Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer

Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer is a rich tour that combines three excursions: the mysterious Mountain of Chimera, jeep riding and a visit to Mount Olympos. Mystical places, beautiful nature and historical attractions — will help to diversify your holiday and make it useful.

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Adult 22£
Kids (7-12 ) 14£
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer more information

Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer - How to diversify your holiday in Turkey? Take a break between a beach holiday and a souvenir shop, take a tour of Olympus-Chimera-Uulupynar in jeeps from Kemer. You will have a tour of the most mystical mountain Chimera _ it's a fiery mountain, it's a year_round fire, the flames burst out of the ground. The English guide will tell you a story about her.

You can also spend your days of vacation usefully exploring more and more of Turkey's historic sites, for example by taking a tour of Demre-Mira-Kekova from Kemer.

We meet you near the hotel on a comfortable transfer, start our journey and meet the guide. We will see the village of Chirala, which is located in the national park. It is a quiet village with a clean beautiful beach surrounded by mountains and green forest. Chirals are considered a place of strength, here often come lovers of yoga, esoterics and psychology. Trainings are held here and spiritually filled.

After the tourists sit in jeeps and under cheerful loud music begins a planned way! During our itinerary, the guide will tell you a lot of interesting things, you will visit the fruit plantations and even try fresh, freshly plucked fruit. We will drive along the serpentine road, where you will feel the adrenaline rush, and the mountain air and beautiful landscapes will be remembered for a long time! Do not forget to bring a photo or video camera, beautiful photos against the background of Mount Chimera will be very useful.

The first stop during the jeep safari — the wild beach Olympos — one of the cleanest pebble beaches in the world. Every year on this beach there are sea turtles, if we are lucky, we will be able to see this miracle with our own eyes! Olympus Beach is surrounded by pine forest, fresh air, clean beach and azure water — it really is a place of strength and energy. The guide will give you free time, you can swim and freshen up in the purest sea water, walk on the beach, take beautiful pictures and sunbathe.

Further on the program of Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar Jeep Safari from Kemer, we will go to the ancient city of Olympos. You will have the opportunity to touch the walls of the ancient city with your own hands, as some buildings have been preserved there. Olympos was founded in the 3rd century BC To this day excavations are underway and our guide will give you a tour of the ancient city, as well as tell its history! Olympos is one of the main attractions of Turkey.

The next stop of our tour is Mount Chimera, in Turkish - Janartas. The mountain of fire is a real mysticism. A lot of reviews about this miracle can be found online. This place is known since ancient times, but before the flames were much larger, their height reached 2 meters. Sailors used this natural phenomenon as a beacon. The guide will tell you some legends of the burning mountain Chimera. Basically, the excursion to the mountain begins at dusk in order to better be visible fires.

The next stop is Ulupynar Park. Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar Jeep Safari from Kemer is very exciting and emotional, but exhausting, so it is delicious to dine in a fish restaurant and relax — just necessary. Turkish cuisine will not leave you indifferent. And for all comers will be a great opportunity to arrange fishing for trout, because this is what is known the village of Ulupynar. Many tourists then come here on their own for fishing.

The distance from Kemer to Olympus, Chimera and Ulupynar will not take long, and thanks to comfortable buses and large jeeps.Give yourself the opportunity to touch the antiquity, visit the place of strength, see the mystical mountain and of course get a boost of adrenaline.

The benefits of booking Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer from our agency:

For us, the opinion of each of our customers is important, so we carefully study the reviews written by you and try to improve our service. More than 1000 happy tourists and only the best memories of staying in Turkey. Want to be one of them? Then leave the application online on our official website or through a manager in whatsup. We offer cheap excursions from Kemer - we sell you emotions and impressions.

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22£ person
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Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer programm

  • Picking up our special clients from their hotels by comfortable and air-conditioned buses to Olympus Chimera Ulupinar from Kemer.
  • Arriving at the meeting point and getting on the jeeps.
  • The first place that will be visited is the famous ancient port city and the beach - Olympos.
  • Here, our visitors will have an hour and a half of free time, there is a possibility for those who want to swim on the beach of Olympos or walk along the ancient mountain.
  • Old Town entrance tickets (additional fee).
  • The second place that will be visited is Chimera (burning stone), to reach here we will climb stairs estimated at a height of 700 meters.
  • There will be an hour of free time in Chimera (Yanartash).
  • Visiting the famous Ulupinar River, where you will have dinner in a restaurant located on the banks of this river that serves delicious dishes (trout, grilled chicken, salads and snacks).
  • Re-transfer our dear guests to their hotels.

Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 16:00 — 23:00
Includes Insurance, round-trip transfer, guide services, meals.
Excludes Drinks, entrance ticket to the ancient city of Olympos.
Don't Forgets Water, comfortable shoes, bathing gear, sunscreen, hats, light jackets for the evening.

You have opportunity to get boost of adrenaline

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