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Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side

Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side takes into the distant past, during which you can get acquainted with ancient civilizations, returning to the present only during a short holiday

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Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side Explanations

Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side is an educational trip that will allow you to plunge headlong into bygone times, learn the history of ancient civilizations, get an idea of their life and culture, architecture, hear legends, related to the area.

You will see stunning monuments, ruins of ancient buildings, holy places. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to have a good time to relax in one of the most beautiful and unusual places in the world, admire the panorama.

if two days on this tour are too long we will offer you Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side here you will discover These attractions and learn more about its history.

 Detailed information about the Program:

The trip is designed for two days. In the first of them, you have to visit several places. the first point of the Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side is The Church of St. Nicholas, which was built in the fourth century. It was there that Nicholas the Wonderworker was the archbishop. There is also a sarcophagus, in which he was buried (so the legend says). The remains of the saint were reburied in Bari in the 11th century by pirates and monks from the Greek monastery of Athos, where they are still kept in one of the temples today. It should be noted that the excavation, as well as the restoration of the church, is still not finished.

The ruins of the World are the second location visited by a group of tourists. The main attraction remains the amphitheater. The huge structure initially could accommodate about thirteen thousand spectators. It amazes the imagination and the necropolis. Many secrets are hidden in the rock Of Lycian tombs. Residents of this area believed that if you bury the dead at the height, in the rocks, they will quickly transfer to the world of the dead.

The last object for inspection will be a walk on a specially equipped yacht — the destination is Kekova — a sunken city. It was built on the island and for several centuries was a thriving settlement. The reason for the burial under the water was a strong earthquake. At the moment, the remaining part of the island is uninhabited, and the restoration of buildings has not been carried out. In a special window at the bottom of the ship, you can see the structures located on the seabed.

The second day of Demre Myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side is a visit to Pamukkale, considered the jewel of the country and the eighth wonder of the world. In Cotton Castle (as the locality is called) there are seventeen springs. Their thermal water has a different mineral composition and temperature. You will find stunning white terraces made of travertine. For many millennia they have been formed from mineral precipitation and have turned into something resembling cotton plantations (especially if you look from afar) and will be able to swim in the Cleopatra pool (the water in it is 36 degrees). According to legend, the great queen owes him her youth and amazing beauty. In fact, this body of water contains really useful water, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of various organs and systems of the body, as well as improves the condition of the skin.

At the end of the trip, you will visit the onyx shop, where you can buy yourself or your loved one's gifts in the form of interesting souvenirs, dishes, jewelry.

The benefits of booking by Minister Tours:

A fascinating, informative, and entertaining Demre Myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side will allow you to make a variety of everyday beach holidays in Turkey. We made sure that in addition to the eventful program, the tourist group was comfortable and comfortable. You can clarify information and buy seats online or by phone. The trip is paid for, in fact, you do not need to make a prepayment.

Don't worry about your health and safety during the trip, because of Coronavirus, we have provided all the safety and health tips for you dear ones during the trip.

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80 person
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Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side Programm

Day One

  • two-way crossing, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch, yacht tour on the river

  • Gathering and sending holidaymakers from hotels

  • Stop and breakfast (you need to take a lunch box, ordered in the hotel for a day)

  • Dolchite is a sunken city

  • Sea walk near Kekov

  • Swimming in the waters of the sea

  • Restaurant buffet (lunch)

  • Iconic shop (here you can buy icons)

  • St. Nicholas Church - a guided tour, contemplation of the sarcophagus in which he was buried

  • Mira, an ancient city (amphitheatre, Lycian tombs)

  • Winery - product tasting

  • Check in one of the hotels, dinner at a local restaurant

Day Two

  • Breakfast

  • Trip to Pamukkale (“cotton castle”) — Cleopatra pool, travertines

  • Hierapolis — sightseeing

  • Stop for meals (lunch)

  • Visit the shop where onyx is processed

  • Textile shop

  • Return to your home in Side

Tour daysMonday

Tour hours 03:30 — 19:00

Includes transport movement during the tour, insurance, constant presence of English-speaking guides-historians, walk by sea, tickets to the Church, Pamukkale, Mira, Hierapolis, accommodation, two meals a day

Excludes all kinds of drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic), Cleopatra and Karhait pool, red springs (optional)

Don't Forgets comfortable clothes and shoes, drinking water, towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, lunch box and personal expenses money

Demre myra kekova and Pamukkale Tour from Side price for excursion 2023

Adult 80 £
Children (4-7 ) 40 £
Infants (0 -3) Free

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