Snorkeling in Turkey

Snorkeling in Turkey is an exciting tour with a mask, fins and snorkel, which will give guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with the unique underwater world of such a multifaceted Turkey. An experienced guide will show you the most beautiful underwater locations in the region.

Snorkeling in Turkey – this is a relatively new type of water entertainment, which is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. Snorkeling itself – this is swimming under water with a mask, fins and snorkel in order to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the deep sea. This type of leisure is especially widespread on the Mediterranean coast, because it is the Mediterranean Sea that is rich in unusual species of fish, unique underwater plants and flowers that can be seen through the glasses of diving glasses.

Snorkeling what is it

Snorkeling – this is perhaps the safest type of diving. Unlike diving, where only children over 14 years old are allowed, snorkeling can be offered even to the smallest travelers. In view of the absolute safety of the action, there are no age restrictions.

Snorkeling equipment

What do you need for snorkeling? The three main – fins, mask and snorkel. You can buy these things on your own at local bazaars in front of the beaches, but the price will be unreasonably high. Every guest who wants to be wise can visit the large Turkish supermarkets and purchase self-guided snorkeling equipment at a very low price. Among these stores, it is worth highlighting Migros, Kipa, Karefour and Tansash, which are found in almost any tourist town.

Snorkeling in Turkey, what do you see underwater

Who can you see underwater while snorkeling in Turkey? If you choose good places for scuba diving in Kas, Phaselis or on the Antalya Lara beach, you can see not only huge colonies of algae and corals, but also schools of large fish, starfish and crabs.

Snorkeling in Turkey boat trips

And for those guests who decide to try Snorkeling in Turkey in the company of an experienced guide, there are profitable sea tours. The price includes absolutely all the necessary equipment, fishing equipment and the opportunity to get your first catch, transfer from the hotel and back, lunch, guide, a trip on a boat and a chance to swim in the open sea. Many of these excursions also offer entry to well-known bays. Stunning sea views and acquaintance with deep-sea inhabitants – the key to a good holiday.

Turkey snorkeling tours

Turkey snorkeling tours offer an unforgettable aquatic adventure amidst the azure waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Start on a journey to see the mesmerizing underwater world through our meticulously curated snorkeling excursions. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life, coves, and pristine reefs teeming with colorful fish and exotic creatures. With the best snorkeling spots in Turkey carefully selected by our experts, you'll witness the breathtaking beauty beneath the surface. Whether you're a novice or an experienced snorkeler, Turkey promises an unparalleled experience for all. Check why Turkey is renowned for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities and dive into an adventure like no other. Join us and experience the wonders of snorkeling in Turkey firsthand.

Alanya snorkeling

Alanya snorkeling tour includes in a comfortable boat, during a trip where you will dive where you can see wonderful colorful fishes swim with masks and flippers admiring the underwater world. The tour includes a visit to the caves - Phosphorus, Pirate, Lovers mud Mud and other good place to snorkling

Diving in Side

Diving in Side Turkey is an opportunity to independently scuba dive in Side, accompanied by an experienced guide from diving center. Acquaintance with the amazing environment of marine life. A visit to one of the most unusual museums located under water, which is not similar to it in Europe. Relatively low cost of the tour. Guaranteed safety and a lot of positive, positive emotions.

Diving in Marmaris

Diving in Marmaris will give an exciting adventure to the depths of the sea. Having made a dive with a professional instructor, the tourist will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the resort.

Snorkelling in Marmaris

Snorkelling in Marmaris is a great opportunity to take a break from the hot beaches and embark on an exciting snorkeling and flipping trip in Marmaris.

Fethiye diving

Fethiye diving tour is one of the inexpensive options to give yourself new, never-before-experienced emotions, so why not take advantage of this offer with Aegean Sea scuba diving center!

Diving in Kas

Diving in Kas means genuine sincere emotions during an intense dive into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the opportunity to receive a real certificate of passing the first stage of diving training

Kusadasi Diving

Kusadasi Diving tour is gaining more and more popularity every year. Indeed, for a relatively low prices and a short period of time, you can acquire enough knowledge for independent immersion into the depths of the Aegean sea and reveal all its secrets with scuba diving. Even under the careful supervision of a professional instructor from college who knows exactly where the most picturesque, calm, ...

price : 27£

Diving in Bodrum

Diving in Bodrum is an acquaintance with the underwater world of the Aegean Sea, the opportunity to scuba dive into the depths of the sea, accompanied by experienced divers from diving centers, and if you have the appropriate certificates, you can independently develop a route. ...

price : 40£

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What do you see underwater in Turkey

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