Zipline in Turkey

Zipline in Turkey is a new type of recreation for fans of an active and dynamic extreme theme, who are ready to feel like a free bird flying on a fixed cable over the most beautiful locations in the region. Guests for an inexpensive price will not only experience the real pleasure of a quick descent, but also look at the beautiful views

Zipline in Turkey is a relatively new type of entertainment for the azure shores, which makes the blood boil from an incredibly pleasant adrenaline rush! Dynamic descent from the mountains on a special rope and the opportunity to observe the most picturesque views – exactly what guests expect from this trip.

At present, many tourists no longer have enough emotions from the extreme entertainment that they received as part of a variety of safaris, rafting and canyoning, which is why a unique tour was created among the most beautiful places in the country. You can go down the iron rope at a fairly high speed right over pine forests, mountains and fast rivers, while getting a lot of beautiful photos.

Longest zipline park in Turkey

Where is the most famous Zipline Turkey located? The highest and longest zipline can be found in Alanya right near the Taurus Mountains, and it is called Zipline Park. This unique place was built in May 2022, and almost no one has had time to try out this interesting and active pastime. The descent is surrounded on all sides by a forest rich in greenery, so guests will fly over the most picturesque locations in the Mediterranean region.

The highest zip line park in Turkey

The length of an interesting attraction in the Tazi Canyon Zipline Park is as much as 1960 m, while the flight height does not reach 410 m. How fast can a zipline develop? From 60 to 120 km / h, so the wind in the face and the most sincere emotions are provided to everyone. This bungee is considered the largest in the world in height and the longest zipline in Europe.

Zipline tours in the picturesque Tazy canyon in Turkey are very popular, because it is there that all combo tours with such interesting leisure activities as rafting, quad biking, buggy safari take place. The best location for such activities is located at GAZILER, GAZILER KÖYÜ YOLU, 07550 MANAVGAT/ANTALYA. 

Zipline safety

It is worth noting that such a tour can be visited by children from 6 years old or with the consent of one of the parents, and it is also important that the weight of the child is at least 30 kg. As for visiting bans, people weighing more than 110 kg or those who have problems with the cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems should take part in the tour with caution.

Turkey zipline prices

Zipline in Alanya

Zipline Alanya, three in one rafting is a chance to try to overcome more than 10 km of water route along the picturesque valley of the Köprü Chai river. Surprisingly beautiful landscapes of the Köprülü Canyon National Park, a hiking tour through the gorge and a zip-line bungee ride are waiting for you.

Zipline tour in Side

A zipline tour in Side and rafting, trekking in Turkey is a unique opportunity to have fun all day in nature, relax and see a lot of new and interesting things for yourself. Safe descent along the river, flight-descent along a strong iron rope to the Tazi Canyon. Fun trekking tour with sightseeing. You will have a hiking tour in the natural park and a flight on a steep bungee.

Antalya zipline

Antalya zipline, trekking and rafting excursion three in one in Turkey is a great tour for those. tourists who want to get the most out of one trip and save valuable vacation tim

Tazi Canyon from Antalya

Tazi Canyon from Antalya a truly unique and relatively new destination for mountain tourism in Turkey, offering the finest snapshots of wildlife.

Zipline parks in Turkey,Zipline in Turkey

Zipline parks in Turkey

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