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Tekirova is the southernmost town of Kemer, located 12 km from the center. It takes about an hour from Antalya airport to the resort, the distance is 76 km. Tekirova was a small fishing village that could only be reached by boat from Kemer until the end of the 20th century. Since the mid-90s, a highway has been built here, and the resort immediately became one of the most popular places in the area. Tekirova is one of the best spots of Antalya holiday centers. The beaches are usually pebbly, but there are sandy beaches near the hotels. This cozy resort is perfect for those who love a quiet holiday. But if you don't want a quiet holiday, then the entertainment center Kemer is just a stone's throw away - you are in the city after 10 minutes by minibus. One of the most popular excursions in Tekirova is a yacht charter tour. You can have a great time with your family or friends. Our company offers you more personalized tours. This is a great way to see the beauty of the area in detail.

Tours in Tekirova

Tours in Tekirova

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Tekirova is also very popular with scuba diving enthusiasts. While relaxing on the beach, you can see hundreds of boats going to explore the depths of the sea. There are shallow areas here not only for experienced divers but also for beginners. Average water temperature in summer is about 25 degrees, so it is better to choose this time of year for diving. The most popular vacation times last from early May to mid-October. The peak of the tourism season is in the summer. In early September, the resort is filled with families with children, as the sun is no longer as hot as in summer. In addition to diving in Tekirova tours, we recommend you to see the ancient Phaselis, a city founded by those who come from the island of Rhodes. The port city was once not only a commercial center, but also an advantage in terms of its position among pirates. Tahtalı Mountain is also a place you should visit. In 2007, a Swiss company opened the world's largest ropeway with a length of more than 2000 meters.

Tours in Tekirova

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