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Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey is a great boat ride and a great experience of fishing in the waters of the high seas, which will appeal to avid fishermen and beginners.

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Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey Explanations

Sea Fishing İn Belek, Turkey, which our travel agency offers to holidaymakers at a low price, will allow you to diversify your stay in this country and get as many impressions as possible. Such a small tour is suitable for absolutely everyone. You are not required to be a super professional. The lesson is more for beginners than for experienced anglers. In the season in the region is almost always sunny quiet weather, and the water temperature is in the range of 24-29 degrees.

The light breeze will refresh, and the caught fish will bring great satisfaction. You don't need to get permission to fish in the coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea. It remains only to enjoy the journey and the main process.

Detailed information about Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey:

Excursion sea fishing in Belek on a yacht (prices we have low and in this you can see personally) begins with a gathering of those wishing early in the morning at hotels in the place of residence. The boat sails from the wharf at seven o'clock in the morning. In about half an hour you will stop and the first fishing experience.

  • Catch on the hook can be a different fish - it all depends on the season. Often the prey become:
  • dorada (golden pair) - it is suitable for eating not only in a thermally processed form, but also in cheese (which is very tasty); the striped mullet, which is also called the Mediterranean sultanka, is a very tender and pleasant meat;
  • The tooth of the ordinary, pink - belongs to the family of paired (squad of sea carp), has dietary meat, useful for human health;
  • A giant or grouper is a predatory sea dweller whose size can reach up to 3.6 meters in length and weigh about 400 kg;
  • Red sea perch, which is prepared in various ways (meat contains a lot of substances useful for the human body).

During the Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey (reviews can be viewed on the Internet) the ship several times changes the location, which is due to the bite. In one zone, the biting is active for about 50 minutes after which it stops. The migration of shoals is also taken into account. If you like sea walks, we recommend a tour boat trip in Belek.

Since the flocks are usually quite large (from a few hundred to thousands of fish), it is almost possible not to catch anything at all. Even newcomers are not left without a trophy. It is not uncommon to see an incredible phenomenon. On the line pull out several fish of different sizes. All comers are given short rods.

After a fascinating fishing and active bite of all present on the ship waiting for a terrific lunch, consisting of a dish of fish caught by you. Nothing more delicious you have not tried.

Fishing in the resorts of Turkey, in particular the sea, is considered one of the most popular activities. The more so that during it you can also sunbathe, swim in the sea, admire the coast and seascapes. At about 1 p.m. the yacht will dock at the port and you will head back to the hotel. As a keepsake you will have cool photos and videos, great mood, pleasant memories and a great desire to repeat this experience at least once again.

Why it is better to buy Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey in our agency:

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey interests many holidaymakers. If you are one of them, offer you a small but bright cruise in the coastal Mediterranean area. Our trip is very inexpensive, and like it absolutely all without exception. You can book a trip without any prepayment by phone, write to us in a messenger or contact online. In the latter case, a special form is simply filled out. If you have any questions, please contact our manager, who will give answers and provide the information you need.

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50 person

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey Programm

  • Transferring our dear visitors from their Hotels for a fishing trip in Belek.

  • Arrival at the port and boarding on the boat.

  • Providing the participants with all the instructions for this trip and preparing the fishing equipment.

  • Going on a cruise, during this time the captain will heading up to the sites where the fish abound using an echo device.

  • The beginning of the tour, for beginners, instruction and assistance in fishing.

  • Have a tasty grilled lunch on the boat.

  • Moving to another fishing spot and continuing fishing.

  • Return to the port and getting on the buses.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our clients to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 05:00 — 19:00

Includes Round-trip transfer, insurance, lunch, equipment, bait, training of participants how to fish by experienced instructors, soft drinks.

Excludes Personal expenses and alcohol drinks.

Don't Forgets Swimwear, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats.

Sea Fishing İn Belek Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 50
Children (7-12 ) 25
Infants (0 -6) Free

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