Fire of Anatolia

Fire of Anatolia Turkey is an immortal show, which is an exquisite dance number on the theme of the beautiful and multifaceted history of the country. Such dances fascinate with their beauty and allow guests to get to know the history of Turkey as deeply as possible at the most inexpensive and favorable ticket price.

Fire of Anatolia this is a unique show with an incendiary program that will help the guests of the country to feel the bright centuries-old culture of the Ottomans. In this ensemble there are 120 dancers who constantly tour around the world and have already managed to gain real popularity in more than 85 countries. They were able to blow up halls in China, America, Japan, but now every guest of Turkey has the opportunity to see the performance of talented dancers in their native country.

Anatolian fire

A dance ensemble called the Fire of Anatolia was able to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the fact that its performers managed to dance the parts at the fastest speed, namely 241 pas per minute. The corpse set its next record for having gathered the largest audience of spectators – 400,000 people in Eregli. The leader and leader is the talented director Mustafa Erdogan.

Aspendos fire of Anatolia

Concerts in Turkey are held in an unusual place - the huge open-air amphitheater Aspendos, known for its amazing acoustics and high capacity.

The main highlight of the Fire of Anatolia in Turkey Ensemble was the style of the program, which involves an organic fusion of modern dance styles with folk Anatolian ones. The history of the creation of a group of the country's most talented performers dates back to 1999, from Erdogan's student years, when he independently created a group called Sultans of Dance, 90 of which were selected to perform on the big stage.

Fire of Anatolia today

Today, the performers have in their arsenal the most successful productions of – these are the immortal Fire of Anatolia, which tell about bright folk dances. Also this is Troy – which tells the story of the legendary Homer, and, finally, the Gate of the East – that tell the legend of Erzurum. Most often, the show starts at the beginning of the evening, and in the middle there will be an intermission for the audience to relax. Every child under 6 is guaranteed free admission, while children under 12 will be able to watch the production at half price.

Fire of Anatolia tickets

Fire of Anatolia Istanbul

Fire of Anatolia in Istanbul is a show program for true connoisseurs of art, for which you can buy a ticket in winter. Graceful body movements will tell the story of the ancient world in the most unusual way, and artistic scenery and musical accompaniment will come together in this dance piece. We will help you get to the Fire of Anatolia concert, tell you what time it starts and where it takes pl ...

price : 65£

Fire of Anatolia Alanya

Fire of Anatolia in Alanya - The legendary dance show from Alanya is a trip to meet the needs of the guests coming to our district from the top screen. Book your place for the world-famous dance show at the spectacular Aspendos Arena show center just twice a week

Fire of Anatolia Side

Fire of Anatolia in Side are an acquaintance with the largest dance team in Turkey, which visited touring in different corners of the planet. A perfectly spent evening, a lot of positive emotions and impressions. View an unforgettable show in the best places of the Aspendos Arena. Transfer on comfortable transport in both ends. The relatively low cost of the ticket, children under five years old for free.

Fire of Anatolia Belek

The Fire of Anatolia Belek is show an opportunity to see live the largest and most numerous dance group in the world. Presence at a grandiose performance, which has no analogues anywhere else. The best spectator seats in the Aspendos arena. Positive emotions and vivid impressions, excellent mood for a long time. Transfer on a convenient, comfortable transport. Schedule of an amazing grand dance performance in Turkey on the official website of Minister Tours

Fire of Anatolia in Kemer

Fire of Anatolia in Kemer is an exclusive show of professional dancers telling the story of the origin and development of Anatolia in the language of dance. They will conquer you with the synchronicity of their movements. The grandiose performance that has thundered all over the world will not leave anyone indifferent!

Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya

Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya is an opportunity to visit an amazing dance show performance performed by the famous dance group in Aspendos arena, to see a stunning, colorful production.

Fire of Anatolia,fire of anatolia tickets

Anatolian fire

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