Turkey's highest cable car

Cable cars in Turkey

The cable cars in Turkey is the best way to comfortably and quickly climb to the top of the high Turkish mountains to see all the local beauties thanks to the beautiful observation deck. An inexpensive tour will be a pleasant outlet for fans of mountain holidays who are tired of beach leisure.

The cable cars in Turkey is a fun and spectacular way to climb to the tops of the majestic mountains of the regions and see the most beautiful scenery in life. There are two most famous cable cars in the country – in Kemer and Antalya.

Turkey's highest cable car

The beautiful resort of Kemer has its own truly legendary cable car to Mount Tahtali, the second name of which sounds like Olympos. It is considered the second in the world in terms of its length and the longest in Europe, because its length is 4350 m with an elevation of 1639 m. Such indicators fully confirm its local slogan – from the sea to the sky! On the way there is another lower station between the villages of Tekirova and Camyuva at an altitude of 726 m.

Olympos Teleferik in Turkey

According to ancient legends, it was here that the Greek gods and even the most terrible monster named Chimera lived. The route is laid directly to the top of the mountain in the Olympos-Beydaglari National Park, which is located 15 km from Kemer. As a result, the cabin rises to the height of Tahtali up to 2365 m to the highest point called «Olympos Teleferik».

This place was built in 2007 by a Swiss construction company. The views from the funicular cabin are truly amazing – endless pine forests, snow-white beaches, rocks and azure coastline from Side to Finike, and at the very top there is a beautiful observation deck. Opening hours of the Tahtali funicular – from 09.30 to 18.30 every day.

Tünektepe cable car

The cable car in Turkey is also represented by a funicular to Mount Tunektepe called "Tunektepe Teleferik", which was built in 2017. He is able to lift tourists to a height of 618 m straight to a beautiful observation deck. It works every day, except Monday, from 10:00 to 18:00, and up to 8 people can fit in one booth at the same time. The whole route takes only 10 minutes, during which time you can fully explore the mountains of Antalya and its coast.

Alanya cable car

Alanya also recently has its own Alanya Teleferik cable car, which connects the legendary Cleopatra Beach and the equally famous Alanya fortress, which stands on top of a hill and is considered a historical symbol of the city. The funicular operates daily from 9:30 to 23:00 seven days a week (in winter - until 19:00), and the cabins replace one another in just 20 seconds, so you should not be afraid of queues when boarding.

Babadag cable car

When you go to Ölüdeniz, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Babadağ, standing right next to it, has caught your attention. Babadağ is a place especially for those who do paragliding and those who want to watch its insatiable view. Fethiye Skywalk Cable Car Line, which allows you to go to Babadag with the view of Oludeniz, is now in service

Babadağ, which is one of the most famous paragliding centers in the world, has become easier to reach with the cable car line commissioned. It is reached in 16 minutes with the Babadağ Fethiye Cable Car, which normally takes about 40 minutes with vehicles. With the cable car project carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is aimed to serve 12 months of the year. Thus, the tourism potential is expected to increase.

After swimming in Ölüdeniz in the spring, local and foreign tourists will have the opportunity to reach Babadag at 1969 altitude in as little as 10 minutes with the Fethiye Skywalk cable car and make a snowman. Thus, visitors to Fethiye will have the opportunity to experience the summer and winter seasons at the same time.

Turkey cable cars prices

Alanya Cable Car

Alanya Cable car, which cabins come every 19 seconds, will bring you to the castle, the symbol of our district, with its magnificent scenery. Here, experienced guides will allow you to travel to the history. Funicular tickets included in the price of the trip ...

price : 13£

Tahtali Cable Car from Belek

Tahtali Cable Car from Belek is a great opportunity to visit the top of the mountain, to see the panoramas of the surrounding landscapes and the Mediterranean Sea, a huge number of unforgettable moments. ...

price : 50£

Tahtali Cable car in Kemer

Tahtali Cable car in Kemer — take the cable car to Kemer's highest point in just 15 minutes. From 2365 meters high there will be spectacular views of mountains, sea and forests. The opportunity to visit a restaurant with national Turkish cuisine. ...

price : 40£

Antalya Cable Car

Antalya Cable Car tour, during which it is possible to climb the mountain top on a funicular, to see picturesque pictures of the surroundings, to see the landscapes. The beginning of the trip of Mount Tahtali from Antalya, which is 2,365 m high, is a departure from hotels and arrival at the station, from where the funicular departs (the price of the climb is included in an organized tour). The lau ...

price : 50£

Fethiye cable car

Fethiye cable car this is a journey to heaven, which for an inexpensive cost will allow guests of the region to enjoy the most picturesque mountain and sea views. This location is located in Oludeniz, which is not far from Fethiye, so the trip will not be tedious. Tourists will enjoy each of the local stations and see the most beautiful places of Mount Babadag. ...

price : 100£

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