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Diving in Kas means genuine sincere emotions during an intense dive into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the opportunity to receive a real certificate of passing the first stage of diving training

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Diving in Kas is an amazing opportunity for a very pleasant and favorable price to try yourself as a brave diver who is not afraid to go down even to the greatest depths. Scuba diving in the Kas area is a very popular activity for visiting tourists and locals alike. And the fact is that the coastal waters of Kas are among the top 100 locations for beginner divers in the world!

Scuba Diving in Kas: reasons for the popularity of extreme entertainment

Diving in Kas As already noted, the Kas region is simply ideal for sea sports, and in particular for intense scuba diving. And the point is not only that the sea in the city as a whole is quite calm, and waves and storm situations are rare here. Much of the reason for the popularity of low-cost diving in Kas is the amazing variety of underwater terrain. At the bottom of the sea there are various deep and not so deep caves, sunken objects and even a ship! The water in this region is incredibly clear, and visibility here is up to 40 meters or more. The underwater flora and fauna of this place also fascinates with its diversity and unprecedented brightness. Another great option for a sea tour is to Rent a yacht in Kas.

Diving in Kas option on the entire Mediterranean coast! By booking this tour, you can get a lot of emotions for both beginners and advanced fans of this type of leisure.

In total, there are approximately 30 different diving training sites, and one of them is located just half an hour from the port of Kas, which makes the transfer as quick and stress-free as possible.

What you need to know about Diving in Kas

Diving in Kas For absolute beginners in such a difficult task as diving in Kas, all conditions for quality training and safe first attempts are created. A pleasant and relaxed acquaintance with the underwater world of the Mediterranean will take place in the company of the most experienced English speaking guide on the coast, who will accompany our clients everywhere and answer all their questions.

The instructors will explain the rules of behavior under water, teach you how to handle equipment and, in general, adapt to a completely new underwater world. Particular attention in the course of training is given to the rules of breathing under water.

The first dive takes no more than 20 minutes in the most crystal clear waters of the bay of Casa, and its deepest depth is only 7 meters. After successfully completing such a task, each tourist will be issued a certificate of “successful test dive”, which will make it possible to continue classes at a higher level, but they will still be the same democratic cost.

Moreover, there are many interesting dive sites for advanced divers in the region. You can go down to the remains of a real sunken ship, or try your luck on reefs with colorful vegetation and cute fish.

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Diving in Kas price 2024

Passenger 15 £
Adult 70 £

Diving in Kas programm

  • Diving in Kas begins with departure directly from the hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus.
  • Arrive at one of the diving training test centers just half an hour from the center of Kas.
  • Listening to safety precautions and a short briefing, as well as training from the best guides of Kas, training in the use of equipment and behavior in some situations.
  • Carrying out a special training of underwater signs.
  • Start learning to dive on a boat with the simplest tasks.
  • First dive within 20 minutes to a maximum depth of 7 meters.
  • Return transfer directly to the hotel.

Diving in Kas details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Transfer, English guide, insurance, equipment
Excludes Personal expenses, drinks, photos and videos
Don't Forgets Swimwear, sunglasses, hats, comfortable shoes and clothing, sunscreen

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