Private tours in Turkey

Private tours in Turkey are unforgettable tours to various destinations in the company of a friendly guide-instructor. You can inexpensively order a single historical, sea or outbound luxury excursions for yourself and your family, because guests will get the chance to choose their own route and program in Türkiye.

Private tours in Turkey – it's the perfect way to spend the day just the way the tourist wants it, regardless of the desire of the group and other tourists. That is why in the last few years there has been an increase in demand for such tours, the cost of which is not too higher than ordinary travel. Guided Private Tour

Luxury private tours in Turkey

Among the abundance of interesting luxury private tours in Turkey with a successful and non-fatiguing program, wealthy travelers and just tourists who value their precious time. What are the advantages of this way of sightseeing? The most important – this is an opportunity to choose your own route and program, not without the help of an experienced guide, of course. This will save a lot of time and not tire yourself and your family by visiting boring locations.

In addition, tourists will have their own instructor at their disposal, and guests will not have to share his attention with other people. For those who want to organize an educational or historical tour for themselves, this is very important, because usually there are a lot of questions for the guide. He knows almost everything and will help you explore the culture and feel the atmosphere of the region as quickly and interestingly as possible.

Private guide in Turkey

Private tours with local guides in Turkey will help visitors organize a variety of types of tours – sea on a yacht, sightseeing tours of the city, historical tours of local shrines and even visiting tours. The most popular destinations for outbound tours are Cappadocia, Istanbul and Pamukkale, where the presence of your own guide will be a real necessity and a plus for comfort.

An private tour to Cappadocia is amazing in its ability to create your own program with visits to all significant sights. The underground cities of Saratly and Kaymakli, the panoramic valleys of Dervent, the valley of Love and Monks, the mountain villages of Chavushin and, of course, the Balloon Festival in just one day.

A private tour of Istanbul with a guide will give you a chance to experience the whole history of this ancient metropolis during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, stroll through the Suleymaniye, Fatih and Blue Mosques, visit the greatest Hagia Sophia and sail on a yacht along the Bosphorus without being tied to time and obligations of group tours.

On private yachts as part of sea tours in Turkey, you can organize a real holiday on a variety of occasions – birthdays, engagements and even weddings, you should also contact our manager for this, and he will help make a special day truly unforgettable.

Turkey private tours

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with our exclusive private tours in Turkey. Our bespoke itineraries promise unparalleled comfort and personalized exploration. Open the hidden gems of Turkey accompanied by our expert private guides, ensuring every moment is tailored to your preferences. You must see Turkey's rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes with the best private tour guides by your side.

Yacht rental Kusadasi

Yacht rental Kusadasi, charter personal boat with a captain in Turkey is a trips across the Aegean Sea in a circle of people close to you. Any holiday is within the power of our company. Boat rental Kusadasi offers an exquisite fleet for your special occasions. Whether it's a birthday bash or a romantic getaway, our boat rental services in Kusadasi promise an unforgettable experience. ...

price : 80£

Yacht rental Istanbul

Luxury yacht rental in Istanbul this service is an indication of your privilege. When getting boat charter service from Minister Tours, you can be sure that we have the most suitable pricing policy in the city. We have been renting the most spectacular and magnificent boats in the Bosphorus for many years. The satisfaction comments of our customers are proof of this. Please contact us for celebrat ...

price : 50£

Rent a yacht in Bodrum

Rent yacht in Bodrum, recently, has become a very popular service, because this is a great idea as it is interesting, varied, and most importantly, it is not boring to spend a few hours with charter luxury boats, and maybe your entire vacation, surfing the seas of Turkey. ...

price : 140£

Bodrum fishing trips

Bodrum fishing trips is on a boat in the Aegean Sea is one of the most popular types of water recreation in Turkey and tour for the whole family.Experience the thrill of Bodrum fishing with our expertly guided tours and charters. See the crystal-clear waters of Turkey's coast and reel in your catch of the day. Book your fishing trip in Bodrum now for an unforgettable adventure on the sea. ...

price : 35£

Private Istanbul tours

Private Istanbul tours: Explore the wonders of Istanbul like never before with our exclusive private Istanbul tours. Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or just looking to experience the city's rich culture, our Istanbul private tours offer the perfect blend of customization and expertise to make your visit truly memorable. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, our Istanbul luxur ...

price : 75£

Cappadocia Horse Riding

Horseback riding in Cappadocia offers a unique perspective of Turkey's stunning landscapes. Traverse the captivating terrain atop majestic horses, soaking in panoramic views of rugged valleys and ancient rock formations. Our Cappadocia horse riding tours promise exhilarating experiences, blending adventure with the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Join us for an unforgettable equestrian journ ...

price : 25£

Horse riding in Bodrum

Horseback riding in Bodrum offers exhilarating experiences amid Turkey's stunning landscapes. Saddle up for unforgettable adventures, exploring picturesque trails and coastal vistas. Our Bodrum horse riding tours promise memorable escapades, blending nature's beauty with the thrill of equestrian exploration. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Bodrum's enchanting scenery on horseback. ...

price : 30£

Private Tours in Bodrum

Private Tours in Bodrum, Turkey offer exclusive experiences curated just for you. Our Bodrum private tour guides ensure personalized attention as you explore this enchanting destination. Craft your own itinerary and indulge in a bespoke journey tailored to your preferences. Book your private trip in Bodrum now for an unforgettable adventure. ...

price : 80£

Rent yacht in Trabzon

Yacht rental Trabzon is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best views of the vibrant and historically rich city, be convinced of the incredible value of its architecture and even plunge into the deepest and cleanest waters of the Black Sea with family and close friends. Trabzon boat hire service with you at an affordable price. Rent yacht in Trabzon and experience the serene beauty of Turkey's coas ...

price : 80£

Trabzon private tours

Trabzon private tours are comfort and luxury in all manifestations, because the best trips should obey exclusively the wishes of our clients, who can independently decide when and what time to go. You can see the places to visit in Trabzon Turkey with a special local tour guide. ...

price : 80£

Rent yacht in Didim

Rent yacht in Didim is a comfortable and eventful program in which you can do anything from visiting the beaches and swimming in the open sea to pilgrimage to the ruins of ancient cities and temples Rent yacht in Didim for an unforgettable voyage along Turkey's breathtaking coast. Our boat rental services in Didim offer a seamless experience, ensuring you sail in style and comfort. With a range of ...

price : 90£

Private Trips in Didim

Private tours in Didim, Turkey offer exclusive experiences tailored to your preferences. See the beauty of Didim with personalized itineraries crafted by expert guides. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this enchanting destination with our private trips. Whether you're interested in ancient ruins or pristine beaches, our Didim private tour guides ensure a memorable journey. ...

price : 90£

Fethiye private guides tour

Fethiye private guides tour offers exclusive experiences tailored to your desires. Our seasoned guides ensure personalized itineraries for your private tour in Fethiye, Turkey. Discover the allure of Fethiye through custom excursions, whether it's ancient ruins, serene beaches, or vibrant markets. Unveil the treasures of Fethiye with our expert private tour guides, guaranteeing an unforgettable jo ...

price : 80£

Private local trips in Kusadasi

Private local trips in Kusadasiis a personal trips in which every step of the clients will be accompanied by the best English-speaking guide, who will be happy to build the tour program in such a way that the guests are comfortable, a convenient start schedule, insurance, travel and entrance tickets are included in the price.Private Tours in Kusadasi offer bespoke experiences tailored to your pref ...

price : 80£

Fishing in Istanbul

Fishing in Istanbul is a great active tour for children and adults, during which everyone will learn the fun craft of fishing and be sure to earn their first catch. Embark on unforgettable fishing charters in Turkey's Black Sea for a fishing trip of a lifetime. From Galata Bridge shore fishing to exploring the majestic Bosphorus, there's no limit to the adventure. Dive into deep sea fishing and di ...

price : 45£

Kusadasi private boat trip

Set sail on a luxurious Kusadasi private boat trip for an unforgettable experience. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions with our exclusive boat tours tailored to your desires. With private boat rental options, indulge in the beauty of Kusadasi's coastline at your own pace. Discover the freedom of a private boat trip and create cherished memories on the turquoise waters of Kusadasi. ...

price : 80£

Private rental boat in Fethiye

Private rental boat in Fethiye offers unparalleled experiences for special occasions like birthdays or intimate gatherings. Sail along the breathtaking coastlines on a private yacht tour, tailored to your desires. With Fethiye private boat hire, indulge in luxury and privacy, away from the crowds. Find the azure waters and hidden coves, creating timeless memories with loved one in Turkey. See Fet ...

price : 30£

Private yacht tour Istanbul

Private yacht tour in Istanbul will help you get acquainted with the "City on Two Continents" at a completely inexpensive price and in the company of close people. Private boat trip suggest a free schedule and itinerary of the charter sevice, a rich program of excursions, including the famous Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, the confluence of the Black and Marmara Seas and others. An experienced captai ...

price : 45£

Private boat trip in Bodrum

Private boat trip in Bodrum is an opportunity to visit the most beautiful sea locations of the Aegean coast on a private yacht with a captain. The ship can be hired for at least one hour or for the whole day to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the many-sided Turkey. Yachts of various levels and prices are rented with a skipper and can organize a personal route for an unforgettable hire tour ...

price : 35£

Private boat trip in Izmir

Private boat trip in Izmir offers exclusive experiences on the turquoise waters of Izmir. Indulge in a luxurious private boat trip, exploring hidden coves and pristine beaches. Our private yacht tours in Izmir guarantee unmatched comfort and personalized service. Hire a private boat for a memorable adventure or a special occasion like a birthday party. Experience the epitome of luxury with our pri ...

price : 80£

Dolphin therapy in Istanbul

Dolphin therapy in Istanbul offers a unique and rejuvenating experience. Find yourself in the enchanting world of dolphins as you partake in a swim with dolphins session. Istanbul, Turkey provides the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable encounter. Experience the magic of dolphin swimming firsthand in Europe's vibrant cultural hub. Book your dolphin therapy session in Istanbul today for an unfo ...

price : 140£

Private boat trip in Trabzon

Private boat trip in Trabzon: Spend an unforgettable time on the Black Sea coast with a private tour on a luxury yacht. Celebrate your birthday in a unique setting, sailing alone or in a small group. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of romance by choosing a romantic yacht trip to enjoy the beauty of coastal views and sunsets. Invite a photographer and he will capture every moment of this unforget ...

price : 40£

Karagol lake from Trabzon

Tour to Karagol lake from Trabzon offers a mesmerizing journey through picturesque landscapes. The short distance between Trabzon and this natural wonder makes it a convenient day trip, allowing travelers to revel in the serene beauty of Karagol Lake. ...

price : 20£

Trabzon Zigana, Hamsikoy, Karaca tour

Trabzon Zigana, Hamsikoy, and Karaca tour, an odyssey through Turkey's hidden treasures. The journey begins in Hamsikoy, a charming village cradled in Trabzon's lush valley. From there, venture into Zigana, where the Zigana Mountain awaits, cloaked in snowy splendor. Zigana's Ski Resorts offer thrilling winter sports. Karaca, a valley between Trabzon and Gümüşhane, beckons with the mesmerizing Kar ...

price : 20£

Horse riding in Alanya

Horse riding in Alanya Turkey - you will learn to stay in the saddle and control them, everything is under the control of instructors. From the saddle, you will get acquainted with beautiful landscapes, go to the village, where you will get acquainted with local traditions, taste traditional dishes.

Alanya boat hire

Alanya boat hire is an opportunity to admire the stunning beauty of the coast from the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, see dolphins, swim in azure bays, see famous caves and relax on snow-white beaches. The cost of renting a yacht in Alanya for the day includes lunch from the captain and unlimited soft drinks.

Swim with Dolphins in Alanya

Swim with Dolphins in Alanya Turkey - Touching this special sea creature, we turn your dream of swimming with them into reality. Minister Tours operators expect you to call

Private trips in Alanya

Private trips in Alanya with a local guide offers a huge selection of different personal programs, where everyone can choose the most convenient trips for themselves. Private tours in Alanya with a guide are held at any time, which means that you have a great chance to plan your vacation yourself, and not depend on the group schedule.

Boat hire in Belek

Boat hire in Belek is a way to diversify your holiday in Turkey. To get to know the natural and historical sights better and just have a good time in a narrow circle, you can boat rental for a day with a captain. Yacht charter in Belek at an inexpensive price, you will find many beautiful and unusual places, one of which can be the Antalya Manavgat delta. At this point the river flows into the sea.

Swim with dolphins Side

Swim with dolphins Side Turkey is an opportunity to personally communicate with the inhabitants of the sea. Swimming with animals in Turkey in the presence of an experienced instructor. An unusual holiday that is ideal for people of all ages, including small children. Getting a positive attitude, positive emotions, a charge of energy and cheerfulness. Good mood guaranteed. Relatively low travel price.

Private trips in Side

Private trips in Side with private guides in Turkey - this is a complete rest in a close circle and in the presence of a local guide. The lack of a clear schedule and time frame, it all depends on the desire of vacationers. Personal excursions in Side will allow you to study nature and sights in more detail, take many photographs. Relatively low price of the tour.

Private tours Belek

Private tours in Belek is a trip in which you yourself choose the route and type of travel that interests you more than others. Do not depend on the time frame and other members of the group. You can choose a land, sea or river trip and booking in Turkey to your taste. The constant presence of a local guide of a travel agency

Fishing in Belek

Fishing in Belek Turkey is a pleasant tour on a fast small boat. Our captain is a real fisherman with years of experience. Sea fishing in different places, several movements. Delicious lunch from Mediterranean fish caught by you and other no less satisfying dishes. Provision of fishing rods and other necessary gear. You don’t have to worry that something will not work out, a briefing is carried out beforehand. Pleasant atmosphere, fresh air, calmness and tranquility from the contemplation of the sea surface.

Kemer boat hire

Kemer boat hire - allow yourself luxury in all its manifestations in Turkey. To rental a boat at a low cost for a day is to admire the beauty of raging waves, beautiful landscapes, breathe in the sea air - nothing could be better. Four-hour charter of motor boats, an interesting program on board, the any celebration. Jump into the azure waters of the open sea and let yourself truly relax. And we will help to make this day one of your vivid memories at an inexpensive price.

Kemer fishing trip

Kemer fishing trip on a boat in Turkey for real connoisseurs of nature who are ready to try their luck and just relax in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht has everything for your comfort and successful hunting for a big catch. Sea fishing is an early departure from the port of Marina and the choice of a place for a catch with the help of an echo sounder. A delicious fresh fish lunch is included in the price of the tour.

Horse riding Kemer

Horse riding in Kemer, run horseback riding on the beach in Turkey is a fantastic tour for real romantics along picturesque trails, which will diversify your vacation perfectly. In addition, you will get huge benefits for the health of the body and mind. Clean fresh air, photo shoots, skiing and communication with smart animals and incredible emotions will help make your vacation memorable.

Private trips in Antalya

Private trips in Antalya are a suggestion for people who do not want to adapt to others. Accordingly, their holiday in Turkey will be planned as they wish — to accompany such travelers will be English-speaking Antalya tour guides with their car. In the case of a mini-cruise by sea, there will be no strangers on the yacht — only the captain and guide. Our travel agency offers many options for rest, during which you will be able to see and learn a lot of interesting and informative, comfortably spend time, relax and relax, have fun.

Fishing İn Antalya

Fishing İn Antalya tour both from province the shore and from the yacht with charter service — this is the perfect opportunity to be alone with yourself and nature, good catch and cook lunch from it. What could be more beautiful?

Yacht rental Antalya

Yacht rental Antalya is the perfect way to explore the surroundings and explore the city from the waterways with luxury boats. At the charter time, you can make any desired route of gulet.

Boat hire Marmaris

Boat hire Marmaris in Turkey for a day with or without a skipper is a great way to experience the beautiful Aegean coastline from the best side of the region. You will have the chance to admire the panoramas of the waterfront, amazing wild landscapes of the islands and rocks that surround this area. On board the private motorboat you will be offered the services of a captain, food, drinks and other entertainment to make your luxury yacht tour as comfortable and fun as possible. Affordable prices for charter of catamarans, speed and sailing yachts. Rent for a week, a day or a few hours.

Fishing in Marmaris

Fishing in Marmaris is an opportunity to make a variety of your vacation, going on a sea adventure. Sunbathe, enjoy the sights and activities

Horse riding in Marmaris

Horse riding in Marmaris is a great opportunity to ride around the resort town. The horseback ride is near Hisaronu bay .

Private tours in Kemer

Private tours in Kemer are the best solution for getting to know Turkey and its cities. The trip program is selected specifically for your company based on the personal wishes of the client. We will help make your vacation unforgettable. Distance and inaccessibility are not a hindrance. A wide range of vehicles: from a car to an airplane. Professional staff and the best local guides who will accompany you throughout the excursion.

Private Trips in Marmaris

Private Trips in Marmaris are a great opportunity to go only with your own company on an author's tour, developed by our professionals, ride a snow-white yacht or take to the sky in a hot air balloon.

Rent yacht in Fethiye

Rent yacht in Fethiye is a fundamentally new look at the organization of personal holidays, which becomes more and more relevant every year. With luxury yacht charter service we guarantee to offer you the best private sailboats at an affordable price.

Rent Yacht in Kas

Rent Yacht in Kas yacht charter is an exciting sea tour, during which anyone can comfortably visit all the most beautiful places in the city of Kas and even see rare species of turtles

Yacht charter Izmir

Considering a birthday celebration or any special day in Izmir? Look no further than Izmir yacht charter price options. With Izmir boat rental services in Minister Tours, you can effortlessly rent a boat in Izmir for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you desire a luxurious motor yacht charter or a serene sailboat rent, Izmir offers a plethora of choices. Experience the charm of Izmir's Aegean coastline with private boat hire options, promising an exclusive and indulgent experience for your special occasion. Enjoy the azure waters and picturesque vistas while enjoying the utmost comfort and luxury aboard your chosen vessel.

Izmir private Trips

Izmir private Trips offer an exclusive way to experience the city's treasures. Tailored to your preferences, these personalized tours led by knowledgeable Izmir local guides unveil the historical places of the region. With a dedicated Izmir trip planner in our Minister tours travel agency, you can craft a bespoke itinerary that showcases the rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes of this enchanting Turkish destination. Whether strolling through ancient ruins, savoring local delicacies, or navigating bustling bazaars, the Izmir local guide program ensures an unforgettable journey tailored just for you.

Horse riding in Side

Horse riding in Side is a refreshing sightseeing safari tour on the back of cute tame horses through the most beautiful locations in the region with the option to choose three different routes in Turkey

Private boat trip Alanya

Private boat trip Alanya, rental yacht is the perfect way to spend a weekend on the Turkish coast, celebrate a birthday, an important date, or just enjoy a comfortable exit to the sea, where you can swim in the clearest waters without huge crowds of tourists in complete harmony with yourself and the picturesque nature . An inexpensive private yacht hire also allows you to see all the most popular coastal attractions exactly along the route that is interesting to the client, since each guest will be able to independently create their own program and choose a convenient time for the tour!

Private boat trip in Side

Private boat trip in Side Turkey is an inexpensive tour with indescribable comfort and an interesting route that you can independently compose with an experienced captain. The yacht rental program will include a visit to the famous temple of Apollo, a boat trip along wild beaches, games and swimming in the open sea, and even catching colorful fish. However, the most important plus of the tour will be that guests will not have to share the guide’s attention and the deck with strangers, because the yacht will be booked for several hours by just one person and his company.

Private boat trip in Kemer

Private boat trip in Kemer is a rare chance to feel like a special client for a reasonable price and get a lot of unforgettable impressions from visiting interesting coastal locations. In addition to a tour, an experienced guide will show guests all the most hidden caves and sea lagoons, after which the captain will go straight to the open sea to give travelers plenty of rest, swim with bright colorful fish and even go fishing. The rent private yacht in Turkey will have everything you need for a comfortable holiday, fishing and snorkeling, and clients who want to have a fun celebration can even celebrate important events here.

Private boat trip in Belek

Private boat trip in Belek is a chance to organize a personal yacht tour in Turkey without the participation of other tourists, which will be held according to a specially organized program, taking into account the wishes of the guests. Participants will spend several hours in the open Mediterranean Sea, swim in the azure water, swim with a mask and snorkel, spend the best hours of relaxation on board a modern yacht. We also offer the rental service of organizing any holidays on the yacht: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, romantic dates, etc.

Private boat trip Antalya

Private boat trip Antalya this is a yacht trip in the Mediterranean Sea, which will allow you to spend time the way only you want. We offer to hire a yacht of any capacity and level at a price that will suit everyone. Each excursion is accompanied by an experienced captain, the price also includes an individual transfer. Guests will be able to see the coastal beauty of the resort, the legendary Duden waterfalls, sea bays and mysterious caves with their own eyes. Hire pirivate excursions on a boat, taking into account all the wishes of the tourist, in order to find out how much such a service costs, contact our manager.

Boat hire Side

Boat hire in Side Turkey for a day is a great opportunity to spend a day surrounded by family and friends away from the noisy city on a boat. Rent a private vip yacht and relax, swim in the warm sea waters, admire the natural landscape and city views.

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