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Excursions in Kizilot

Kizilot Turkey, reviews of which are often left by tourists, a fairly young resort village, which is away from the night fun, full-fledged shopping, various entertainment and ancient ruins. To see the sights of this amazing village, we offer you Kizilot excursions to different parts of the region, but there is also a market, shops with relatively inexpensive goods, comfortable hotels and throughout the season is excellent weather, the water temperature is not lower than 26 degrees. Side is 16 km away and Antalya is 65 km (airport) and you can get over it use a bus or a rental car. In Kizilot tours are organized, both informative and entertaining, so guests of the village have something to see during their stay here. For those who are too tired and want to just sunbathe on the beach and swim in the warm azure sea waters, the resort is perfect, although they end up booking excursions in Kizilot .

things to do in kizilot

kizilot places to visit

Kizilot places to visit

Regardless of personal preferences, each tourist will be able to pick up the most suitable excursion program. Basically, everyone tries to get to the Manavgat waterfall and the Green canyon. The promenade of Side with its antique buildings, too, does not go unnoticed. Fans of outdoor activities can be booked in Kizilot excursions — Paragliding, jeep safari, rafting, during which will be made stunning photos for memory. Of course, this is not a complete list of proposals. The choice is quite large, and the prices are relatively low, which guarantees holidaymakers not only a pleasant pastime, but also budget savings. This region is very advantageous for participating in historical trips. History lovers should definitely appreciate this. Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman artifacts are waiting for you. It is difficult to find another country that has such a history together. We recommend you to evaluate your Kizilot holiday in this respect.

kizilot excursions

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