Green canyon Turkey

Green Canyon Turkey is an incredibly beautiful place that has retained the charm and vibrant beauty of nature. It is here that guests can explore the rugged expanses, enjoy the beautiful green landscapes of the local lake and look from boat at rare species of birds that soar near the mountains. You can visit this wonderful lake with a boat trip, a safari or a day tour

Green Canyon Turkey – this is an incredibly beautiful place in the Mediterranean region of Manavgat, which is literally immersed in a variety of local flora, which gives it a green color. The indisputable beauty of this place is widely known to all local residents, but tourists from different parts of the world have not yet had time to appreciate these locations.

Green Canyon tours

Green Canyon boat tours in Turkey this is an invaluable chance to see the miracle of nature with your own eyes at an inexpensive price. As part of this trip, guests will be able to see the huge dam, which was formed as a result of the construction of a hydroelectric power station in 1984. Its area is about 500 hectares, the height reaches 350 meters above sea level, and the depth is 100 meters. Thanks to the many warm underground springs that feed the lake, its temperature is around 12°C all year round.

Green canyon is not far from Antalya or Alanya, so many tourists want to visit this priceless piece of wildlife. You can get to the location on your own by car, but it is much more convenient and faster to do it in the format of an organized bus tour with a guide.

Green canyon jeep safari

Green canyon jeep safari: First of all, you should get to the city of Manavgat, then follow the signs "Oymapınar Dam Lake"; Brown color. First, the guests of the attraction will pass the no less famous Manavgat waterfall (Manavgat Şelalesi), and then, following the same signs, they will head for «Oymapınar».

Green lake in Turkey

The Grand Canyon of Turkey has recently received the status of a real national park, so it is rightfully considered a local treasure and pride. This is not surprising, since the enchanting beauty of the water surface, which reflects endless green forests in its azure, remains in memory for a long time. The color of the lake shimmers with many green tones due to the high content of minerals in the water. The green lake Turkey, in addition to greenery, is framed by endless plantations of ripe oranges, olives and pomegranates, which carry their bright aroma for many kilometers.

Green canyon boat trip

Green Canyon boat trip in Antalya Turkey, which is always ravely reviewed, also allows guests to a boat trip and swim to the very middle of the local lake to take a lot of beautiful photos overlooking the mountains and green hills. Among the peaks, formidable predators very often hover – wild mountain eagles, but do not be afraid of them, as they never go down to the water. However, every tourist will be able to see them and even take a picture. Such magnificence simply cannot go unnoticed.

Green Canyon coordinates: 36.9079, 31.5307.

Green lake boat tours in Turkey

Green Lake boat tours in Turkey unveil the pristine beauty of Green Canyon in Manavgat. Glide through emerald waters, embracing the tranquil ambiance and stunning vistas. Experience Turkey's natural wonders firsthand on these captivating tours. You must see the allure of Green Lake with every gentle ripple and scenic view. Book now for an unforgettable journey amidst Turkey's breathtaking landscapes.

Green canyon jeep safari from Alanya

Green canyon jeep safari from Alanya, you can see the greatness and beauty of the picturesque place, swim in the freshwater lake, serving lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a great view of the lake.

Green canyon from Alanya

Green Canyon Alanya our esteemed guests to this amazing tour in Turkey, a man-made, nature-decorated bird paradise, which looks like a turquoise green mole on the cheeks of the Taurus Mountains during a boat trip to The Oymapınar dam in Manavgat Antalya.

Green Canyon Belek

Green Canyon Belek is an interesting tour to one of the most beautiful places in the region Turkey. The opportunity to see the surrounding landscapes from the height of the observation deck and views of the Omapinar valley in Manavgat Antalya. Boat trip in the Green Canyon National park and an overview of the most picturesque corners. Personal time that you can spend as you wish. Accompanying the group by local guide.

Antalya Green canyon tour

Green canyon tour Antalya to a picturesque place — You can not only admire the surrounding area on the panoramic platform, but also ride a yacht on the Green Lake.

Green Canyon from Side

Green Canyon boat tour from Side is a low cost exciting Green lake trip in Turkey. The price of the excursion for children is half the price, and for children under the age of 6 the trip is free. During the tour, a guide will be next to you. Opportunity to admire panoramic views of the valley from a height of 1500 meters. Rest on the shore of one of the most beautiful mountain reservoirs with clear water of an extraordinary emerald hue.

Green Canyon Kemer

Green Canyon Kemer, Türkiye is known for its stunning natural beauty. Located not far from Antalya, between mountains and forests, the canyon strikes the imagination with its meandering green walls. To get to the Grand Canyon from Kemer, you can use an excursion organized by local travel agencies as Minister Tours. The price of such an tour is usually affordable for tourists of various budgets. The distance from Manavgat to Kemer is also short, which makes the boat trip on lake even more convenient.

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Green canyon jeep safari

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