you can book it without prepayment by phone or online.

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25 person

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek Programm

  • Gathering tourists from hotels

  • The beginning of a fascinating cruise on the Manavgat River

  • Visit to an ancient Muslim mosque

  • Arrival at Manavgat Falls is a famous and very beautiful place among Turkish visitors

  • Walking through the national natural park

  • Excursion on a yacht with a stop for swimming

  • The farm where trout is grown is an interesting sight that everyone can watch

  • Lunch on a yacht (optional — freshly cooked chicken or fish)

  • Bathing in the river delta, where the river flows into the sea

  • Moving to Manavgat

  • Time given for acquaintance with the settlement, photo shoot,

  • Shopping at the famous Grand Bazaar

  • Back to hotels

Tour daysMonday, Thursday

Tour hours 08:30-17:00

Includes transfer from hotels, escort of English-speaking guides, entrance tickets to the waterfall and national park, lunch

Excludes drinks (optional)

Don't Forgets swimsuits or swimming trunks, sunscreen, water on the road

Manavgat River Boat Trip from Belek price for excursion

Adult 25
Children (7-12) 13
Infants (0-6) Free
fast reservations en