Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek - a tour and rest at the same time. You will be able to fish, swim in the waters of the mountain pond, walk around the surrounding area and get a lot of positive emotions.

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Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek price 2024

Adult 32£
Kids (7-12 ) 16£
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek more information

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek, reviews of which can be read on tourist portals - a great opportunity to visit one of the most amazing places in this resort region. You will see a beautiful landscape and lush greenery, azure waters, which are nice to swim in the sultry heat and enjoy the pursuit of your favorite thing or master it if you are a beginner.

Lake Karacaonen (translated as "Black Soul") is not a natural spring, but a reservoir located in the lowlands of the Aksu River, around which the Taurus Mountains are located. In the province of Antalya two similar lakes - Lower and Upper. This place is popular with visitors to the country, and locals. Fish here can be caught and privately from the shore or sailing away by boat. But in this case, it is recommended to specify in advance where the appropriate place for this activity.

In some areas the depth is very large - up to 80 meters. It is worth remembering that there are mesh enclosures (located in groups), in which fish are bred. From the shore it is allowed to catch on donkeys, spinning, feeder. It is such a pastime will suit professionals. As part of an organized Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek, they will not be very interested, although its purpose is more in the organization of recreation.

Detailed information about Picnic and Fishing at Karacaoren Dam:

The tour Picnic and Fishing at Karacaoren Dam begins in the morning, as soon as you get on the bus, which will take you to your destination. Upon arrival, you will have a little chat and detailed briefing on the behavior on the water, fishing rules and work with tackles. From the guide you will learn a little about this charming place where you have to spend the next few hours. As part of an inexpensive Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek, organized by our travel agency, you will have about two and a half hours of free time. This is enough to fully feel the spirit of nature, to see the surroundings, sunbathe and swim and even catch a few fish.

As for fishing, all the gear, fishing rods, bait to holidaymakers are given. On special convenient rafts wishing to fish will go to the middle of the lake. Here you can catch carp, trout, carp, sazan. After a short time period, the miners return to the shore, where the catch will be processed and deliciously cooked. Fish is grilled according to a special recipe. That's why you will find a terrific picnic with an excellently covered table. Naturally, holidaymakers are offered other dishes, no less tasty, appetizing and hearty. On our website you can choose other, no less exciting Sea fishing in Belek Turkey.

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek is a family excursion that is sure to appeal to both adults and children regardless of their age. Kids will be just delighted with the opportunity to be in the role of real fishermen. If the children are very young, they will be able to play and entertain themselves in a specially equipped playground with swings and other devices. They will have something to do for a long time, and you can safely enjoy the rest, swim, fish, communicate, take pictures, have a good time.

Why it is worth booking a Picnic and Fishing at Karacaoren Dam in our agency:

If you wanted to learn more about the nature of this amazing and multifaceted country during your stay in Turkey, as well as to relax in its bosom without unnecessary extreme, then pay attention to the excursion for the whole family Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek. The cost of mini-travel is low, and impressions will be many. You can book the tour without prepayment for a few minutes by phone or online (fill out the form on the site). We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your choice.

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Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek share


32£ person
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Excursion for the Family

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek programm

  • Gathering holidaymakers from hotels
  • Arrival at your destination
  • Breakfast at Lake Kararajoren surrounded by picturesque panoramas
  • Instruction on fishing, getting tackles
  • Rest on the shore, swimming, the opportunity to fish
  • Stunning freshly cooked fish dishes
  • Return to hotels

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek details

Tour daysMonday, Wednesday, Friday
Tour hours 08:00 - 16:00
Includes transfer, insurance, guide-instructor with knowledge of English, everything you need for fishing, two meals a day (ear, kebab and trout, fresh vegetable salad), in unlimited quantities of soft and alcoholic beverages
Excludes professional photos, personal expenses
Don't Forgets towel, swimming trunks, swimsuit, glasses and sun protection, money, hat

Combine outdoor recreation with exploring Turkey's scenic landscapes

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