Rent a yacht in Turkey

Rent a yacht in Turkey is an exciting sea tour along the azure shores of Turkey, which will show all the most interesting and beautiful locations and allow guests to plunge into the cleanest waters of the open sea. Among the advantages of such a trip, one can single out its inexpensive cost, the ability to independently choose the route and the absence of crowds of tourists nearby during the holidays.

Rent a yacht in Turkey – it is an exquisite way to spend the best day of vacation on Turkish shores, which will allow the explorers of the seas to completely relax and feel like the one and only conqueror of the depths. An inexpensive Turkish day trips will be a pleasant outlet that will help guests relax from tedious leisure time in the company of other people.

Private yacht charter in Turkey

The private yacht charter service in Turkey is rapidly gaining momentum. For the past few years, every vacationer on the azure coast has been trying at least once to go on an unforgettable tour of clear waves in the sea without crowds or a noisy group.

Private boat hire in Turkey

The advantages of a private boat hire service are obvious – firstly, travelers do not have to share the deck with other people, because you can book a luxury yacht exclusively for yourself, your family and friends. Secondly, visitors will not have to fight for the attention of an experienced skipper who will be able to create a trip program and schedule in accordance with the client's desire. This is how, within the framework of a voyage, renting a motor yacht will allow them not to visit those locations that they are not interested in and will lay their route only to the places they need most.

Rent a yacht in Turkey prices

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Turkey? Not at all as expensive as it might seem at first glance. The whole secret of renting a yacht for the day is to book it with a large group and split the price for everyone. Then it will be profitable to save on tourism and get the most invaluable experience. On board you can not only relax and take bright photo shoots, but also go fishing, swim in the open sea with a mask and look at the most interesting sights.

Boat hire in Turkey

Yacht hire Turkey offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking luxury and adventure on the pristine waters of the Mediterranean. Our yacht rental services in Turkey cater to every desire, whether you're looking for a private yacht charter, indulging in a luxury yacht rental, or embarking on private yacht charter tours. Explore the stunning coastline, hidden coves, and historical landmarks aboard our meticulously maintained fleet. Wondering about the cost to rent a yacht in Turkey? Our transparent pricing ensures you get the best value for your unforgettable journey. From intimate boat rentals to spacious motor yachts, we have the perfect vessel for your dream getaway in Turkey. Book your yacht rental in Turkey today and set sail for memories that will last a lifetime.

Yacht rental Kusadasi

Yacht rental Kusadasi, charter personal boat with a captain in Turkey is a trips across the Aegean Sea in a circle of people close to you. Any holiday is within the power of our company. Boat rental Kusadasi offers an exquisite fleet for your special occasions. Whether it's a birthday bash or a romantic getaway, our boat rental services in Kusadasi promise an unforgettable experience. ...

price : 80£

Yacht rental Istanbul

Luxury yacht rental in Istanbul this service is an indication of your privilege. When getting boat charter service from Minister Tours, you can be sure that we have the most suitable pricing policy in the city. We have been renting the most spectacular and magnificent boats in the Bosphorus for many years. The satisfaction comments of our customers are proof of this. Please contact us for celebrat ...

price : 50£

Rent a yacht in Bodrum

Rent yacht in Bodrum, recently, has become a very popular service, because this is a great idea as it is interesting, varied, and most importantly, it is not boring to spend a few hours with charter luxury boats, and maybe your entire vacation, surfing the seas of Turkey. ...

price : 140£

Rent yacht in Trabzon

Yacht rental Trabzon is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best views of the vibrant and historically rich city, be convinced of the incredible value of its architecture and even plunge into the deepest and cleanest waters of the Black Sea with family and close friends. Trabzon boat hire service with you at an affordable price. Rent yacht in Trabzon and experience the serene beauty of Turkey's coas ...

price : 80£

Rent yacht in Didim

Rent yacht in Didim is a comfortable and eventful program in which you can do anything from visiting the beaches and swimming in the open sea to pilgrimage to the ruins of ancient cities and temples Rent yacht in Didim for an unforgettable voyage along Turkey's breathtaking coast. Our boat rental services in Didim offer a seamless experience, ensuring you sail in style and comfort. With a range of ...

price : 90£

Alanya boat hire

Alanya boat hire is an opportunity to admire the stunning beauty of the coast from the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, see dolphins, swim in azure bays, see famous caves and relax on snow-white beaches. The cost of renting a yacht in Alanya for the day includes lunch from the captain and unlimited soft drinks.

Boat hire in Belek

Boat hire in Belek is a way to diversify your holiday in Turkey. To get to know the natural and historical sights better and just have a good time in a narrow circle, you can boat rental for a day with a captain. Yacht charter in Belek at an inexpensive price, you will find many beautiful and unusual places, one of which can be the Antalya Manavgat delta. At this point the river flows into the sea.

Kemer boat hire

Kemer boat hire - allow yourself luxury in all its manifestations in Turkey. To rental a boat at a low cost for a day is to admire the beauty of raging waves, beautiful landscapes, breathe in the sea air - nothing could be better. Four-hour charter of motor boats, an interesting program on board, the any celebration. Jump into the azure waters of the open sea and let yourself truly relax. And we will help to make this day one of your vivid memories at an inexpensive price.

Yacht rental Antalya

Yacht rental Antalya is the perfect way to explore the surroundings and explore the city from the waterways with luxury boats. At the charter time, you can make any desired route of gulet.

Boat hire Marmaris

Boat hire Marmaris in Turkey for a day with or without a skipper is a great way to experience the beautiful Aegean coastline from the best side of the region. You will have the chance to admire the panoramas of the waterfront, amazing wild landscapes of the islands and rocks that surround this area. On board the private motorboat you will be offered the services of a captain, food, drinks and other entertainment to make your luxury yacht tour as comfortable and fun as possible. Affordable prices for charter of catamarans, speed and sailing yachts. Rent for a week, a day or a few hours.

Rent yacht in Fethiye

Rent yacht in Fethiye is a fundamentally new look at the organization of personal holidays, which becomes more and more relevant every year. With luxury yacht charter service we guarantee to offer you the best private sailboats at an affordable price.

Rent Yacht in Kas

Rent Yacht in Kas yacht charter is an exciting sea tour, during which anyone can comfortably visit all the most beautiful places in the city of Kas and even see rare species of turtles

Yacht charter Izmir

Considering a birthday celebration or any special day in Izmir? Look no further than Izmir yacht charter price options. With Izmir boat rental services in Minister Tours, you can effortlessly rent a boat in Izmir for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you desire a luxurious motor yacht charter or a serene sailboat rent, Izmir offers a plethora of choices. Experience the charm of Izmir's Aegean coastline with private boat hire options, promising an exclusive and indulgent experience for your special occasion. Enjoy the azure waters and picturesque vistas while enjoying the utmost comfort and luxury aboard your chosen vessel.

Boat hire Side

Boat hire in Side Turkey for a day is a great opportunity to spend a day surrounded by family and friends away from the noisy city on a boat. Rent a private vip yacht and relax, swim in the warm sea waters, admire the natural landscape and city views.

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Luxury yacht rental in Turkey

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