Buggy Rafting in Alanya

Buggy Rafting in Alanya in one day is a great opportunity to combine two extreme tours in one. This way you can save not only time but also money. A couple of hours' drive and the Köprülü National Park are at your disposal.

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Buggy Rafting in Alanya price 2024

Passenger 13£
Adult 25£

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Buggy Rafting in Alanya more information

Buggy Rafting in Alanya is intended for the most daring and daring lovers of outdoor activities, for those who are not afraid of dirt and dust, who are ready to challenge themselves and the forces of nature.

The Köprülü National Park is a 3.5-hour drive from the resort. On a huge territory of 500 hectares, there are picturesque cypress and eucalyptus forests, the turbulent mountain river Köprülü cay, which is framed for 14 kilometers by the rocky gorge of the same name, 100 meters wide and maximum height differences up to 400 meters. From May to November, the canyon annually attracts thousands of tourists who want to bring a share of extreme and variety to their vacation.

Buggy Safari

The tour is divided into two parts. The first stage is 13 km. overland on frame vehicles.

For the first time, they learned about buggy cars in the 50s of the last century in the United States. The miracle of automotive technology was made on the basis of the old Volkswagen, removing all unnecessary, making it as light as possible, leaving only one frame, replaced with wider wheels, and received a completely budget car for amateur racing.

In tourism, small buggy cars have won honor and respect due to their ease of operation, lightness, stability, and safety. All-terrain vehicles are not afraid of mountain roads, bumps, puddles, mud, and small streams encountered on their way.

To independently drive such a vehicle, no skill is required at all, as well as the presence of a driver's license. The instructor will conduct safety procedures, demonstrate how to drive a car, and arrange a test drive.

Rafting Alanya

The second stage of the buggy safari and rafting from Alanya is a 14 km water route with 6 thresholds of difficulty.

Rafting in Alanya is an extreme water sport. However, in Turkey, anyone can join him and try to tame the obstinate mountain river, regardless of experience.

Rafting is carried out in 6-10 local inflatable boats, all participants become a single close-knit team, headed by an experienced captain.

During the rafting, there will be several stops so that travelers can take a breath, enjoy the beauty around them and plunge into the cool, crystal-clear mountain water. A must-see is the stone bridge built by the ancient Romans in the 2nd century BC. It is narrow, but very strong, once the large army of Alexander the Great walked along with it, today numerous crowds of tourists make wonderful panoramic shots and selfies from it.

Helpful information about tour

Almost anyone can take part in a one-day buggy safari and rafting tour from Alanya. However, this extreme sports and entertainment event has a number of limitations and recommendations.

Pregnant women and children under the age of 3 years, as well as persons with a number of diseases associated with the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, and musculoskeletal system are not allowed to race.

Children from 3 to 14 years old take part in the program as passengers. Be sure to take with you protection from dust and the sun, a change of clothes, a towel, a swimsuit. Shoes should fit well on the foot and have a non-slip sole. People who wear glasses for correcting vision need to think in advance about the options for their reliable attachment or use contact lenses during a walk. It is not recommended to take precious things with you.

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Buggy Rafting in Alanya share


25£ person
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Buggy Rafting in Alanya programm

Only with us, when booking 2-seater boats (canoes), you can choose from the manager at no extra charge

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels
  • Transfer by comfortable bus to the Koprulu canyon national park
  • Stage 1 of the Excursion - Arrival at the buggy parking
  • Safety briefing, equipment delivery, test drive
  • Race with a buggy to the place of transfer to rafts (13 km on the way)
  • Stage 2 of the tour- arrival at the starting point of the water route
  • Familiarization with safety precautions and rules of conduct on the water
  • Meet the accompanying instructor
  • Issuing equipment
  • 45 minutes of river rafting
  • 30 minutes of rest and free time
  • 45 minutes of rafting
  • 15-20 minutes of free time
  • Rest, lunch, free time
  • Transfer back to hotels

Buggy Rafting in Alanya details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours 09:30 — 16:00
Includes Free transfer, guide and instructor for safari and rafting, equipment (buggies, rafts) and protective equipment (helmet, life jacket), lunch (rice/pasta, salad, grilled fish/chicken)
Excludes Drinks, photo / video materials (optional), rafting shoes (optional), wetsuit (rent for an additional cost), dust band (optional)
Don't Forgets water, sun protection

Buggy safari and rafting will be together

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