Quad biking in Turkey

Quad biking in Turkey is an adrenaline-filled high-speed safari ride and beautiful natural locations that will give guests unforgettable summer memories at an inexpensive cost. Every tourist will be able to drive the quad, because these cars were just created for beginners without driving skills

Quad biking in Turkey is not only an incredibly convenient and fast mode of transport, which is perfect for exploring overgrown and drowning mountain paths, but also an inexpensive safari tour that allows you to enjoy natural locations to your heart's content.

Quad bike hire in Turkey

Quads it is a very easy-to-handle open-type car, designed for driving on mountain trails. This four-wheel open motorcycle is already equipped with protective elements and has excellent road holding. All thanks to the fact that the machine has a very low point of gravity, and is not at all inclined to lean and roll over. The volume of their engine can be from 50 to 1000 cc. Managing them is as easy as shelling pears: just pull the lever on the right and it will go, on the left – will stop. Driving speed in a group usually does not exceed 30-40 km/h.

Renting an quad in Turkey is not too difficult, so this service is in high demand. Each guest will be able to become part of a fun adventure on fast little quads, but the first thing – short briefing from an experienced guide. Safety on the quad safari route in Turkey is guaranteed, but it is still necessary to change into protective equipment and a helmet.

Do you need license for quad bike Turkey?

Who will drive the quad? Anyone, because for this it is absolutely not necessary to have a license or any other driving skills. There are very few nuances of managing such a means of transport, and you can master them in just five minutes. After all, it's all about a completely simple device of a small car. Guests of the tour can choose for themselves the option of renting quads in Turkey, as well as traveling a quad bike alone or in a pair with their companions.

What are the risks of quad biking?

Important point: children, pregnant women and persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed on the tour. Participants with respiratory, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems should approach it with caution. And also people weighing less than 40 kg should move during the tour only in a pair with an accompanying person. These rules are subject to change, it is better to check the relevance before booking the tour. Teenagers, on the other hand, can drive an quad from the age of 16 without any rights and documents.

Quad safari tours in Turkey

Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia

Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia is a high-speed ride through the most beautiful Turkish beauty in maneuverable mini-cars for real discoverers and extreme lovers. ...

price : 30£

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari is a unique chance to feel like the discoverer of breathtaking mountain trails riding massive vehicles. ...

price : 25£

Quad biking Bodrum

Quad biking Bodrum is safari tour a unique chance to feel like the discoverer of breathtaking mountain trails riding massive vehicles ...

price : 30£

Istanbul quad bike safari

Istanbul quad bike safari is one of the most popular and inexpensive tours that will give you an unforgettable summer experience of fast driving and picturesque landscapes. Looking to experience ATV riding near Istanbul Turkey? Exciting outdoor adventure includes Quad hire and rental price! ...

price : 45£

Quad biking Fethiye

Quad biking Fethiye this is a fun and dynamic off-road safari tour with a visit to dense forests, a viewing platform near Oludeniz and of course beautiful and ancient Turkish villages. It is available to every tourist from 17 years old, and driving the quad will not be difficult, especially with the help of an experienced guide. ...

price : 25£

Quad biking Trabzon

Feel the adrenaline on a quad biking in Trabzon! ATV rental is available at a bargain price. Embark on an exciting quad bike journey through the scenic trails and mountain roads of this magical region. Join a quad bike tour and experience an unforgettable safari in Turkey. Don't miss the opportunity to see Trabzon from a new perspective! ...

price : 20£

Quad biking Alanya

Quad biking Alanya, atv safari tour in Turkey runs along a picturesque route through mountains and plains, forests and thickets, passing through the settlements of local residents. On the way, you will stop at the river, where you can swim and relax. You can ride alone or as a couple on one quad bike.

Quad biking Side

Quad biking in Side in Turkey - Everyone who loves a drive is offered an interesting tour program on quad safari in Side. You will learn how to drive them, visit unusual places, have fun and get acquainted with the picturesque Turkish nature.

Quad biking in Belek

Quad biking in Belek is a wonderful safari tour in Turkey and an exciting off-road in the Taurus Mountains. Opportunity to learn how to drive a new vehicle. Acquaintance with the natural attractions of the region. You can take colorful photos for memory or purchase professional footage. The constant presence of a instructor.

Quad biking Kemer

Quad biking in Kemer - that's what lovers of outdoor activities and drive need. Learn to drive an iron horse and set off along the picturesque paths of unexplored Turkey. Safari tour are allowed from 16 years old and do not need a license and driving experience. Have fun and active time at an affordable price and no rental fees

Quad bike Safari in Antalya

Quad bike Safari in Antalya is an exciting tour on a motor vehicle on an interesting route, during which tourists are waiting for unique scenery, drive and great mood, especially when you consider that the price of the tour is quite low. This is one of the opportunities to have a good time while on vacation in Turkey, to diversify pastime, to experience positive emotions and get to know the country and its features. You have to visit the most remote corners of the Toros Mountains, where it is difficult to get on another mode of transport. Renting a quad bike in Antalya is included in the cost of a tour, which makes it profitable from an economic point of view.

Quad Safari in Marmaris

Quad Safari in Marmaris is an opportunity to feel like the main character of adventure action, awaken the spirit of adventurism and get a dose of adrenaline.

Quad bike hire in Turkey

Quad bike hire in Turkey

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