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Kestel things to do, day trips, and tours offered by Minister Tours Travel Agency. Immerse yourself in the charm of Kestel with our meticulously planned Kestel tours and excursions, showcasing the best of what this enchanting destination has to offer. Prospect the myriad things to do in Kestel, from cultural experiences to thrilling adventures, ensuring a memorable trip for every traveler. With our seamless Kestel tour organization, you can effortlessly begin on day trips and tours from Kestel to nearby attractions, uncovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks along the way. Whether you're seeking relaxation on Kestel's pristine beaches or eager to delve into its rich history, our diverse range of activities in Kestel caters to all interests. Don't miss the opportunity to find out Kestel Alanya, a captivating fusion of ancient allure and modern delights, making your visit to Kestel Turkiye truly unforgettable.

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Kestel excursions: When you come to Kestele on holiday, Minister tours offers you comfortable, affordable tour opportunities from Kestel, where you can participate without paying a transfer fee. There are magnificent hotels here, each more big than the other, and most of them are located approximately 45, 50 meters from the beach. The beach of Kestelin is generally sandy and pebbles can be found in some parts of it, but the sea is extremely clean and beautiful. It is a very cute town that can be preferred for holiday and is very close to Alanya center with a distance of 10 kilometers and Gazipaşa airport 30 kilometers. Kestel will be the address of those who want a comfortable and quiet holiday.

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What to do in Kestel: Kestel is a cute town with approximately 10,000 inhabitants. You can stay in gigantic hotels in Kestel town, east of Alanya, and spend your day relaxing at your hotel in a calm and comfortable way or sunbathing on the beach. There is plenty of green space in Kestel and there are parks for your children. You won't be bored here, as there are tourist bazaars, souvenir shops, restaurants, game halls and more in the immediate vicinity where you can spend your time. In addition, Alanya center is only 10 kilometers away and you have the chance to spend your day in the center if you wish.

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