Paragliding in Kas

Paragliding in Kas is the best tour of your life, which will give you a lot of first-class emotions and help you recharge with positive energy for the rest of your holiday. This tour is definitely worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Paragliding in Kas is one of the most impressive and truly unique tours, which is designed to give the most vivid emotions from free flight in the sky, like a bird. This is exactly the type of experience that tourists never forget, and definitely worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime for such a favorable price.

Why you should decide Paragliding in Kas:

Paragliding in Kas is a fairly common type of entertainment in any Turkish resort town, but in Kas this type of entertainment is distinguished by a special level of professionalism at a relatively Cheap Price, which attracts many tourists to this picturesque city.

The most beautiful bird's-eye views at a height of as much as 650 meters, the opportunity to fly in the company of a cheerful and experienced guide who will make our clients completely relax and absolute safety on the way are just a small part of what such an eventful trip can give.

Make your wildest dreams come true and finally experience the indescribable pleasure of feeling complete freedom in the blue sky! The main thing is that there should be sunny weather on the day of the flight, and an experienced English speaking guide and instructor will take care of the rest. Those wishing to explore the region better are highly recommended to buy a Private tour in Kas.

What you need to know before Paragliding in Kas:

Paragliding in Kas first, it is worth noting in what a beautiful and enchanting place with its natural beauty the legendary flight will take place. The starting point is just 700 meters from the famous hill in the region, which is located right outside the city. During the flight, which is definitely worth booking for such sincere and genuine emotions, our tourists will have an excellent landscape view of the entire island of Kastellorizo, which will delight with its unique relief for 20 minutes. Travelers will be able to see from a bird's eye view such amazing sights as the Old Town, as well as the incredible Island of Megisti with its rarest flora and fauna.

First of all, our clients should take a good run and take a few steps to a small slope, and then suddenly soar into the sky with an instructor who, before departure, will definitely tell you all the rules of the flight technique, which, by the way, is absolutely safe. Where will you land? In the beautiful port of Kas.

You should definitely take into account such important rules: flying is possible only for a person who weighs less than 110 kilograms and whose height does not exceed two meters, and pregnant women should not be allowed to such entertainment. People suffering from bronchial asthma, problems with the cardiovascular system and tourists suffering from epilepsy are also prohibited from flying. Children under the age of five will also not be able to fly.

It is also interesting that during the flight the client can take any camera or phone with him, however, all responsibility for the safety of things will be strictly on his conscience.

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80£ person
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Fly like a Bird

Paragliding in Kas price 2024

Adult 80£

Paragliding in Kas programm

  • Paragliding in Kas begins with a quick and comfortable transfer to the starting point directly from the hotel of any of our clients.
  • Meeting and getting to know the guide and signing all necessary documents.
  • Listening to a quick but capacious briefing regarding the upcoming flight.
  • Take a 20 minute tandem flight to take in all the most beautiful views of the region.
  • Safe and soft landing in the harbor port of Kas.
  • View photos and videos taken during the flight.
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Paragliding in Kas details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Fast and convenient transfer to the starting point, support of an English-speaking guide, entrance ticket to the starting point, insurance, all equipment is included in the price
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes that will not fly off the body, as well as sun cream

Paragliding in Kas

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