Paragliding in Antalya

Paragliding in Antalya is an opportunity to relax not only with your body for cheap price, but also with your soul. It is a delightful journey, allowing you to see from above the unique landscape.

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Paragliding in Antalya more information

Paragliding in Antalya - For real adventurers with a touch of extreme are the services of flying over the high mountains. Paragliding in Antalya is long paragliding flights. This sport resembles skydiving from an airplane. However, there is one main difference: on paragliding, a person jumps from the surface of the mountain, and in front of him open completely new landscapes, breathtaking. Colorful nature, sea views in the distance, and the feeling of flying - indescribable sensations, able to charge with the upcoming working week after long days of vacation on the beach.

How is Paragliding in Antalya? The instructor spreads the device on top and securely fastens it on the back of the tourist. The last time runs and jumps down, filling the sail with air. After that, the holidaymaker takes off accompanied by an experienced instructor and under his sensitive control.

Skydive Antalya Turkey

Skydive Antalya Turkeyis available to people aged 16 to 50. Before ordering such entertainment, it is best to pass a doctor's examination. Contradictions are as follows:

  • Asthma;
  • The presence of a spinal injury;
  • epilepsy;
  • Arrhythmia;

Signing up for a paraglider, you need to take responsibility for the selection of clothes. It should be not only comfortable but also warm. Do not forget that at altitude the temperature is much lower than on the surface. In addition, clothing and shoes should be as convenient as possible for making a successful landing.

Also for fans of extreme sports, we offer to visit the Rafting tour from Antalya.

The flight on the paraglider Antalya, the price of which is available for everyone, takes place at a high altitude, from which you can see the panoramas of the sea and the coast. A bus delivers to the tourist base. The landing takes place on a beautiful embankment. Thus, this hot resort unites both beach and extreme rest, able to open to foreigners all the secrets of the Middle East. These bases use the latest quality equipment.

For Antalya paragliding minimum and maximum weight

For Antalya paragliding the minimum weight allowed for such entertainment is 25 kg, the maximum is 120 kg.

Antalya extreme sports

The Antalya Paragliding is a great chance to gain an invaluable flight experience that is available to every extreme sport in Turkey. This type of holiday will give a sea of impressions and a small dose of adrenaline. You're not going to want to go back to Antalya again.

Benefits of booking a Antalya parasailing and paragliding in our agency:

While vacationing in Turkey, it is definitely worth trying Antalya parasailing and paragliding . We offer you bases with the best landscapes, and if necessary, arrange a transfer from the hotel. You can book entertainment by phone, online, or at a hotel. Payment is made on arrival at the base. If you have any questions, you can contact our managers.

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Paragliding in Antalya share


35£ person
Paragliding in Antalya gif

Fly like a Bird

Paragliding in Antalya price 2024

Passenger 15£
Adult 35£

Paragliding in Antalya programm

  • Transfer of tourists by hotels
  • Arrival to the panoramic site, from where the excursion starts
  • Safety instructions
  • Selection of equipment, installation of the necessary mounts
  • Jump in tandem with an instructor from a selected height
  • The flight is about 15-20 minutes, the time depends on the speed and direction of the wind
  • Landing on the beach in a specially equipped place
  • Selection of photos and videos at will for an additional fee
  • Return transfer to hotels

Paragliding in Antalya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, equipment, jump
Excludes personal expenses, professional photo and video shooting
Don't Forgets comfortable clothing and footwear that does not fall off, sunscreen, water

You make your body relax and experience new exciting

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