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Lavender garden of Alanya is a tour to two incredible and aesthetically pleasing locations at once, where you can take a lot of bright summer photos. First, guests will visit the unique Salda Lake, which is rightly called the Turkish Maldives for its snow-white sand and azure water. It is also the deepest lake in the country. Then, passing the cozy little village of Kuyudzhak Isparta, travelers will find themselves in the heart of fragrant lavender fields for relaxation and photo shoots.

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Lavender garden of Alanya – this is an exciting trip to one of the most colorful places in the region with a stop at the popular and no less picturesque Salda lake from Alanya. Inexpensive excursions in Alanya offer to see many interesting locations at the best price, and a comfortable and fast transfer will not allow long walks to overshadow the impression of the incredible beauties of wildlife.

When to go to the lavender fields

As part of a rich journey called Lavender Fields of Alanya, you can visit two interesting sights at once, for which tourists come from all over the world. Guests, together with an experienced guide, will see with their own eyes the bright fields of lavender and the stunning clear lake Salda.

It is worth noting that to visit the first location, you should definitely take into account the time frame. The timing of lavender bloom is extremely limited, so tourists must book a trip at a specific time – from mid-June to the end of August.

The weather of Lake Salda is also the most comfortable for walking at this particular time, which allows guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the region and aesthetically pleasing places. Fans of interesting tours are also recommended to visit the Aquarium from Alanya.

So, the distance from Alanya to Lake Salda is 284 kilometers, which takes about five hours by bus. Fortunately, in the company of a guide on Lake Salda and the indescribable beauty of landscapes, this time will fly by unnoticed.

Lake Salda

First stop – this is the boundless cleanest and deepest lake in Turkey, where travelers can relax in their free time and fully feel part of the pristine wildlife. Azure water and white sand allow the locals to proudly call this place "Turkish Maldives".

Excursions to lavender fields

After a tour of the lavender fields, everyone will have a hearty inexpensive lunch of the best Turkish dishes of local cuisine. It is also worth noting that the local water has unique healing properties due to its unusual composition. Judging by the reviews, it treats skin diseases and works great in the fight against stress and insomnia.

Lavender fields in Alanya

Guests of the Alanya Lavender Fields excursion will, of course, visit this popular attraction. The endless fields of fragrant flowers will forever remain in your memory, and the brightest smell can be heard at the end of the season – in August, when the flowers begin to dry a bit.

Colorful photographs, judging by the reviews, should definitely be taken at this location, because almost nowhere else except this area you can find such places.

Kuyucak lavender village

Where are the lavender fields located? The answer is very simple – they are comfortably spread out near the settlement of Kuyudzhak. The distance to Alanya is 424 km and approximately six hours by bus.

Isparta lavender fields

Where is this village located? On the map, it is located right in the Turkish region of Isparta (Isparta). It is here that more than 90% of the harvest in the whole country is harvested! The authenticity and incomparable energy of this place captivates at first sight.

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Adult 45 £
Kids (4-10 ) 30 £

Lavender garden Alanya programm

  • Lavender fields of Alanya - the tour begins with the transfer
  • Stop for breakfast at a cozy restaurant
  • Visit to the popular Salda Lake in Turkey and free time to walk around its surroundings
  • A hearty lunch at a local restaurant
  • arrival to the famous city of Kibera Gladiators, where ancient warriors were trained, trained and put up for demonstration fights
  • Visit the village of Kuyucak, walk along its streets and listen to information about the lavender fields from the guide
  • Free time for a walk through the fragrant beautiful lavender fields
  • Return to hotels in the region

Lavender garden Alanya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes transfer, insurance, guide, breakfast, lunch, entry tickets
Excludes the drinks
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes, hat

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