Fishing in Turkey

Fishing in Turkey is an opportunity to treat yourself to a rich and tasty catch that you can get with your own hands as part of an inexpensive and fun sea trip. Experienced guides will teach you the subtleties of snorkeling and show you the best fishing spots in one of the four Turkish seas. Sincere emotions and getting a new skill is the key to a successful holiday.

Fishing in Turkey – this is a real trend, which is supported by the favorable location of the country and the opportunity to catch a really rich catch. This is possible due to the fact that the country is surrounded by as many as four seas, in each of which you can catch completely different types of fish. And convenient trips from experienced anglers will be an excellent tool in teaching such a gentle and interesting skill.

Shore fishing in Turkey

The most popular type of holiday in sunny Turkey – This is, of course, shore fishing. You can make a small picnic near the water and go fishing from the beach, or you can rent a yacht and go to conquer the endless expanses of water. The catch of clients will depend on the time of year, the day and the choice of places for a good bite. Fortunately, fishing guides know the best places to fish and are ready to share the secrets of a generous catch.

Turkey fishing season

The best fishing in Turkey takes place in the season from September to March, during the period of mass migration of fish. Amateur fishermen do not need a fishing permit if fishing takes place in permitted areas and with the use of amateur tackle.

Sea fishing in Turkey

Traditionally, for successful sea fishing in Turkey, you should go to sea early in the morning from 5:00 to 7:00 hours. All tackle, sports rods, special spinning and trolling rods and even echo sounders will already be on board, so you can immediately start hunting for fish.

Turkey deep-sea fishing

In the picturesque Mediterranean Sea, vacationers from such tourist cities as Antalya, Belek, Side and Kemer can hope to succeed in the extraction of red mullet, bluefish, mackerel, zuban and golden pagra. And if you order big game deep-sea fishing in Istanbul, which is gaining popularity, you can even catch swordfish!

Fish we can catch in the seas of Turkey

It is worth considering the seasonality of sea fishing in Turkey, because mackerel, for example, becomes especially tasty only in August. Anchovy, bops, mullet, sardine and perch can be caught in the Aegean Sea, with special attention to be paid to the famous Saros Gulf in the northern part of the sea. The Sea of Marmara is rich in bonito, bluefish, mussels, shrimp and crabs, and Fishing in Turkey in the Black Sea gives a catch of sea bass, red mullet, gurnard and bops.

Turkey fishing trips

Turkey fishing tours offer an unforgettable adventure for anglers seeking diverse experiences. From shore fishing to deep-sea excursions, our fishing tours in Turkey cater to all preferences. Imagine casting your line into the turquoise waters, aiming for prized catches like carp, trout, and more. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, our guided fishing trips ensure thrilling moments and stunning scenery. The joy of beach fishing along Turkey's picturesque coastline or delve into the excitement of fly fishing in tranquil rivers. Wondering about licenses? Rest assured, our expert team handles all the details, leaving you free to focus on reeling in your dream catch. Start on a fishing expedition in Turkey and create memories to last a lifetime.

Bodrum fishing trips

Bodrum fishing trips is on a boat in the Aegean Sea is one of the most popular types of water recreation in Turkey and tour for the whole family.Experience the thrill of Bodrum fishing with our expertly guided tours and charters. See the crystal-clear waters of Turkey's coast and reel in your catch of the day. Book your fishing trip in Bodrum now for an unforgettable adventure on the sea. ...

price : 35£

Fishing in Didim

Fishing in Didim is a fast-paced day trip by motorboat into the clear waters of the Aegean where you can catch your first fish and generally try your luck as a fisherman ...

price : 80£

Fishing in Istanbul

Fishing in Istanbul is a great active tour for children and adults, during which everyone will learn the fun craft of fishing and be sure to earn their first catch. Embark on unforgettable fishing charters in Turkey's Black Sea for a fishing trip of a lifetime. From Galata Bridge shore fishing to exploring the majestic Bosphorus, there's no limit to the adventure. Dive into deep sea fishing and di ...

price : 45£

Kusadasi Fishing tour

Kusadasi Fishing tour on the Aegean sea with boat is a great option for an inexpensive sea trip, during which you can learn how to handle a fishing rod and get your first catch in your life! ...

price : 45£

Fethiye fishing tour

Fethiye fishing tour on Oludeniz Aegean sea this is a win-win option for any group of tourists, because for an inexpensive price, guests will receive the full maximum that can be gained after visiting the trip on boat. These are priceless sincere emotions and even gifts from the sea - a rich catch among the cleanest waters. ...

price : 100£

Fishing in Trabzon

Fishing in Trabzon is a great tour to indulge in your favorite hobby while on holiday in Turkey. Large selection of fish on the Black Sea coast, several types of fishing: from the shore or pier, beach spinning, deep sea and sea fishing. The correct selection of the time to go to sea, suitable gear, the search for prey with the help of an echo sounder is the key to successful sea hunting. ...

price : 50£

Fishing in Izmir

Izmir Fishing offers unforgettable experiences on the serene waters of Turkey's coast. Our specialized Izmir fishing tours and charters cater to both seasoned anglers and families looking for a unique adventure. See the abundant marine life while fishing in Izmir, where every trip promises excitement and relaxation. Join us for a memorable fishing tour Izmir, perfect for bonding with your loved on ...

price : 80£

Alanya fishing

Alanya fishing tour involves swimming from the side and catching fish with different techniques, professional fishing charters and rods are provided. You will have lunch in trip on the boat and entertainment for the whole day. Also you will observe the beautiful landscapes of the coast from the sea in Turkey.

Fishing Side

Fishing in Side in Turkey is a sea trip and the opportunity to fish on the high seas. The tour process will appeal to both beginners and professional fisherman for big game.

Fishing in Belek

Fishing in Belek Turkey is a pleasant tour on a fast small boat. Our captain is a real fisherman with years of experience. Sea fishing in different places, several movements. Delicious lunch from Mediterranean fish caught by you and other no less satisfying dishes. Provision of fishing rods and other necessary gear. You don’t have to worry that something will not work out, a briefing is carried out beforehand. Pleasant atmosphere, fresh air, calmness and tranquility from the contemplation of the sea surface.

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek

Picnic and fishing on Karacaoren Lake from Belek - a tour and rest at the same time. You will be able to fish, swim in the waters of the mountain pond, walk around the surrounding area and get a lot of positive emotions.

Picnic and Fishing on Karacaoren Lake in Kemer

Picnic and Fishing on Karacaoren Lake in Kemer is a popular tour of the lake, away from the hustle and bustle, which will help to diversify the hotel holiday. Silence, enchanting landscapes, fishing, fresh air and swimming in a clear lake — it's a real pleasure even for the most avid skeptics.

Picnic and Fishing on the Ulupinar

Picnic and Fishing on the Ulupinar real professionals or just fishing enthusiasts — we invite everyone to spend one-day outdoors. Fresh air, the beauty of the surrounding area, national dishes, swimming in a clear river, and fishing — will help to take a break from the hotel life and diversify your journey. You can lie on the stomping ground or walk along the shore on the alleys created by nature. Be at peace with yourself with the energy of the wild.

Kemer fishing trip

Kemer fishing trip on a boat in Turkey for real connoisseurs of nature who are ready to try their luck and just relax in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht has everything for your comfort and successful hunting for a big catch. Sea fishing is an early departure from the port of Marina and the choice of a place for a catch with the help of an echo sounder. A delicious fresh fish lunch is included in the price of the tour.

Fishing İn Antalya

Fishing İn Antalya tour both from province the shore and from the yacht with charter service — this is the perfect opportunity to be alone with yourself and nature, good catch and cook lunch from it. What could be more beautiful?

Fishing in Marmaris

Fishing in Marmaris is an opportunity to make a variety of your vacation, going on a sea adventure. Sunbathe, enjoy the sights and activities

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Shore fishing in Turkey

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