Hamam in Cappadocia - Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath Hamam in Cappadocia will help you to fully rest and relax after intense hikes to local attractions and to some extent even become a continuation of the excursion program because these are not simple SPA procedures, it is an integral part of the culture, traditions, and life of Turkey in Goreme.

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Hamam in Cappadocia - Turkish Bath price 2024

Adult 40£
Kids (7-12 ) 40£
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Turkish bath in Cappadocia - Cappadocia would not have been that delightful place that attracts thousands of tourists every year, if not for the numerous natural disasters that began their violent activity in this area more than 60 million years ago. Initially, the mobility of tectonic plates provoked faults in the earth's crust, then volcanoes woke up, as a result of which the entire surface was covered with a thick layer of volcanic tuff. Time, water, and wind carved out of the soft rock all the splendor that we can admire today: stone pillars and mushrooms, multi-colored valleys, and canyons. Among the natural beauties, man-made structures also find their place.

Surprisingly, these, at first glance, not suitable for living lands served as a home and protection for more than one generation of people. Living quarters, temples, monasteries were carved into the rocks. And the whole world is talking about underground cities going many kilometers down. In the 1st century BC, the first Christians took refuge in them from the pagans.

The best way to admire the alien landscape is to book a Hot air balloon in Cappadocia. The cost of a flight per person is on average from €100, but the emotions received are definitely worth the money spent.

Turkish bath Goreme

Turkish Hamam in Goreme is place with a lot of positive energy. Goreme is a small town that is considered the tourist center of the region and the National Historical and Natural Park. Travelers who decide to spend the weekend or their entire vacation here can book inexpensively an apartment in one of the hotels nestled in the rocks, where, in the evening, after long promenades, you can visit the classic Turkish bath in Cappadocia. According to tourists, the best Hamam in Goreme is Kelebek Hamam & Spa.

Turkish bath in Cappadocia

Cappadocia hammams: People began to visit public baths from ancient times, but it was during the Ottoman Empire that this activity became a kind of ritual, during which not only the body but also the soul was cleansed. The Hamam has certain differences from, for example, the equally popular Finnish sauna.

The premises are built in a traditional oriental style - they are spacious, bright, with a domed ceiling. Interior decoration only in marble. Air temperature no more than 55C, humidity should be 100%. Men and women should wash in different rooms, although there are exceptions to the rule in tourist options. But being in the nude is forbidden for everyone, so towels or sheets are always given at the entrance.

The beneficial properties of a Turkish bath Hamam in Cappadocia are as follows:

  • Adaptation and warming up for 10-20 minutes.
  • Peeling with a mitten made of natural materials.
  • Massage with firm whipped soap foam from olive and eucalyptus oil.
  • Rinse with cool water.
  • Massage by essential oils.

This complex is a true art of preserving and prolonging beauty and youth. A regular visit to the steam room will help strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, skin condition and speed up metabolism.

You can buy an all-inclusive package from our managers at a bargain price - €50, which already includes a comfortable transfer and the services of a professional massage therapist.

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40£ person
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Really feel like you're on holiday

Hamam in Cappadocia - Turkish Bath programm

  • Free transfer from Hotels
  • Arrive at the spa center
  • 2 Hours relaxing in Hamam
  • Adaptation and warming up on warm marble stone
  • Scrubbing and peeling the skin with KESE
  • Foam massage that makes you soft
  • Massage with special oil
  • Relaxation in the pool or jacuzzi
  • You can order additional procedures (masks, wraps)
  • Transfer back to the hotel with VIP cars

Hamam in Cappadocia - Turkish Bath details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includes Free transfer, standard package of procedures, insurance, tea.
Excludes Extra packages which you choose
Don't Forgets Swimsuit, drinking water, towel, money for personal expenses.

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