Safari tours in Turkey

A safari tours in Turkey is a whole range of exciting trips on different modes of transport - from horseback riding to an exciting ride on small open buggies. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, guests will not only learn how to drive, but also see interesting locations in the region and take a lot of photos

Safari tours in Turkey – this is a great way to see a completely different side of the sunny country quickly, inexpensively and comfortably. In general, safari – it is a collective image of traveling on a variety of vehicles. In Turkey, quad safaris, jeep safaris, buggy safaris and of course leisurely horseback safaris among natural locations are in the greatest demand.

Guests of each Turkish region have the opportunity to book an interesting safari to the most picturesque places – there are wild beaches, and mountain trails, and stunning forests, and rich vineyards with plantations of orange trees and ancient villages, where centuries-old traditions are carefully preserved to this day. It is here that you can fully feel the spirit of the former Turkey and even have a hearty and tasty snack. And for those wise travelers who are going on a trip during the harvest season, they will definitely be able to taste local fruits directly from the garden – figs, plums, persimmons, pomegranates and many varieties of grapes.

Most often, the safari excursion program in Turkey includes a trip on the chosen mode of transport, visiting unique sights along the tour route, having a snack or lunch in beautiful places, accompanied by an experienced guide and, of course, transfer from the hotel and back. The trip usually takes about two hours, during which guests will receive sincere emotions and a lot of beautiful photos.

Be sure to take a change of clothes with you, as some types of safaris can be quite extreme and impressively dirty. In addition, each guest should take care of comfortable shoes, sun protection and a hat. Buggy or Quad safari will give you the opportunity to drive your own transport, while a jeep safari takes place in the format of an organized group trip in jeeps with a driver.

Safari in Turkey due to the dynamic program and rather active route is not recommended for pregnant women, trips on quads and buggies, as well as horses, should be avoided by the smallest children, visitors with serious cardiovascular pathologies and clients with complicated bronchial asthma.

Turkey safari tours

Jeep Safari in Cappadocia

Jeep safari in Cappadocia is a dynamic off-road trip through the mountains and valleys, allowing you to feel like a discoverer of ancient natural treasures. ...

price : 20£

Kusadasi Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Kusadasi is most often chosen by cheerful and active tourists who are not used to spending their entire vacation on the beach near the hotel. ...

price : 25£

Jeep Safari in Bodrum

Jeep safari in Bodrum is an exciting off-road ride tour not only for active tourists but also for families with children. Water wars, entertainment programs, picturesque places will make the trip interesting and informative. ...

price : 35£

Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia

Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia is a high-speed ride through the most beautiful Turkish beauty in maneuverable mini-cars for real discoverers and extreme lovers. ...

price : 30£

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari is a unique chance to feel like the discoverer of breathtaking mountain trails riding massive vehicles. ...

price : 25£

Quad biking Bodrum

Quad biking Bodrum is safari tour a unique chance to feel like the discoverer of breathtaking mountain trails riding massive vehicles ...

price : 30£

Cappadocia Camel Safari

Cappadocia Camel Safari is an unforgettable experience of a measured and original tour of the magnificent mountain valleys in the company of exotic animals for the whole family. ...

price : 50£

Jeep safari in Didim

Jeep safari in Didim is the rarest chance to fully enjoy a dynamic journey through the Ottoman sights in the most picturesque locations ...

price : 30£

Trabzon Jeep Safari

Trabzon Jeep Safari is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Embark on a Trabzon Safari Tour and experience the thrill of off-road exploration through the stunning Trabzon mountains. Our Safari Off Road in Trabzon takes you deep into the heart of nature, while the Black Sea Region Jeep Safari showcases the diverse landscapes of this breathtaking region. Join ...

price : 20£

Istanbul quad bike safari

Istanbul quad bike safari is one of the most popular and inexpensive tours that will give you an unforgettable summer experience of fast driving and picturesque landscapes. Looking to experience ATV riding near Istanbul Turkey? Exciting outdoor adventure includes Quad hire and rental price! ...

price : 45£

Istanbul Buggy Safari tour

Istanbul Buggy Safari tour it's an exciting ride in fast vehicles through the off-road and the most picturesque places of the Istanbul region ...

price : 70£

Bodrum Buggy Safari tour

Bodrum Buggy Safari tour a bright and active trip in fast cars that will drive off-road in local forests and small villages ...

price : 40£

Buggy Safari tour in Kusadasi

Kusadasi Buggy Safari tour is a fun excursion at impressive speed through the region, which will show tourists all the natural beauties and even historical sights. And driving through the authentic small Turkish villages, guests of the tourist city will fully feel the culture of this Turkey and its colorful heritage, which attracts thousands of tourists to the country. ...

price : 25£

Quad biking Fethiye

Quad biking Fethiye this is a fun and dynamic off-road safari tour with a visit to dense forests, a viewing platform near Oludeniz and of course beautiful and ancient Turkish villages. It is available to every tourist from 17 years old, and driving the quad will not be difficult, especially with the help of an experienced guide. ...

price : 25£

Fethiye Buggy Safari

Fethiye Buggy Safari tour it's a fun off-road ride through the region's wildlife in fast and agile open cars with automatic transmissions. They are quite easy to manage and you can drive them from the age of 17! With the help of an experienced instructor, everyone will cope with this seemingly difficult task, and incredible locations will be a pleasant reward for courage. ...

price : 30£

Quad biking Side

Quad biking in Side in Turkey - Everyone who loves a drive is offered an interesting tour program on quad safari in Side. You will learn how to drive them, visit unusual places, have fun and get acquainted with the picturesque Turkish nature.

Quad biking Alanya

Quad biking Alanya, atv safari tour in Turkey runs along a picturesque route through mountains and plains, forests and thickets, passing through the settlements of local residents. On the way, you will stop at the river, where you can swim and relax. You can ride alone or as a couple on one quad bike.

Buggy safari in Alanya

Buggy Safari in Alanya with tour you will arrive at the point by bus one by one, you can sit down with an instructor. The route goes through picturesque, untouched places, where tourists cannot get on their own. Stop at a mountain stream to relax and swim.

Green canyon jeep safari from Alanya

Green canyon jeep safari from Alanya, you can see the greatness and beauty of the picturesque place, swim in the freshwater lake, serving lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a great view of the lake.

Buggy safari Side

Buggy safari in Side in Turkey - You can visit the most unusual places in the mountains, get acquainted with natural resources as part of a buggy tour in Side. This is 20 km behind the wheel of unique frame cars and a lot of positive emotions.

Side jeep safari tour

Side jeep safari in Turkey is an amazing adventure tour, entertainment and journey that allows you to find out how people live in mountain villages, get to know the local nature and just have a good rest.

Jeep safari in Alanya

Jeep safari Alanya - Minister Tours travel agency wants to point out that every incision that comes to our district on holiday does not include only the blue sea and clean beaches. Dim river jeep safari tour in Turkey magnificent nature and high peaks will offer you a different holiday.

Jeep safari Belek

Jeep safari in Belek Turkey is an exciting tour in open SUVs along an interesting route, absolutely safe for everyone. Possibility to take children with you, up to 6 years free of charge. Beautiful views of the contemplation of the natural heritage of the country - the Taurus Mountains, forests, orchards, the river. Acquaintance with local villages, life and culture of their population, sightseeing nearby. Low price available to any tourist

Quad biking in Belek

Quad biking in Belek is a wonderful safari tour in Turkey and an exciting off-road in the Taurus Mountains. Opportunity to learn how to drive a new vehicle. Acquaintance with the natural attractions of the region. You can take colorful photos for memory or purchase professional footage. The constant presence of a instructor.

Belek buggy safari

Belek buggy safari is an opportunity not tour just to listen to the guide while sitting on the bus, but to ride and drive the vehicle yourself, adjusting the speed and route. You will get is activity time an adrenaline rush and unforgettable emotions while driving a buggy in Turkey. Buggy rental is included in the price and professional instructor will accompany the group throughout the trip, ensure complete safety along the way and will always come to the rescue in case of any difficulty.

Kemer jeep safari tour

Kemer jeep safari - a tour on an open car in Turkey in a relaxed atmosphere in the mountains, a jeep tour takes place every day, you can book at any time convenient for you. The beauty of the wild nature, the surrounding waterfalls and our professional drivers will take you to the most picturesque places where you can take many picturesque pictures. The excursion is suitable for all ages. Visit to the Lycian way, entrance to the castle and Gedelme cave, lunch included in the price

Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer

Olympos Сhimera Ulupinar from Kemer is a rich tour that combines three excursions: the mysterious Mountain of Chimera, jeep riding and a visit to Mount Olympos. Mystical places, beautiful nature and historical attractions — will help to diversify your holiday and make it useful.

Quad biking Kemer

Quad biking in Kemer - that's what lovers of outdoor activities and drive need. Learn to drive an iron horse and set off along the picturesque paths of unexplored Turkey. Safari tour are allowed from 16 years old and do not need a license and driving experience. Have fun and active time at an affordable price and no rental fees

Quad bike Safari in Antalya

Quad bike Safari in Antalya is an exciting tour on a motor vehicle on an interesting route, during which tourists are waiting for unique scenery, drive and great mood, especially when you consider that the price of the tour is quite low. This is one of the opportunities to have a good time while on vacation in Turkey, to diversify pastime, to experience positive emotions and get to know the country and its features. You have to visit the most remote corners of the Toros Mountains, where it is difficult to get on another mode of transport. Renting a quad bike in Antalya is included in the cost of a tour, which makes it profitable from an economic point of view.

Antalya Jeep Safari tour

Antalya Jeep Safari tour in SUVs, which will open a new kind of recreation and amazing Turkey from the other side, get a lot of emotions. Taurus mountains jeep safari is suitable for absolutely all tourists. It will appeal to young people and people of more mature age, families with children.

Antalya buggy safari

Antalya buggy safari is an entertaining tour designed to entertain the country's guests. Ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. As part of the program, you can admire the beautiful terrain, being while traveling in small, maneuverable, but at the same time safe cars. Such a path in Turkey passes through the forest, mountain slopes. After the trip, you can swim in a cool mountain river.

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

Jeep Safari in Marmaris is an opportunity in a fun company to ride in jeeps around the neighborhood, see the icy waterfall Turgut and get to know the everyday lives of the inhabitants of the village of Orhae.

Quad Safari in Marmaris

Quad Safari in Marmaris is an opportunity to feel like the main character of adventure action, awaken the spirit of adventurism and get a dose of adrenaline.

Buggy safari in Marmaris

Marmaris buggy Safari is a sea of drive, positively and unforgettable emotions. Take a fascinating trip to Marmaris and get a lot of pleasant experiences and great photos.

Fethiye Jeep Safari

Fethiye Jeep Safari tour - how to enjoy a dynamic journey through the Ottoman attractions at the lowest price in Türkiye.

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya

Mount Olympos Chimera Jeep safari from Antalya this is a mystical and mysterious historical tour, within which every tourist will also enjoy the real wildlife of high mountains and clean beaches.

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