Buggy safari in Turkey

Buggy safari in Turkey is an unforgettable ride tour along mountain and flat trails in the cabin of a unique vehicle, which is designed to go through hard-to-reach places. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, guests will plunge into the abundance of greenery and beauty of local locations and become part of wildlife untouched by man

Buggy safari in Turkey – this is a bright and dynamic tour on special cars, which are designed to drive along difficult, but such picturesque trails. Children and adults will be delighted with adrenaline and sincere emotions from visiting aesthetically pleasing places.

What is a buggy

What is a buggy? These are small cars, the history of which dates back to the 50s. They were created in the USA, but already in the 70s they migrated to the Europe in order to serve the needs of the army. The fact is that bugs are extremely easy to assemble and can be easily repaired in the field, which led to their incredibly useful functions.

To this day, these cars are mainly assembled from parts of large cars that have served their time, which adds to the charm of the retro style of these unique vehicles. Buggies are often equipped with an automatic transmission, which makes them ideal for beginners, because cars are completely easy to drive. Often there are only two places in them – driver and passenger.

Buggy tour in Turkey

Buggy safari tour in Turkey it is also a popular type of excursion, which lasts an average of two hours and covers all the most beautiful places in the region. What is included in the price of the trip? Buggy rides, great sightseeing, accompaniment by an experienced instructor and round-trip transfers.

Buggy riding age

Buggy tour – it's fun for the whole family, as even a child can join one of the parents in the second seat. As for self-driving, only children over 16 years old are allowed to drive. Fortunately, this does not require rights or any other documents. Younger participants are happy to take the passenger seat.

Buggy usage restrictions

There are few contraindications for participation in a buggy safari in Turkey. Pregnant women, visitors with problems of the respiratory or cardiovascular system, or the musculoskeletal system should not attend the tour. Be sure to check the relevance of this information with the manager when booking the tour.

Buggy ride in Turkey

Where can i ride baggy in Turkey? In the most beautiful locations – on mountain serpentines, among murmuring waterfalls, fast rivers and rich forests. The group will also pass fragrant fruit plantations and wild beaches, where there will definitely be stops for rest and photo shoots.

Buggy ride tours in Turkey

Istanbul Buggy Safari tour

Istanbul Buggy Safari tour it's an exciting ride in fast vehicles through the off-road and the most picturesque places of the Istanbul region ...

price : 70£

Bodrum Buggy Safari tour

Bodrum Buggy Safari tour a bright and active trip in fast cars that will drive off-road in local forests and small villages ...

price : 40£

Buggy Safari tour in Kusadasi

Kusadasi Buggy Safari tour is a fun excursion at impressive speed through the region, which will show tourists all the natural beauties and even historical sights. And driving through the authentic small Turkish villages, guests of the tourist city will fully feel the culture of this Turkey and its colorful heritage, which attracts thousands of tourists to the country. ...

price : 25£

Fethiye Buggy Safari

Fethiye Buggy Safari tour it's a fun off-road ride through the region's wildlife in fast and agile open cars with automatic transmissions. They are quite easy to manage and you can drive them from the age of 17! With the help of an experienced instructor, everyone will cope with this seemingly difficult task, and incredible locations will be a pleasant reward for courage. ...

price : 30£

Buggy safari in Trabzon

Feel the adrenaline and freedom on a buggy safari in Trabzon! Feel the spirit of adventure as you travel by buggy through the mountains of Trabzon. Here you will find affordable prices for excursions with professional instructors. Reviews of buggy trips in Turkey, in Trabzon, speak for themselves - this is an unforgettable extreme experience! A driver's license is required to learn how to drive a ...

price : 30£

Buggy safari in Alanya

Buggy Safari in Alanya with tour you will arrive at the point by bus one by one, you can sit down with an instructor. The route goes through picturesque, untouched places, where tourists cannot get on their own. Stop at a mountain stream to relax and swim.

Buggy safari Side

Buggy safari in Side in Turkey - You can visit the most unusual places in the mountains, get acquainted with natural resources as part of a buggy tour in Side. This is 20 km behind the wheel of unique frame cars and a lot of positive emotions.

Belek buggy safari

Belek buggy safari is an opportunity not tour just to listen to the guide while sitting on the bus, but to ride and drive the vehicle yourself, adjusting the speed and route. You will get is activity time an adrenaline rush and unforgettable emotions while driving a buggy in Turkey. Buggy rental is included in the price and professional instructor will accompany the group throughout the trip, ensure complete safety along the way and will always come to the rescue in case of any difficulty.

Antalya buggy safari

Antalya buggy safari is an entertaining tour designed to entertain the country's guests. Ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. As part of the program, you can admire the beautiful terrain, being while traveling in small, maneuverable, but at the same time safe cars. Such a path in Turkey passes through the forest, mountain slopes. After the trip, you can swim in a cool mountain river.

Buggy safari in Marmaris

Marmaris buggy Safari is a sea of drive, positively and unforgettable emotions. Take a fascinating trip to Marmaris and get a lot of pleasant experiences and great photos.

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Buggy ride in Turkey

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