Turkey to Israel

Trips from Turkey to Israel is an opportunity to make a real pilgrimage to the holy lands at the most inexpensive price in the entire region. Guests, together with an experienced guide, will walk through the streets of the Old City, visit the Wailing Wall, see local temples and, of course, plunge into the Dead Sea

Trips from Turkey to Israel this is a trip to one of the most rich in ancient history and faith country, which will show guests a lot of architectural monuments, sacred places for pilgrimage and even allow you to relax on the Dead Sea.

Turkey to Israel ferry

How to get from Turkey to Israel? Easy, because you can comfortably swim across the Mediterranean Sea. Ferry Turkey Israel sails for quite some time, but the stunning landscapes of the endless waters are worth it. As for traveling from Turkey to Israel by plane, it is important to consider that international flights to Ben Gurion Airport fly from only two airports – Istanbul and Antalya, and the distance from Antalya to Tel Aviv is 661 km.

For citizens of European countries on holiday in Turkey not need a visa to visit Israel, because according to the rules, they can be in the country without registration for three months. However, it is worth noting that for this the guests' passport must be valid for at least another six months. The conditions for entering the country may change, the current information should be clarified in a personal conversation with the manager when booking the tour. How much does a trip to Jerusalem cost? Relatively inexpensive considering the number of places the group will see.

Excursion to Jerusalem from Turkey

The appearance of the visitors of the excursion to Jerusalem from Turkey is extremely important, because the vast majority of locations within the tour – these are holy places and sights. That is why it is recommended to refrain from wearing open clothing, for women it is recommended to wear long skirts and take scarves with you.

An trip from Turkey to Israel will become a guide in the study of local culture. Guests will visit the unique Basilica of the Nativity, the Holy Cave, where Jesus himself was born. A walk through the Old City and its streets will give unforgettable emotions, and a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on the Way of the Cross will fill you with unconditional faith and hope. The highlight of the trip will be visiting the Western Wall and the Garden of Gethsemane, as well as relaxing on the Dead Sea.

Trips from Turkey to Israel

Tour to Israel From Alanya

Tour to Israel From Alanya with a flight has a rich program, which includes all of the most famous places of holy Jerusalem, including the Church of the Nativity of Christ and the Wailing Wall. At the end of the tour, you will also swim in the Dead Sea.

Side to Israel

Side to Israel tour is a combination of relaxation in one of the most popular resorts in Turkey and a visit to holy places. Acquaintance with Jerusalem and local sights. The opportunity to visit Golgotha, Bethlehem, swim in the waters of the Dead Sea and walk the Way of the Cross on your own. Comfortable flight and services of an guide throughout the tour.

Belek to Israel

Belek to Israel is an opportunity not only to relax in a luxurious Turkish resort, but also to visit holy places. Visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem, walking the route that Jesus once walked, walking to the Wailing Wall. Healing Dead Sea with a unique composition of water (you can swim if you want). A tour of the holy places with a flight from Turkey and the constant presence of a guide

Trip to Israel from Kemer

Trip to Israel from Kemer is a Excursion to the pilgrimage sites, which have incredible energy and strength, which every tourist aspires to feel.

Israel from Antalya

Israel from Antalya is a great opportunity to visit the oldest historical places on the planet. There are many interesting and holy sights in this country, so this trip will be unforgettable.

Turkey to Israel,Excursion to Jerusalem from Turkey

Excursion to Jerusalem from Turkey

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