Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris

Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris to the water azure with bathing, communication with representatives of the fauna, you will feel Robinsons among the pristine nature.

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Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris includes a tour of six islands with stops and baths, sightseeing of historical attractions. Among them: Maiden Kosa, Hisarone Bay, Selimye Bay, Camellia Island, Tooth Island, Aquarium Bay. The calm warm waters of the Aegean Sea, the mild Turkish climate will make your holiday unforgettable. You will hear beautiful legends about love, stories about the construction of ancient fortresses, see the mosaic of the Byzantine era, hear the stories of guides about the Peloponnese, Attica, Thessaly, Beotia. You can go on a trip by choice - in the morning or in the evening. It is more profitable to buy a tour, but we will also help to rent a yacht for recreation and individual travel.

The Aegean islands of Marmaris will meet you with turquoise bays, a temperate Mediterranean climate in any season. From here you will get the opportunity to enjoy sea voyages from the confluence of the two seas through the waters of ;Hisarone, which translates as the Bay of Fortresses. You will visit beautiful islands created o lava, overgrown with unique vegetation, which to this day retains its originality. The Aegean archipelago consists of 483 islands. All can not be seen, but the unique of them at your service.

Camellia Island attracts wildlife and its inhabitants, goats and foxes. History takes us back to the era of ancient Byzantium with the remains of a chapel, the ruins of a fortress and mosaic panels. Pure blue water, shallow water accompany water rest, but because of sharp stones need to stock up on special shoes.

On the island of Cleopatra Spit you can wander on clean shallows, sunbathe, relax with children. The coastal area has a slightly reddish color, about the reason for this phenomenon you will hear the legend of the guide about a great and tragic love.

The jagged island has a volcanic origin, in front of tourists open unearthly beauty. Clean water, uninhabited places attracts tourists who love peace and quiet. The shells that you will collect on the shore will bring good luck in business.

Sea depths, many colorful plants, bright sponges, flying fish, outlandish sea animals will bring you untold pleasure and will remain unforgettable memories of the journey of Hiroshima in Turkey.

In Selimye Bay you can admire the purest emerald-colored water, and in the bay Aquarium - aquamarine. Fans of communication with animals will be delighted with the island of Rabbits. When meeting people they do not run away, on the contrary, waiting for treats. It is the smallest of the archipelago, from Marmaris a short distance, an area of 40 hectares. Legend reports on the dam built by King Mavsol for romantic walks with his beloved.

Benefits of orders in Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris our agency:

Rest on the yacht will bring a lot of pleasure, provide a charge of vivacity and leave an unforgettable experience. The cost of the tour includes: insurance, services of a English-speaking guide, comfortable land, water transfer, lunch, alcoholic, soft drinks. You can book all services on the website or by phone. Orders are accepted without prepayment. Please contact our managers on all issues.

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20 person
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Excursion for the Family

Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris price 2024

Adult 20 £
Kids (7-12 ) 10 £
Infants (0 -6) Free

Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris programm

  • Gathering tourists by hotels
  • Arrival at the port and sailing a yacht on a trip to the islands
  • The first location of Rabbit Island, where you will meet a lot of furry affectionate animals that will not let you go without a treat
  • Next stop is The Island of Kozlov. On the island are the ruins of an ancient church built in the 10th century, a tree of desires and a large variety of wild mountain goats, which are absolutely harmless, they will also gladly take your treats with your hands
  • Stop in the Bay Maiden KOS , whose shallow goes 800 meters deep into the sea - unusual pictures you are provided
  • Lunch on a yacht of national dishes
  • The final location of the Toothed Island, striking with its unreal landscapes
  • Arrival at the port
  • Return transfers to hotels.

Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Marmaris details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 16:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, services of English-speaking guide, lunch on the yacht, soft drinks.
Excludes Personal expenses, professional photos and videos shooting , alcoholic beverages of local production.
Don't Forgets bathing gear, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen/tan

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