you will find a lot of impressions in Side.

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side is a fascinating Excursion through the mountainous terrain and boating on the river. You will find a lot of impressions, a storm of emotions and a great mood.

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Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side Explanations

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side became widely popular among holidaymakers. A saturated program is absolutely not tiresome, so you will pass it on a positive, filled with energy and charge of vivacity. Each of the Excursions is a separate exciting adventure. First, you will enjoy boating on special inflatable boats. Then Excursion along the forest paths and route in the mountains on a unique form of transport. One of the best activities Turkey has to offer is such these activities. The tour always causes delight and brings a lot of positive emotions, an opportunity to get to know the region, its nature.

The design of the vehicle was developed in the last century. In 1982, the first SUV of this type appeared on the market, which is a hybrid of a car and a motorcycle. A lightweight all-terrain vehicle without a covered cabin is able to overcome any obstacles. Naturally, the driver and passenger will need special equipment in the form of glasses and a headscarf, which will help protect the face from dust and dirt.

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side is no less exciting and suitable even for those who have never overcome river rapids before. A proven, non dangerous route was chosen for a group of tourists, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, there will always be experienced instructors nearby.

Details and Information about the Journey:

From the Early morning the group members will pick up by comfortable buses that will take them to the base, located in the Koprulu canyon. This amazing place, having the status of a national park, is particularly beautiful. Formed many millennia ago, today it strikes chic vegetation, river flows and mountain slopes. It is fourteen kilometers long, 100 meters wide and 400 meters deep in some places.

Upon arrival at the site of the first part of the Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side, you will be met by an English-speaking guide-instructor. After a brief briefing on water safety, you will be given special equipment, which includes helmets and vests. Next will be the distribution of the group by boat. Basically, it is 8-10 local rafts, but there is an opportunity to raft and on a double. You don't have to pay anything extra. The duration of the descent in total is from two and a half to three hours at a time with short breaks to rest. One-stop will last 15 minutes and the other 10 minutes. At this time you can just sit on the shore or swim in the river. After you arrive at the final destination, you will serve with a delicious and very satisfying lunch.

Further, tour participants will be taken to the base, where there are the bikes (the rental of transport is included in the price of the tour ticket) and from where the start will begin. As part of the program you will be given instructions, you will pass a test drive on the training track and go on a fascinating trip to amazing places. In general, the process will take about an hour and a half, after the excursion you will transfer back to hotel again.

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Why is Important to Order from us?

It is unforgivable to visit Turkey and not to know the country from within. You can do it in different ways, but if you are an active and positive person who is not indifferent to extreme, then Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side is the best option. You can book the excursion online, on the phone, writing a message in the messenger. The manager of our company will provide exhaustive information, devote details. No prepayment is required. Payment is during the program. You will find a lot of fun, acquaintance with new people and terrain, a wonderful holiday.

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32 person

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side Programm

Only with us, when booking 2-seater boats (canoes), you can choose from the manager at no extra charge"

  • Transfer of group members from the hotel

  • Arrival at Keprulu Canyon at base

  • Brief safety briefing

  • Receiving equipment in the form of special vests and helmets

  • Rafting in inflatable boats (ten and two-seater)

  • First half of river rafting (7.5 km for 1.5 hours)

  • Fifteen-minute stop

  • The second part of the river route (7.5 kilometers in an hour and a half)

  • Lunch — stop for 40 minutes

  • Moving on a comfortable bus (15 km) to the base

  • Detailed instructions and equipment

  • An hour-and-a-half journey on quad bikes

  • Return delivery of holidaymakers to hotels

Tour daysTuesday,Friday,Sunday

Tour hours 09:00 — 19:00

Includes insurance, two-way transfer, lunch, rafting equipment and quad safari, English-speaking guides-instructors

Excludes soft drinks

Don't Forgets towels, swimming trunks, swimsuits, closed comfortable shoes, dry clothes for shift

Quad Bike Safari and Rafting trip in Side price for excursion 2022

Passenger 15
Adult 32

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