Salda lake Turkey

Salda lake Turkey is a unique wonder of nature that all tourists in the region aspire to visit, because it reminds so much of the Maldives. The beneficial waters of this place have a pronounced therapeutic effect, and the beautiful azure-white locations will be an excellent springboard for a bright summer photos.

Salda lake Turkey these are the so-called "Turkish Maldives", which have azure water, snow-white beaches and an extremely healing composition. Every guest of the Budur region is obliged to experience the effect of these fabulous waters at least once in their life and take a lot of photos on the soft fine sand.

Where is Salda lake located?

The freshwater lake itself is a crater lake and is located in the southwestern part of the country in the beautiful region of Yesilova. In length, it stretches for as much as 8 kilometers, while its width is 6 kilometers. If we compare the height of its location above sea level, then it can be noted that the reservoir rises 1165 meters above it.

Salda lake depth

At the same time, the freshwater lake is quite deep and reaches 200 meters in some places. To this day, there are disputes about whether it is possible to swim in these places, but one thing is clear – on the "Turkish Maldives" you can plunge into the healing water in clearly designated places. Local beaches have all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

Why you shouldn't swim in Salda Lake

Local authorities carefully ensure that the lake remains in its original form, so they plan to ban walking in shoes on the local sand. In general, there are not so many tourists near this unique reservoir, so everyone will be able to have a quality and inexpensive rest.

Lake Salda - composition of water

The sand in these places is represented by deposits of hydromagnesite, in which you can find dark droplets that shimmer so brightly in the sun. Lake water is also rich in beneficial minerals, which allows it to treat skin diseases, anxiety disorders, insomnia and many other ailments. On the shores, visitors can also find deposits of useful clay, which has a high magnesium content. Women especially like to apply it on the face, noting that the skin after such a procedure becomes incredibly soft and nourished.

Lake Salda coordinates: 37.549273, 29.682942.

Tours to Salda lake in Turkey

Kusadasi to Salda lake tour

Kusadasi to Salda lake tour this is a trip to one of the most popular places in the country, which is rightly called the "Turkish Maldives" for its turquoise water and white sand. A huge amount of greenery around and the unique Kaklik Cave, about which very little is known, will be a great location for exploring the inquisitive minds of restless tourists. ...

price : 80£

Salda lake from Alanya

Salda lake from Alanya and tour to Pamukkale, are you ready to visit Turkish Maldives, one of the trending activities of recent years? Just 4 hours from Alanya, Turkish Maldives expects you to walk on the white sands and swim in the cool waters.

Side Salda lake tour

Side Salda lake tour is visit to the best places in the country on comfortable transport. The trip to the Pamukkale and Salda lake white sands from Side takes place in the all-inclusive format - transfer, entrance tickets, three meals a day. Accompaniment of a guide-historian. The opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in Turkey, swim in the pool of Cleopatra. Low price of the excursion: children under 3 years old are free of charge, from 4 to 7 years old - half the cost.

Belek Salda lake tour

Belek Salda lake tour and Pamukkale is an excursion to the most amazing places in Turkey, to natural, historical and architectural sights. Comfortable transport and three meals a day. The opportunity to experience the miraculous power of thermal waters and therapeutic mud. The constant presence of a guide-historian, Suitable for adults and children. Relatively low price trip to the lake white sands on the beach.

Salda lake Antalya tour

Salda lake Antalya tour is one of the great opportunities to visit places of untold natural beauty in Turkish Maldives , to feel the spirit and power of nature, as well as to touch the ancient times, the artifacts of which can be contemplated in the open.

Salda Lake from Kemer

Lake Salda from Kemer is an opportunity to swim in a volcanic lake in one day, and then in the Cleopatra thermal pool. The distance to Salda Lake from Kemer is not so great, which makes it an ideal place for excursions. Lake Turkish Maldives - places with crystal clear waters and colorful beaches. Nearby are the famous Pamukkale - snow-white terraces with hot thermal springs. A properly selected tour program without shopping will help you spend the day exploring the historical sites and nature of the region, without being distracted by buying souvenirs, textiles and other things.

Salda lake Turkey,Where is Salda lake located

Where is Salda lake located

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