Amazing Natures in Side Turkey.

Green Canyon from Side

Green Canyon from Side is another opportunity to get to know the amazing Turkey, its natural resources, enjoy the breathtaking mountain air and have a good time.

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Green Canyon from Side Explanations

Green Canyon from Side is a unique opportunity to visit one of The Most Famous Places in Turkey, where many tourists come on their own, learn its history, and just admire the amazing terrain. Taking advantage of the trip, you do not need to worry about how to get there, as the transfer is included in the total cost, while the price is cheap.

This place is a huge size of the Oymapinar reservoir, built in 1977-1984. Its area is about 500 hectares. In fact, the water covers an entire valley located in the Taurus Mountains. Water comes from 27 mountain springs. This name was chosen for two reasons. First, the mountain slopes are completely covered with vegetation. Secondly, crystal-clear water has a jade tint, as it contains a large concentration of iron.

If you are interested in yacht rides and land Journey we offer you a City Tour and Boat Trip from Side Turkey to discover more nature in the country.

Details and Information about Green Canyon from Side:

While on vacation, be sure to visit one of the most beautiful places — Green Canyon (Turkey), reviews of which can always be read on the Internet, as well as a description of the area. By Choosing the Green Canyon Boat Tour from Side, you can see for yourself how extraordinarily beautiful the views here are. You will understand why this place is so popular not only among tourists but also locals, who often come here for picnics and just relax in nature.

The trip begins with a collection of our Tourists from hotels. Upon arrival at the place, you will be offered a fascinating travel on a yacht, from which you will get maximum pleasure and positive emotions. You will taste delicious drinks and trout cooked according to a special recipe in the oven.

During your journey, you will be able to learn a lot of informative and entertaining:

  • The pristine beauty of Turkish nature, the mesmerizing mountains on the slopes of which many trees grow, the bottomless depth of emerald clean waters (depth of 100 meters);
  • At an altitude of 1500 m, an amazing panorama of the Oymapinar Valley opens;
  • The Green Canyon Boat Tour from Side includes a stop, during which all who wish can take a dip in a cool body of water.
  • Inspection growing near pomegranate, almond, citrus groves, producing an incredible aroma, sweet and dizzying (hardly there is still a place on the planet where you can hear it);
  • Will not leave indifferent and flying over you majestic eagles (nearby there are many nests of these amazingly beautiful and proud birds);
  • If you wish, you can have lunch in a restaurant on the shore and fish (tackles, bait issued) within an hour and a half.

Given the short distance (only 25 km), the Excursion begins immediately from the wharf. You will have the opportunity to swim in the Koprulu canyon River, the delta of which is famous for its special beauty. Here the river flows into the sea. At the end of fishing and rest, you will be taken back to the hotel.

The benefits of booking with our company:

If you decide to go to the Green Canyon from Side, it is best to do so as part of our Journey. You can book your seats in advance without prepayment. It is enough to contact the manager on the phone or write to us. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of travel. If you have a child under the age of six, you do not need to pay for it. We offer comfortable conditions during transport travel. You will be accompanied during the whole trip by an English-speaking guide. We guarantee that this day will be remembered for a long time as one of the most beautiful during your stay in this amazing, multifaceted country.

Don't worry about Coronavirus because we have provided all the hygiene and disinfectants for your dear ones and you just have to think about your happiness.

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30 person

Green Canyon from Side Programm

  • Free transfer

  • A trip to your destination

  • Stop for inspection from a height of 1500 meters Green Canyon

  • The arrival of the tour group at the port

  • Tour on a yacht

  • Rest on Green Lake (Oimapinar) and, if desired, swimming in its waters

  • Lunch consisting of national delicious dishes

  • One and a half hour rest — walking, swimming, fishing, photoshoots (everything you need for fishing, provided)

  • Return to the port and return to the hotel

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 — 17:00

Includes insurance, moving on a comfortable transport, lunch, services of a English-speaking guide and soft drinks

Excludes Personal expenses

Don't Forgets towels, swimming trunks, swimsuits, personal funds

Green Canyon from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 30
Children (6-11 ) 15
Infants (0 -5) Free

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