Tazi Canyon from Antalya

Tazi Canyon from Antalya a truly unique and relatively new destination for mountain tourism in Turkey, offering the finest snapshots of wildlife.

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Tazi Canyon from Antalya price 2024

Adult 30£
Kids (7-12 ) 15£
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Tazi Canyon from Antalya more information

Tazi canyon from Antalya – this is a great full tour at the best price in one of the most iconic gorges of the huge Köprülü park. Quite a few years ago, it received the title of National Park, where in addition to this location there are six more incredible gorges to explore and visit with a group.

Tazi canyon what is there?

The formation of the beautiful and picturesque Köprülü Park is based on the Köprüçay River, about 183 kilometers long. This is a favorite place for fans of active water sports, rafting and just quality time with the family. The river begins right at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, after which it flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea at its end. Previously, this river was much faster and deeper, and ancient ships even sailed in its rich waters.

Tazi canyon mountains

The nature around also surprises the eyes of the mass tourist after buying the Tazi canyon tour from Antalya: various mountain ranges from 200 to 400 meters high form a unique and inimitable relief. Sunset and sunrise are especially beautiful in these places, it is at these hours of the day that the sun's rays illuminate the slopes and incredible flora.

Tazi canyon wildlife

Representatives of the fauna also densely populate this region. Among the most common animals you can see foxes, lynxes, deer and even menacing bears. Predators eagles often soar high in the mountains, and trout and mullet are found in local lakes, which can be fished as part of a tour with fishing included. In general, an inexpensive tour includes everything you need for a comfortable stay at the lowest cost.

In which months to go to Tazi canyon?

The most popular time to book a trip to these places is the period of the year from May to October, when the average air temperature becomes most comfortable for hiking.

After such a wonderful mountain holiday, it is recommended to go on a tour Suluada Island from Antalya.

How far is Tazi canyon from Antalya?

After booking an affordable tour, customers will have to travel 116 kilometers from Antalya to Taza Canyon in comfortable minibuses in the company of an experienced guide. In just over two hours, you will be in the heart of the national park.

The first stop will be a magnificent observation deck, after visiting which tourists will go on a dynamic jeep ride through the canyon.

Tazi Canyon Turkey

You will see an old Turkish village called Selge, which rises approximately 1250 meters above sea level. Located high in the Taurus Mountains, this lovely settlement carefully preserves the legacy of past years. Amazingly beautiful photographs of this area will forever capture the picturesqueness of these sights.

Another well-known location was the ancient Oluk Bridge, through which the giant army of Alexander the Great himself crossed centuries ago.

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30£ person
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Tazi Canyon from Antalya programm

  • Tazi canyon from Antalya begins with transfer.
  • Transfer to the starting point of the excursion, to the Koprulu Nature Park on comfortable buses.
  • Moving to Tazi Kanyon then we will stopping at a picturesque observation deck and there is a free time to take a picture.
  • Arrival at the village of Beshkonak.
  • Meet the guide and listen to a short instruction and rules of conduct.
  • Distribution of protective equipment.
  • Dynamic rafting on the river – rafting
  • Free time for a tour in the canyon.
  • Stop at a local cafe for lunch.
  • Return transfer to hotels.

Tazi Canyon from Antalya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includes transfer, guide, lunch, insurance, tour, equipment
Excludes personal expenses, drinks
Don't Forgets comfortable shoes, towels, swimwear, hat, sunglasses

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