Rafting in Turkey

Rafting in Turkey is an exciting tour for pastime for the whole family, which will forever remain in the memory of beautiful locations and dynamic driving through the fast-flowing white waters of the river. Each guest will be able to try their luck on huge inflatable rafts and learn teamwork at a small price.

Rafting in Turkey it's endless fun with a dynamic white river rafting tour in picturesque canyons, which will give guests the most vivid and unforgettable experience at the best price.

How to make a rafting tour in Turkey?

Turkey rafting tour it is an exciting and active rafting downstream of a fast mountain river on stable inflatable raft boats, which has become so popular in resorts only in the last decade. Most often, on a raft (inflatable raft) there are 9 or 12 places for a fun group, among which there will be an experienced instructor, however, for guests with experience there will be an opportunity to ride on a double raft, which is called a canoe.

In general, raft boats as a form of movement on the water appeared during the hostilities and are still widely used in the army. Another great thing is that rafting is possible even for small children from 4 years old, however, only in the presence of adult parents.

The rules of rafting in Turkey

The key rule of rafting in Turkey; keep the boat afloat and keep the queue so as not to knock down other participants in the excursion. Rafting legends such as M. Jones were able to conquer even the Blue Nile, and our guests will have a chance to experience rafting in Beshkonak Manavgat. So, Beshkonak – this is the closest settlement to the legendary Köprülü National Park, where the canyon of the same name is located. The distance from Beshkonak to the canyon is only 7 kilometers, while from Belek, for example, you will need to drive 60 kilometers.

The most popular rafting river in Turkey

Koprulu Canyon – this is a true paradise for rafting fans. Its length is 14 kilometers, and the Koprucay River, which passes through the local nature as the main artery, is considered a mecca for boating. Rafting in Turkey in this place, in addition to an interesting skill and extreme emotions, can offer aesthetically pleasing green spaces of cypresses, pistachio trees and pines, where the air is the cleanest in the country.

Each guest should take with him on the tour a change of shoes that fit tightly on the leg, a towel and a swimsuit, a change of dry clothes to change after the rafting, sun cream and of course a camera, because local beauties deserve to be captured in time.

Who can not join a rafting tour in Turkey?

Who can not join a rafting tour: As contraindications for participation in rafting, only infancy, significant limitations in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular diseases should be noted. You can go rafting in Turkey even without knowing how to swim, because all participants will be equipped with modern life jackets and helmets without fail.

White water rafting tours in Turkey

Alanya rafting tour

Alanya rafting tour includes a fascinating excursion on the Köprülüçay river with a stop for swimming in a quiet place of the river. Those interested in zipline can choose the zipline and cross 100 m on the river. After lunch at a restaurant overlooking the river and the second part of the trip.

Rafting in Side

Rafting in Side is an exciting tour along the Koprulu Canyon in Turkey, which will bring you a lot of pleasant impressions, emotions, and give you the opportunity to have an unforgettable trip along one of the most famous mountain white river Beshkonak

Rafting in Belek

Belek river rafting is an interesting, exciting outdoor tour and activity with overcoming obstacles and exploring the nature of the region in Turkey. The constant presence of an experienced guide-instructor, proven route, absolute safety. Professional photo and video shooting - you can buy ready-made material after the end of the tour. Suitable for adults and children over 4 years old. Positive reviews, favorable price, try your hand at fighting the course of the mountain white river tubing Beskonak is available to everyone.

Kemer rafting

Kemer rafting - an adventure tour in Turkey with obstacles that you have to overcome on special rafts. The main task is to stay in the boat and not fall out! If you are looking for a real, but safe extreme, fun and picturesque landscapes, then white river rafting is perfect for this. Equipment, lunch, insurance and a choice of rafts (boats for rafting for 2 and 8 people) are included in the price.

Rafting in Marmaris

Rafting in Marmaris is an opportunity to diversify your holiday on the beach, break out of the city, learn to act in a team and get a lot of positive emotions.

Rafting in Antalya

Rafting in Antalya that will take your breath away throughout the entire white river rafting in Turkey. Plunge into the world of wild scenic nature with thresholds of obstacles of different levels. Team spirit and excitement will give you courage and passion.

Rafting Bodrum

Rafting in Bodrum is a tour refreshing option for an active summer vacation for lovers of non-standard entertainment. Bodrum district white water rafting is extreme sport on the Dalaman river for affordable price in Turkey ...

price : 50£

Istanbul rafting tour

Istanbul rafting tour - an unforgettable outdoor experience for all seven, in the most picturesque place in the region at an affordable price ...

price : 80£

Kusadasi Rafting tour

Kusadasi Rafting tour is a fun adventure for an exciting pastime with loved ones on huge boats. The group will be accompanied by the most experienced instructors. ...

price : 80£

Fethiye rafting tour

Fethiye rafting tour this is an active leisure, which consists in extreme rafting on the fast-flowing Dalaman River, which is located among rich pine forests and a huge canyon. The beauty of these places and the charge of vivacity from an unusual and fun pastime will give each guest unforgettable memories for life! ...

price : 40£

Rafting in Trabzon

Dive into an exciting rafting in Trabzon, Turkey! Feel the adrenaline of white river rafting while taking in the magnificent views. Our unforgettable tour will give you vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. The price of rafting in Trabzon is affordable for everyone, making this experience even more attractive. Professional instructors will help you safely experience the power of the river ...

price : 20£

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