Diving holidays in Turkey

Diving in Turkey

Diving in Turkey is a dynamic tours for lovers of outdoor activities and picturesque marine nature, within which you can see the flora and fauna of the seabed and visit the most famous locations for scuba diving fans. Inexpensive price will be a nice bonus for every guest.

Diving in Turkey – this is an invaluable scuba diving experience in the most beautiful corners of the planet, because this country is rightfully a paradise for divers. A huge abundance of picturesque bays with a calm current, hidden behind reliable rocks, creates excellent conditions even for beginner divers.

Diving centers in Turkey

In order to organize an unforgettable dive in the tourist cities of the country for yourself and your loved ones, it will be enough to choose any local diving centers in Turkey. The price includes a brief, but very capacious and important briefing from an experienced mentor, all the necessary equipment, transfer from the hotel to the dive point and back, as well as the excursion itself – most often two dives in the best bays of the region.

Scuba diving tips for beginners

In general, the whole trip takes from 7 to 8 hours, and to visit the tour you do not need any documents other than a passport. Beginners in this interesting business should not be afraid, because every minute of the excursion there will be the most experienced mentors nearby. Diving in Turkey, the price of which is quite small and favorable in comparison with other countries, will pleasantly surprise you.

Best places to dive in Turkey

Scuba diving in Turkey this is a great leisure for tourists who love picturesque places. So, there are 4 most popular locations for this activity, where all guests of the coast aspire.

  • Flying fish reef in Kas – this is a favorite place for professionals, because the local clear water allows you to see the bottom as much as 30 meters deep! However, the local currents and depth are quite impressive, and you can dive up to 65 meters as much as possible.
  • Bodrum reefs – this is the warmest water for comfortable diving in Turkey, where you can see the beautiful underwater world – flora, perch, moray and even salmon.
  • Afkule Fethiye dive sites – has become famous all over the world for the opportunity to swim in underwater caves.
  • The bays of Belek – an ideal place for beginners, as there are no currents and winds, and the water is extremely clear and at a comfortable temperature.

Who can't dive?

It is important to note that diving is only allowed for children aged 14 and over. As for the allowable weight of customers, it should not exceed 110 kilograms, however this item may vary from place to place. Be sure to check the current information and the manager - he will answer all your questions.

Health restrictions for diving are extremely small and negligible. It is worth refraining from the tour for guests with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, prone to high blood pressure, pregnant women.

Things to do the day before diving

Guests are often concerned about the question of how to properly prepare for diving or scuba diving. We recommend a day before departure to completely abandon the use of alcohol, so as not to experience unnecessary stress on the heart when passing the depth. Diving should also be abandoned for those who feel signs of colds and especially otitis media.

Scuba diving in Turkey

Alanya diving

Alanya diving tour from scuba dive center will definitely make you enjoy it. The price includes the rental of suits, the instructor conducts training, and monitors the dive. During the trip on the board, you can dive 2 times for 25 minutes. You will see the underwater beauties of the Turkish side of the Mediterranean ...

price : 33£

Diving in Side

Diving in Side Turkey is an opportunity to independently scuba dive in Side, accompanied by an experienced guide from diving center. Acquaintance with the amazing environment of marine life. A visit to one of the most unusual museums located under water, which is not similar to it in Europe. Relatively low cost of the tour. Guaranteed safety and a lot of positive, positive emotions. ...

price : 30£

Diving in Belek

Diving in Belek is a good opportunity to diversify your vacation and get to know the amazing underwater world with its inhabitants, coral reefs, amazing bottom relief. ...

price : 20£

Diving in Kemer

Diving in Kemer, the price of the tour is quite affordable - a great chance to actively relax, experience fear, adrenaline and positive emotions at the same time. Thanks to an experienced instructor who will always be with you you you are absolutely safe. After the first dive you will feel confident and you will want more. Diving in Kemer - familiarity with a new world for you, while diving to the ...

price : 15£

Antalya Diving

Antalya Diving is a sea mini-cruise, during which there is a unique opportunity to see the underwater world with its inhabitants, coral reefs, to get communication skills underwater. If you are interested in mysterious depths, mysteries, life hidden under the abyss, unknown elements, then scuba diving in Antalya, in Turkey, the price remains not high — this is exactly what you need. Dive sites all ...

price : 20£

Diving in Marmaris

Diving in Marmaris will give an exciting adventure to the depths of the sea. Having made a dive with a professional instructor, the tourist will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the resort. ...

price : 25£

Kusadasi Diving

Kusadasi Diving tour is gaining more and more popularity every year. Indeed, for a relatively low prices and a short period of time, you can acquire enough knowledge for independent immersion into the depths of the Aegean sea and reveal all its secrets with scuba diving. Even under the careful supervision of a professional instructor from college who knows exactly where the most picturesque, calm, ...

price : 25£

Diving in Bodrum

Diving in Bodrum is an acquaintance with the underwater world of the Aegean Sea, the opportunity to scuba dive into the depths of the sea, accompanied by experienced divers from diving centers, and if you have the appropriate certificates, you can independently develop a route. ...

price : 30£

Fethiye diving

Fethiye diving tour is one of the inexpensive options to give yourself new, never-before-experienced emotions, so why not take advantage of this offer with Aegean Sea scuba diving center! ...

price : 35£

Diving in Kas

Diving in Kas means genuine sincere emotions during an intense dive into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the opportunity to receive a real certificate of passing the first stage of diving training ...

price : 80£

Diving in Didim

Diving in Didim is one of the most exciting and interesting tours on the entire coast, which will make you feel like a discoverer of the underwater depths of the Aegean Sea. ...

price : 40£

Alanya diving from Side

Alanya diving from Side is an opportunity to make both amateur and professional scuba diving in Alanya, in the second case you can get a special certificate in Turkey. Acquaintance with a new underwater world, its inhabitants. The constant presence of a professional instructor, which eliminates any danger. Relatively low cost of entertainment. Underwater travel for those over 14 years old ...

price : 35£

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