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Private Trips in Kas will help you comfortably see the sights of a non-tourist resort and deeply imbue the real Turkish flavor as part of an interesting tour

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Private Trips in Kas Turkey are a unique and incomparable way to get to know this wonderful city, which has not yet seen mass tourism. There are no luxury hotels and crowds of European tourists, only locals or the most intelligent and prudent visitors from all over the world, and often from Europe, like to relax here. Private guides in Kas will help you quickly and comfortably get acquainted with such a culturally and historically rich corner of real, not touristic, Turkey. It is worth booking such a tour, if only because it will be much faster to find something to your liking, and the cost of a VIP excursion to Kas will fully pay off with an abundance of new positive emotions and valuable knowledge.

Private Trips in Kas itself is an incredibly romantic and picturesque town that stretches on the azure coast of two seas that merge into one within the city. There is the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, and Private yacht tours often go to the place of their confluence or separation. Getting here is very easy from Antalya Airport, a distance of 150 kilometers can be quickly overcome in just a couple of hours. Judging by the numerous positive reviews about Kas, the town is comfortably located in the arms of a huge mountain, which gently hugs its center from three sides. Also within the city there is a peninsula of stunning beauty, which is also worth a visit.

Private Trips in Kas from Turkey to Greece

The highlight of this holiday destination is also the fact that on the map Kas is located in close proximity to the Greek island of Kastelorizo, where numerous white ferries of incredible beauty go several times a day during the season. It is inexpensive and profitable to buy a ferry ticket from Kas to Greece right at the port ticket office, and in just 10 minutes you can find yourself in a completely different country, because the island is located just 7 kilometers from the Turkish coast! It is worth noting that for such a trip you must have a valid Schengen visa.

Private Trips in Kas: sights of the city

Private Trips in Kas All guests of this city are highly recommended to buy an accompaniment of a English guide to Kas, because there really is something to see within the city, and it will often be even more profitable to take one big private tour that will show customers all the iconic places than to spend money on a lot of separate group tours. The first thing to do upon arrival in the city is to look at the central street Doğruуol Caddesi to feel the coziness and the old atmosphere of the narrow streets with souvenir shops. Further, walking along the street, you can come across the ancient Royal tomb. Excursions in English to Kas also offer a visit to the ancient amphitheater with a breathtaking landscape view of the sea. The most popular excursions here are outbound tours to the Saklikent gorge, which is located just an hour's drive from the city center, and you can also visit the ancient cities of Demre and Mira. Diving is especially well developed in Kas, because the sunken policy of Kekova is located near the city, as well as a lot of different points for diving with sunken ships, anchors and other attributes of a past life.

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Private Trips in Kas programm

  • Private Trips in Kas is just an example of a possible itinerary within the tour. Anyone can make their own itinerary with the help of our operators and guides.
  • Departure from the hotel of our clients on modern cars
  • Acquaintance with the guide and discussion of the further way of movement
  • Moving to the main street of the city Doğruuol Caddesi, a walk along the ancient paths, a trip to a souvenir shop and a local coffee shop with real original Turkish coffee from Turks
  • Inspection of the Lion's Tomb and listening to its ancient history
  • Visiting the ancient amphitheater of the city of Kas and free time for a photo session on a beautiful observation deck with a landscape view of the sea
  • Visit to the main square of the Republic, which is the center of the nightlife of local youth
  • Transfer to one of the many diving sites, the opportunity to plunge into the azure waters of the bay and free time
  • Visiting local beaches - Kaputash and Patara, where unique giant turtles of the Caretta-Caretta species are found

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Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Transfer, insurance, guide, entrance tickets
Excludes Personal expenses, food and drinks
Don't Forgets Swim suit, sun protection and a light shoulder cover

Private Trips in Kas Turkey

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