Skydiving in Turkey

Skydiving in Turkey is an inexpensive opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream and soar over the mountains or the sea like a bird. There are two types of parachutes - parasailing over the sea and paragliding over the mountains, which is why you should carefully study all the existing information in order to choose the right kind of leisure for yourself.

Skydiving in Turkey is the most extreme and desirable entertainment for lovers of aesthetically pleasing views of mountain and sea locations. It is worth noting that guests without jumping experience often cannot decide what to choose – paragliding or parasailing? However, these two methods are very different.

Parachute in Turkey

Parachute jump in Turkey is an exciting entertainment, the starting point of which is a platform among the mountains. It is this fact that gives him an advantage in videos of chic locations and high-mountain climate, which will be insanely beautiful. As part of the start, the guest of the tour will have to run up about 15-20 meters and jump right from the mountainside.

Extreme sports in Turkey

However, do not be afraid, because this type of entertainment takes place in tandem with an experienced instructor. Flight safety is guaranteed, because all equipment is carefully checked, guests undergo a special briefing before departure, and each passenger has a reserve parachute. Skydiving is a real extreme sport in which there are techniques and even competitions. Its discoverer is considered to be David Berish from the USA. It is worth considering important information – people weighing less than 45 kg and more than 110 kg are not allowed to fly. In addition, at altitude in the mountains, the air temperature is quite low, so it is worth taking warm clothes with you.

Contraindications to skydiving are not strict and include only age, pregnancy of participants, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system, in which pressure drops and stress are prohibited.

Skydiving in Turkey, which is relatively inexpensive, also offers options for exciting parasailing. This is an unforgettable parachute flight over the sea of Turkey, which is carried out thanks to the fastening of the rope to the boat floating on the sea. Most often, only one or two tourists participate in this type of entertainment at the same time, without the accompaniment of an instructor. Parasails (special parachutes) have a special domed shape that helps to reach a height of 60 meters. The requirements for body weight in this case are the same as in the first case, however, it is worth noting that children from the age of 14 are allowed to the tour.

Best places to skydive in Turkey

Alanya paragliding

Alanya paragliding skydiving is performed in tandem with an experienced instructor, so you will be completely safe and enjoy the picturesque views of the coast throughout the entire parachute flight over the sea. At the end of the air tour, you will land on Cleopatra Beach in Turkey. Delivery to the place of flight is included in the price.

Paragliding Side

Paragliding in Side Turkey, skydiving is an unusual adventure that allows you to see the region from a bird's eye view, enjoy the beauty of the coastline, mountains, cityscapes and the sea with a parachute jump.

Kemer paragliding

Kemer paragliding is a panoramic view from 1000/2300 meters from Mount Tahtali. Parachute jump is an opportunity to conquer your fears and experience joy and adrenaline at the same time. Skydiving in Turkey is carried out daily and does not require special training. The ability to take unusual photos and videos in flight. Accompanying instructor, transfer, insurance included in the price.

Paragliding in Antalya

Paragliding in Antalya is an opportunity to relax not only with your body for cheap price, but also with your soul. It is a delightful journey, allowing you to see from above the unique landscape.

Paragliding in Marmaris

Paragliding in Marmaris will give you unforgettable emotions, it's a jump and a flight from the mountain. You will see the magnificent beauty of the Oludeniz Nature Reserve and the Blue Lagoon Bay.

Paragliding Belek

Paragliding Belek is an opportunity to choose a skydiving from different heights and different locations. Parachute jump is a popular extreme entertainment among tourists who prefer non-standard and active holidays in Turkey. Transfer in both directions is included in the price.

Paragliding in Bodrum

Paragliding Bodrum is district tour for extreme entertainment lovers. Flying at a kilometer altitude in tandem with an experienced pilot. You will feel like free birds while Skydiving over Oludeniz. This Parachute activity will be one of the best decisions you have made in your life.

Fethiye Paragliding

Fethiye Paragliding tour is the most popular skydiving, parachute launch site not only in Turkey but throughout Europe. Oludeniz Babadag paragliding height 1980 m.

Paragliding in Kas

Paragliding in Kas is the best tour of your life, which will give you a lot of first-class emotions and help you recharge with positive energy for the rest of your holiday. This tour is definitely worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Paragliding Kusadasi

Paragliding Kusadasi Turkey or tandem parachute is the best skydiving aviation sport. Best pilot with a lot of skill, quality equipment, instructors, and safe staff are the key to a good flight. ...

price : 75£

Paragliding in Cappadocia

Paragliding in Cappadocia is a great alternative to a balloon flight, during which you will experience even more pleasure. ...

price : 100£

Istanbul Paragliding

Paragliding in Istanbul is an active and extreme skydiving vacation at the best price in Turkey, which will remain in memory for a lifetime. An amazing tour to near Istanbul the most scenic parachute jumping place, transfer including in the price ...

price : 90£

Trabzon paragliding

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of paragliding in Trabzon, Turkey! Feel the adrenaline as you soar above the unique beauty of lake Uzungol. Parachute jump over the sea in the Black Sea region will be an unforgettable adventure. With us you will find the best prices and professional instructors ready to make your skydiving experience in Trabzon unforgettable. Join us and create your own para ...

price : 200£

skydiving in turkey,Extreme sports in Turkey

Extreme sports in Turkey

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