Horse riding in Turkey

Horse riding in Turkey is a great opportunity to explore all the local locations in a healthy and affordable way on horseback from the cute horse farm that adores visitors. An inexpensive ride on horseback will fully pay for itself with positive emotions, and most importantly, it does not require any riding skills at all.

Horse riding in Turkey is a wonderful trip along the scenic trails of Turkey, which will reveal the most incredible locations near the popular tourist regions.

Horseback riding in Turkey

Guests of sunny Turkey should not constantly be on the beaches, as the rugged local vegetation and beautiful mountain locations can amaze everyone to the core. Safari – this is a popular way of leisure, in which tourists visit interesting natural locations on interesting vehicles. It can be quads, buggies, jeeps and even horses! An inexpensive trip will not only introduce you to the traditions of the country, but also introduce children and adults to these cute animals.

Horse safari in Turkey

Where will the horse safari tour take place? Of course, in the most beautiful locations. Often an experienced guide can offer guests to visit several routes – countryside, mountainous area, wooded areas and even wild beaches. The good news is that guests do not need to have horse riding skills to make such trips, because the instructors are able to teach everyone the most basic skills.

Horse riding - who can't

Even small children are allowed on the tour, but they must ride in the same saddle with a parent. Older children can ride their own horse as early as 10 years old. Such trips involve visiting attractions such as mountain rivers, waterfalls, beaches with rare species of animals, authentic local settlements and, of course, fragrant orchards where you can pick fresh oranges, pomegranates, persimmons and much more.

Horse riding in Turkey requires a preliminary listening to a short safety briefing and the presence of protective equipment – most often it is helmets. What else is worth taking with you on a horse safari? Of course, comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as sun protection and hats.

Horseback riding in Turkey

Horse riding in Alanya

Horse riding in Alanya Turkey - you will learn to stay in the saddle and control them, everything is under the control of instructors. From the saddle, you will get acquainted with beautiful landscapes, go to the village, where you will get acquainted with local traditions, taste traditional dishes.

Horse riding Kemer

Horse riding in Kemer, run horseback riding on the beach in Turkey is a fantastic tour for real romantics along picturesque trails, which will diversify your vacation perfectly. In addition, you will get huge benefits for the health of the body and mind. Clean fresh air, photo shoots, skiing and communication with smart animals and incredible emotions will help make your vacation memorable.

Horse riding in Marmaris

Horse riding in Marmaris is a great opportunity to ride around the resort town. The horseback ride is near Hisaronu bay .

Horse Riding in Kas

Horse Riding in Kas is a one-stop trip for tourists who want to get to know the incredibly beautiful locations of the Kas region and its interesting history, which includes the period of ancient Lycia.

Horse riding in Antalya

Horse riding in Antalya is a measured, but such an active and interesting safari tour, during which tourists will get acquainted not only with the beauties of the region, but also with cute tame horses

Horse riding in Side

Horse riding in Side is a refreshing sightseeing safari tour on the back of cute tame horses through the most beautiful locations in the region with the option to choose three different routes in Turkey

Horse riding in Belek

Horse riding in Belek is one of the most interesting, popular and inexpensive tours that will appeal to every lover of wildlife and close contact with friendly horses. A horse ride will not only expand the horizons of knowledge and show a completely different side of Turkey, but will also provide a charge of positive emotions for the whole vacation and summer. Horseback riding perfectly diversifies the same type of beach holiday and will be a pleasant outlet for every guest!

Cappadocia Horse Riding

Horseback riding in Cappadocia offers a unique perspective of Turkey's stunning landscapes. Traverse the captivating terrain atop majestic horses, soaking in panoramic views of rugged valleys and ancient rock formations. Our Cappadocia horse riding tours promise exhilarating experiences, blending adventure with the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Join us for an unforgettable equestrian journ ...

price : 25£

Horse riding in Bodrum

Horseback riding in Bodrum offers exhilarating experiences amid Turkey's stunning landscapes. Saddle up for unforgettable adventures, exploring picturesque trails and coastal vistas. Our Bodrum horse riding tours promise memorable escapades, blending nature's beauty with the thrill of equestrian exploration. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Bodrum's enchanting scenery on horseback. ...

price : 30£

Horse Riding in Didim

Horse Riding in Didim is an exciting full-day tour, during which tourists will get acquainted with the most picturesque places of the Didim region, where beautiful landscapes and historical sights harmoniously merge ...

price : 35£

Horse riding in Istanbul

Horse riding in Istanbul on the beach this is a great tour that will make you feel like a real discoverer of the mountain valleys near Turkey riding a friendly horse. Safari trips on horseback near the city will make you forget the stress of the megapolis. ...

price : 60£

Kusadasi horse riding

Kusadasi horse riding this is a great opportunity to comfortably explore the nature of the region on horseback safari and get to know the friendly horses better by learning how to ride. ...

price : 25£

Horse riding in Trabzon

Horse riding in Trabzon: Embark on an unforgettable journey in Trabzon, Turkey and enjoy an exciting horse ride. Discover the beauty of the local scenery and authentic culture through horse riding tours. The prices for walks will pleasantly surprise you, and the reviews about them speak of high quality and an unforgettable experience. Horseback riding is available to everyone and you can also visi ...

price : 25£

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Horse riding in Turkey on the beach

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