Dervishes Show in Cappadocia

Dervishes Show in Cappadocia is a unique chance to immerse yourself in the ancient culture of Turkey through watching an authentic dance filled with deep epochal overtones

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Dervishes Show in Cappadocia is a fascinating and mysticism-filled national dance. The show differs significantly from other local fun, because this mysterious rite carries not only the unearthly beauty of workshops and precise movements, but also a gigantic semantic subtext that has invariably been preserved for almost eight hundred years. The fact is that the people of dervishes have been leading an extremely humble lifestyle for many hundreds of years, based primarily on unity with higher powers. According to ancient legends, representatives of this people have supernatural powers and amazing talents, which the Almighty sends them for their unlimited loyalty.

So, as part of the Dervishes Show in Cappadocia, our guests will see with their own eyes an amazing way of performing for a modern person, during which the monks create a special vortex-like stream using continuous rotating movements - this is the so-called whirling ceremony. Each of the striking movements carries a special subtext, the dance of the monks seems to tell its own story. It is also interesting that the performers make their movements exclusively to the left, since this is the side of the heart in which God lives. Feedback from visitors unanimously claims that after the first minutes they felt an incredible hypnotic effect, as if a special protective field was formed around them. One of these rituals is the Sema ritual, which also differs from ordinary dance by the presence of chants, reciting prayers, and playing the oldest musical instruments.

What we need to know about Dervishes Show in Cappadocia

Dervishes Show in Cappadocia is Special attention should be paid to the luxurious Turkish costumes, symbolizing the beginning of life and the path, which, unfortunately, with their massiveness and brightness can scare young children, therefore, entry to this event for kids is allowed only from 10 years old.

All guests who liked this performance are highly recommended to book a concert show of the Turkish night in Cappadocia for a deeper immersion in the ancient Ottoman culture. There is also a great alternative for planning an inexpensive family or romantic evening - a dervish dance dinner.

The dervishes show in Cappadocia will take place for an hour. Before visiting, you need to know a few fundamental rules, for example:

  • You should turn off mobile phones so as not to disturb the sacrament of religious dance with loud sounds;
  • It is forbidden to take photographs and shoot him on video;
  • Children should not be left unattended and allowed to run away from their place;
  • After each part of the speech, there is no need for standing ovation and applause; silence should be observed.

Dervishes Show in Cappadocia price of such an amazing experience is Cheap, and therefore, every traveler can afford such a tour. Cappadocia has something to surprise, many tourists admire a grand hot air balloon tour, an exciting Camel Safari through the mountains and valleys, or ancient churches right inside the cliff, which can be bypassed on a dynamic ATV ride.

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Dervishes Show in Cappadocia programm

  • Departure from the hotel to Dervishes show in Cappadocia
  • Arrival at the ancient hall where the ritual will take place
  • Beginning of the Show "Whirling Monks" (duration-1 hour)
  • Departure back to hotels

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Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Round trip transfer, show ticket
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Dervishes Show in Cappadocia

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