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Fethiye Paragliding tour is the most popular skydiving, parachute launch site not only in Turkey but throughout Europe. Oludeniz Babadag paragliding height 1980 m.

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Passenger 15£
Adult 120£

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Fethiye Paragliding tour or Skydiving in Oludeniz is perhaps the main excursion for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are relaxing on the southwest coast of Turkey, then do not miss your chance to visit the Base of paragliding. Every year athletes and amateurs from all over Europe, CIS countries, and near Asia come here. In the fall, there is a competition of acrobatic elements in the air, which attracts crowds of spectators.

Fethiye skydiving

Fethiye skydiving: Oludeniz is twenty minutes away from Fethiye. This is a small resort village, where mostly inexpensive hotels are built, but the lack of premium housing is more than compensated by the nature around. Here is the Blue Lagoon - a national park in Turkey, the coast of which is covered with white sand. The Mediterranean Sea is washed by the Blue Flag beach Oludeniz. The resort area is framed by mountains, one of which is Babadag - the father of the mountain.

Oludeniz paragliding height

It is from its top that the parachute jump takes place in Turkey. There are three starting points Oludeniz paragliding with a height of 1672 meters, 1800 and 1980 meters. The bottom start is considered the main one. All three sites differ in the different wind flows. The Babadag mountain system contributes to the exit above the water surface at an altitude of a kilometer to one and a half, which makes it an ideal place for performing all kinds of acrobatic stunts. This is why paragliding is so popular in this area. You can get here on our comfortable transfer, which is included in the price of any excursion.

Another active entertainment for tourists will be Rafting in Fethiye. You can buy a tour inexpensively and familiarize yourself with the program on the Minister Tours website.

Features of Paragliding from Babadag Turkey

The safety of tourists during the flight is the main priority of our company. Accidents in Oludeniz while paragliding is extremely rare. Only qualified instructors are allowed to fly the paraglider, who undergo confirmation of their license twice a year. Since the jump from Babadag is performed in tandem with an instructor, the tourist will be supervised by an experienced professional all the time in the air.

Oludeniz skydiving

Before the start of the Oludeniz skydiving tour, there will be a mandatory course on safety rules at the start, planning, and landing. Then we pick up protective gear and you can step towards your dream. Literally, 5-6 steps along with the launch pad, and we get off the ground and gain height. From the very first minutes of the flight, you will have stunning views of the blue lagoon, mountain ranges, and a bay with a white beach. It is by looking up from the ground that one can understand why this place is considered the center of paragliding. Such wonderful pictures need to be captured not only in your memory but also to purchase photos and videos from the excursion. Their pricei s negligible.

Parachute Fethiye

The planning time for parachute jump in Fethiye is about 20 - 30 minutes. All the while, customers will enjoy the stunning views around. If you wish, you can ask the instructor to perform a couple of tricks if the adrenaline in your blood has not yet reached its maximum level. Landing on the beach will be soft and comfortable, but don't forget to wear comfortable shoes. You can view photos and videos of the flight, as well as order it at the end of the excursion.

Fethiye Paragliding tour or Skydiving in Oludeniz will leave you with the most pleasant memories. You can share your reviews on the pages of our magazine. Our managers will help you to book subsequent trips to the most interesting places in Turkey 24/7.

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120£ person
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Fly like a Bird

Fethiye Paragliding programm

  • Transfer our tourists from hotel to Oludeniz
  • Climbing to the top of Babadag mountain. 1850 m.
  • Selection of a launch site
  • Selection of equipment
  • Short course on safety
  • Flight in tandem with an instructor for 15-25 minutes
  • Landing on the Oludeniz beach
  • Selection of photos and videos at the request of the client
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Fethiye Paragliding details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:30 — 16:00
Includes Transfer by comfortable bus, insurance, equipment, instruction.
Excludes Photo and video materials.
Don't Forgets warm sweaters, water for the road, tight-fitting pants.

A bird's eye view of the Blue Lagoon

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